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  1. For all those that were in attendance, I have emailed out a short "thank you" to registered team captains. I've also asked those captains to forward the email to their teammates, because we included a post-match survey to help us with next year's event. If you shot, but don't get the email from your captain, please message me and I'll send the link. Thanks again to Rockcastle for being such gracious hosts, Samson and DoubleStar for continuing to support the efforts of this match, and to Rose Action Sports, MOD 1, and Gamaliel for sending awesome prizes for the shooters.
  2. The match is scheduled for June 8. We will have registration details out this week. Thanks for the patience.
  3. Pretty sure I'm not flexible enough for the "leg up", and pretty sure I like my rifle too much for "rifle assist." So, run hard and jump it is!
  4. I ordered a couple for my son right before Christmas from HKSpecialist. Made as any factory HK mag should be- very nice. Full length 20 round steel magazine tube, with plastic basepad and sleeve that fills in the gap to the bottom of the frame.
  5. www.samson-mfg.com has 20% off both Evo rails and SX rails through end of November.
  6. Nick- Thank you for your service to our country, your service to this match, and for providing such a detailed and accurate write-up of the match. Reading it was like I was doing 1/2 of it all over. Yes, I'd gladly take the kick in the nuts over going down to stage 1 and back. I figure the pain would wear off before I got to stage 2 that way.
  7. Dirt, gravel, asphalt, goat path. Mud pit, obstacles, rocks, cave. That should about cover it. Matt will clarify, but as I understand tier 1- 45# pack includes everything in the pack expect primary rifle and handgun, chest rig (if used), and 1st line ammo. water will be included, assuming you don't drink it. Weigh in is at finish line, so if you drink it up, it won't count.
  8. Thanks Dan. Booking flight to ABQ. I've never seen that part of the country, I'm looking forward to the drive almost as much as the match. As far as cardio- I've been practicing holding my breath until I almost black out and then doing Sudoku. Probably not very good training, but sure is good for a laugh.
  9. Based on what I've seen on social media, it looks like a fun time was had by all. We'll try to do something about the weather for next year. Please do us a favor and drop an email to one or two of the match sponsors and tell them thanks for supporting the match. While you're on their website looking for an email address in the contact page, buy a couple things you need from them. Scores are at https://practiscore.com/results/new/59321
  10. Each team should bring 10 round of each. That will be plenty. Email to go out this week to all team captains to get everyone's motivated! We love putting this match together because the shooters enjoy it so much. Only a couple weeks out!
  11. Check the rules at the matches you shoot- Do they allow more than 10+1 for Heavy Metal? I've shot a bunch of major matches in HM, and none of the ones I've shot allow it. But, the G41 is a winner. I have one- accurate, reliable, typical Glock. And feels much better than the G21.
  12. Gen 2. RE: RECALL- it's only some of the carbines made in 2017.
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