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  1. I have ten MBX mags. 4 Gen 1, 6 Gen 2. I've never tuned a single one for 9mm major. I've had to send exactly one 140mm mag tube back to Adrian for retuning after 4 years of abuse (I think I might have stepped on it ran it over with my ATV, at that). Keep in mind that MBX has limited personnel, and this pandemix is effecting their ability to bring their employees in. zzt has some good advice, however I never condition my mags. I open em, run em maybe with a round or two less than full for a while, then rock and roll. The key part I would listen to is the: "Fourth: load using a MagLula or something similar. Load about half fully, then push the loader down into the mag 4-6 times without inserting a round. This helps the rounds in the mag stack better. I do this twice when loading my 170s. To give and example. After thorough conditioning and a season of use I canhand load 29 rounds, but the last round is a bear to get in. If I follow the procedure I outlined above, I can get 29 in reloadable. If I stack three times throughout the loading process, I can get 30 in, but not reloadable. Fourth: salt shaker: When loading, push each round firmly to the rear. If you get a salt shaker after you put the last round in, remove the top round and hit the back of the mag against your hand until you hear a dull thud. All of the rounds are nor fully rearward and you can put the last round in."
  2. You know there's an "extra aggressive" option out now? I have one on each of my twins. Had to file off a little bit of the texture below the right side safety so I could stop bleeding from sliding my hand down it on the draw. Otherwise, I'm in love. Don't even use pro grip anymore.
  3. We should be getting them in the next month-ish. They are coming from Israel and they are on lockdown with the current situation.
  4. We are getting a big shipment of the modular triggers in today. I just installed one in my single stack 1911 and I'm liking it so far. I THINK you can change shoes out without removing the trigger. If anyone wants some up close pictures of certain parts we have in stock, just message us on our Facebook page, or mention it here. I handle the ordering and made sure to order ONLY the machined parts, if it was an option. The sear especially seems well made.
  5. I've had 3 guns built on XWF frames now. What Pat Rafferty did for me, with a standard Cheely Mount twice, and an Everglades mount once, is machine the "mounting pad" on the optic mount flush with the rest of the mount. He did not cut the frame recess. There MIGHT be a few thousandths difference from "exact" center over bore, but I have never noticed it. I think that is something you're not going to notice while shooting, at all, and I've never paid it no mind as long as it's within 10-30 thou.
  6. Oh, I know. I was saying that because the OP mentioned everyone BUT SC. We usually got what you need!
  7. Well, maybe that will teach you to check our site first and foremost
  8. We have 3 of these bad boys left in stock at Shooters Connection https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Double-Alpha-Alpha-X-Pouch--P5204.aspx
  9. Meh. He's OK I guess. I've only had four guns built by him, with two of them being my twins for the year. https://www.instagram.com/p/B710G9pJX5O/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link On a serious note, there's a reason I consider Pat a good friend of mine, besides the fact that he puts up with me. He doesn't bulls#!t you on what he thinks is best, timelines, or his attention to detail. He doesn't get involved in social media drama, builds a killer open or limited gun, and is an excellent human being. His triggers are baller, barrel fit is perfect, and blending is phenomenal. I would suggest messaging him about pricing. It depends on what grip you want, optic, mount, coating choice, etc, so asking him is your best bet.
  10. Thanks, Max. Yup, I've already messaged him with my input. For everyone else, these cases come in the bag sized and slightly flared. Simply flare a little and load as normal. Once they are fired, then you need to use the resizing die and adjust accordingly.
  11. Im already almost done with my first 8lb jug of it! I did some hillbilly testing. I left a mag with 10 rounds in it over the heater vent for 2 hours. Tested it and it went up in velocity to about 1390 FPS, compared to 1350 at 40 degrees. Seems to be right in line with AA7.
  12. Has anyone figured out how temperature sensitive this powder is? Is it similar to AA7? I'm chronoing here in KY at 30-40* F and will be shooting the Florida Open next weekend.
  13. We just got our shipment of KKM Hybrids in! All backorders have been shipped, so what we have is on our site. Next batch will include a shorter "4 port" rib for people wanting to replicate the older Schumann style. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/KKM-Precision-Barrels-C115.aspx
  14. Have you had contact with them recently? The acquisition by Lyman has changed a LOT of things there and the customer service has been OUTSTANDING for me recently. I do not have premium support with them.
  15. They should be coming in very shortly! I spoke with KKM and they are almost done with the next batch. Expect them on the website here in the next week. Or, you can give us a call and place a back order.
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