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  1. I've got nothing to add to the discussion, but this is the first time in months I've logged into the Enos forum- and I'm pleased to see you are still around, Kurt. I was reminiscing of the old Ozark and Benning matches from more than a decade ago and how much I learned from you, Trapr, and a bunch of other guys I've not seen in years.
  2. Missouri 3 Gun Championship- May 21-22, Versailles, MO https://practiscore.com/missouri-3-gun-championship/register Topton 3 Man 3 Gun- June 25, Mertztown, PA- https://practiscore.com/2022-iwi-3-man-3-gun-match-at-topton-clone/register Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun- August 4-6, Clinton House, SC https://practiscore.com/blue-ridge-mountain-3-gun-championship/register Generation 3 Gun Championship- September 9-11, Iberia, MO- https://practiscore.com/2022-generation-3-gun-championship/register
  3. Hard as Hell Utah is back for this year! Blue Ridge Mountain is moving to Clinton house and August- BRM has always been a great, challenging match. The only match in the NE I'm familiar with is the Topton 3 Man 3 Gun- which is also loads of fun.
  4. Great to see a match in Florida. I wish I could make it. I think we'll see RNG continue to grow, especially considering it's fun with guns and lower round count matches.
  5. Registration sold out in seconds. And many of the competitors have shot it before. I've shot a lot of organized competition over the last 20+ years all over the country. The crew at this match is second to none. Range nazis don't work it, range lawyers don't shoot it. Makes for a nice environment.
  6. Great news! Now, if I just get a message that Hard As Hell will be back in business this year, all my new year's wishes will have come true.
  7. Everyone gets more trophies? As a long time Heavy Metal shooter, I eventually gave up on the division because I was shooting against the same small pool of guys all the time. If red dots weren't so popular, I'd be happy with just Open and Tac. But having a different division for every shooter so black guns don't have to compete directly against tan guns doesn't do anything for the sport or it's participants. I've never liked Steel Challenge, and that's one of the primary reasons. Too many divisions. When you have to look at overall results just to compare yourself to more than one or two shooters, it's too diluted.
  8. For the first year of the Pro Series, we had to qualify based on performance at select major matches from the year prior. Then send them a $1200 or $1500 check for the season. (don't remember exactly how much) This money was returned at the end of the season as long as the shooter completed all the Pro Series matches. (or maybe it was 3 of the 5 matches, also don't remember) The Top 30 from the season qualified for the shoot-off at Vegas, under the lights, during SHOT show. Top 30 also secured their spot for the next season's Pro Series. Bottom 20 or so had to go to a "qualifier" with other shooters to earn their spot in the Pro Series. It worked pretty well until the end of the second season when 3GN continued changing up the rules, almost on the fly, and a full 1/2 of the Pro Series shooters told them we weren't coming back.
  9. Remember the trailer? I remember the filming. It was incredible at the time, before 3GN quit listening to the customer and decided they knew best. Yes, the stages were easy, and yes, some of us "pros" complained they were too easy. It was just a drag race. Made for good TV for the first couple matches, but got stale quick. At each match, there would be a few guys with stage times tied at the hundredth of second. On the eye pro- yeah, those clips with Kalani and Burkett without glasses were filmed off to the side, and it was just an oversight.
  10. Build date on my gun without the LCI is 12/6/19.
  11. I won a certificate for an X5 Legion back in August. It showed up direct from Sig at my dealer Friday. No LCI notch in the barrel.
  12. New owners of property are scheduled to close tomorrow. Hope to know something after that.
  13. I generally agree with most of what you say, Kelly. But I draw the line at "classic" targets. Reduce the size of a metric as much as needed, but all targets should have heads.
  14. Most 3 gun competitors have attention deficit disorder, which is why we don't really care for USPSA. 3 Gun exploded in popularity about 7 years ago. These hearty folks have been shooting as many matches as possible for the past several years. Squirrel.
  15. I was not able to go this past weekend, but there was a 10K run and gun on Saturday and a 5K rimfire run and gun on Sunday. From all accounts I've seen, it was business as usual. I have not seen anything released as of yet on the change in ownership.
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