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  1. Prize table is order of finish. If anyone has more questions shoot me a message. I’m working with 3GN and the range to facilitate the match.
  2. Nope it’s happening, 3GN is teaming up with RPGi and Southern Tactical to host the National down in the Panhandle of Florida. The beach is nearby as an added benefit for folks wanting to enjoy the area. Southern Tactical Range has an outdoor Expo planned as well. It’s gonna be a blast!
  3. 12-13 October 2019, 3-gun Nation Nationals is going down in the Panhandle of Florida (Hope you guys like the beach!). See you guys guys on the range!!! https://www.3gunnation.com/nationals-2019/
  4. Hello all, Look forward to chatting and learning! VR Brendan RPGi Owner/Operator rpg-international.us
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