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  1. They have arrived, and will be going out today!
  2. Maybe! Don't know for sure, unfortunately. I'm currently in Florida about to shoot IPSC Nationals so best I can say is I can look into it Monday. I know we've had an order in for them and are expecting them soon.
  3. I received shipping notifications from KKM yesterday, actually. We are expecting to ship them out when they arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Excited to get them out to our patient customers.
  4. A large part of shot cadence, once you've learned how to pull a trigger quickly, is knowing your guns timing. When I shot BITB this year I spent about 3 weeks shooting my SS with the ammo I was going to use. About 2k rounds, with a lot of time spent on fast doubles, to relearn the gun. It helped immensely to get back on the horse with a different platform. Regarding my % of points, you're mostly correct. 89% of points was lower than my expectations, but the speed was there (barely). My 1 Mike was from shooting a wall (whoops) and 4 of my deltas came from 1 stage where I made several blatant errors. Overall, I left a lot on the table, except for the reloading, movement, and committing to positions. To answer the OP question, if I'm in the 92-94% points range, I'm happy. Which equates to more alphas when I shoot minor (which isn't often) than when I shoot major.
  5. I'll be speaking with them today! We are expecting them this week. They hit a small snag with timing around the 4th of July holiday, but all of the barrels from this coming shipment are made and heat treated. We will be getting them out the door the same day they arrive here!
  6. I'll be talking to KKM today and ask that question for you! I THINK it's 1:16" but I'm not certain
  7. Unfortunately not. There is so much variation with what people want, it is not viable for us to approach. There is extra meat on top of the rib to allow a clean flat top, for example, which is what most people do. Accounting for that with a sight cut would be nearly impossible. If you have the equipment and knowledge to build a sight tracker, you most likely have the equipment and knowledge to cut for the front sight.
  8. The advantages of a hybrid barrel are the following 1. More weight in the barrel (static weight) 2. Less weight on the slide without having to do through cuts (reciprocating weight) 3. Ability to put holes directly in the barrel which is cleaner (no gas or carbon in between slide and barrel), or mount a sight to it (sight tracker) 4. Comp can shoulder directly up against the rib, which is a more solid attachment 5. They look badass! SV has been building hybrid barrels for years, and builders such as Venom Custom, Rafferty Custom, Akai Customs, McClearn Custom, and Millenium Custom have specialized in Hybrid barrels as well. They are a proven concept, and are here to stay. Whether you think its worth it on YOUR build is up to you, but they do have advantages.
  9. As far as I know these will remain a permanent item. Demand has been high, and production is in batches. That will hopefully be resolved in the next 6 months. We have even more coming in August-September time frame, to INCLUDE some W/N ramps at that time.
  10. I have a Limcat on my Cheely E2 aggressive grip right now. I used a little bit of epoxy to fill the front of the magwell (not the grip!) and used some strips of thin kydex as spacers on the sides to remove the side to side play. HOWEVER, Cheely is only a week or two away from releasing his new magwell that achieves what the Limcat does! Check out his facebook page to see what I'm talking about. It looks pretty amazing. I'm loving my E2 Aggressive. FIts my hand extremely well.
  11. Pre-orders are now live! https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/KKM-355-Bull-Hybrid-5-Threaded-Barrel-PRE-ORDER-07082019-P5408.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3rxwdode6Ulh9S3zbTVViuMPoyxmCA3BAy2YPWHc1PpxqTfhhapBmneis https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/KKM-355-Bull-Hybrid-54-Threaded-Barrel-PRE-ORDER-07082019-P5407.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2BYdAXVc74sW_w43toWRos-AeRE_nNNWR03Lh7I_LNTeRhBHeBO5QXi4k https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/KKM-355-Bull-Hybrid-Commander-Threaded-Barrel-PRE-ORDER-07082019-P5409.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3YGwJaKLU8Pk8IxS-iFKQnmfwQaDaxVzvDI9LIS9xw3SVdauoHutzDLFs https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/KKM-Bull-Hybrid-Barrel-5--P5406.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0UZTlMZp7mTWTZtZOIN_xm-VIl_4RXboPYWXfHCZhSP9EQ4XOGh9Zje88
  12. Just spoke with KKM yesterday, actually! We will have the next batch coming in around the first week of July, if not a touch sooner. We will be going live with pre-orders of this batch here very soon! Shoot me an email at johnv@shootersconnection.com and I can notify you when they are up for pre-order, if you like.
  13. There are not currently any plans to make any Glock hybrid barrels, unfortunately.
  14. Purpose of the barrel is to make the static weight (barrel) heavier while also making the reciprocating weight (slide) lighter. It also makes it much easier to vent gas directly out of the barrel without having the carbon foul up inbetween the slide and barrel. For limited guns, it allows the mounting of the front sight directly to the barrel (sight tracker variant). For mounting a compensator, it lets you shoulder the comp directly to the barrel for a great, solid, fitment.
  15. It is "alleged" that it ruins barrels quickly. I put 30k rounds through my old SV barreled gun with no change in anything. However, a friend of mine had chamber erosion after about 60k. He had to bump his charge about 0.3 grains by the time the chamber was eroded. I continue to use it because it is an extremely slow burning powder (meaning safer), easy to meter, consistent in velocity lot to lot, and at 10 grains per round gives my comp the most gas/is the softest powder. If I had to I would use HS6 as a replacement.
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