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  1. Ah, I see where the confusion is coming from " Use the 11 coil for 140mm or less mags with flat base pads in both 38 and 40. Use the 13 coil for 140mm mags with extended base pads(7, 8, or 11mm) or 170mm mags. " I've bolded the applicable language.
  2. Can you tell me where on the shooters connection site you found that info? The information from Grams on our site, as well as our personal experiences here, is that for 140mm magazines you use an 11 coil spring, and for 170mm you use a 13 coil spring. I would like to get that info corrected if it is wrong. In the future, please feel free to give us a call if you have questions about a product we offer.
  3. I don't think he's ever offered a combo like that. This grip is available at Shooters Connection, and through his website though https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Cheely-Custom-E2-Extra-Agressive-Grip-Kit-Stainless--P5710.aspx
  4. Available on Cheelys website as well as soon to be available at Shooters Connection!
  5. Isn't it great to have options, though?
  6. What can I say. I hate myself a little bit.
  7. Similar story here. Cerakote can do that. Part of the reason I'm using these on my twins from Pat Rafferty.
  8. According to Matt, one of them is red already from the guy making them!
  9. You can always tone it down with a few strokes of a file. I used to shoot with an SV aggressive and I was wearing bandaids for a while. This will be more, true, but that's what callouses are for. When my hands get sweaty this matters. And it's all up to you. This is offered as an option, so you can pick what works for you.
  10. Matt Cheely sent me a pic of the grips he's doing a small run of. The "Extra Aggressive" or the "DNA Collector" as I call them is the same as his usual E2 Aggressive grip, but more aggressive-er. My understanding is that this is probably not going to be a regularly stocked item, but it looks cool as hell. I've always been a fan of "more aggressive is better" ever since I ran SV aggressive texture grips.
  11. It comes with a prescription for "Man Hands"
  12. For those of you wondering what the Extra Aggressive "DNA Collector" Cheely Grip looks like.
  13. I ran mine in the white for several months. Just surface rust formed due to extensive use and lack of anything resembling care/cleaning/protection. You'll be fine, just keep it lightly oiled when put away.
  14. Biggest thing I noticed was it was more stable for slapping my hand to the gun. For example, when you have hands touching something off to the side I noticed a much more consistent and confident grip. I sold my DAA and run the Everglades now. We usually have them available here at Shooters Connection too.
  15. More options are always better in my opinion. I ran an SV aggressive for a while and it downright stabbed into my hand. I'm a fan of that. I want the grip to hold onto ME.
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