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  1. Let's hope so lol. Thank you for the kind words. It was so much fun watching him shoot, concentrating and listening to all the instructions. He really impressed me with his level of effort he has putting forth. Definitely a great day in my life.
  2. Took my 7 year old son shooting with his new Cricket 22 rifle. Absolutely the most fun I have ever had at the range. Can't wait to take him again. Definitely a proud dad moment.
  3. Have you purchased from them before? There's so many online scams these days I always question everything.
  4. Received the Vedder Light Tuck and have been using it the last couple of days. Extremely comfortable and great retention. Claw really helps with concealment. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. I went ahead an ordered the Vedder. They had a 15% off sale yesterday and there local to me in Florida. Let me know how you like the ProDraw, I will want an OWB at some point.
  6. Just purchased the P365XL Romeo Zero and looking for recommendations for IWB and OWB EDC holsters. Live in central Florida so need something as comfortable as possible in the heat. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have started to see complete serialized factory guns recently online for around $500. All have been the full size version but that seemed fairly cheap. Maybe cheaper than building one?
  8. Yes they lock in and drop free in my SAS II Tactical Commander.
  9. Awesome video, great tip on the slide lock pin. That is something I never would have thought about. Thanks!
  10. Every time I check there website they say out of stock. Anyone know of a place that actually has them to purchase or preorder?
  11. I gave up trying to make STI factory mags work and switched to MBX mags and they have all worked for me. I understand the new Gen 2 STI mags are supposed to be better though but I don't want to risk it. Good luck with your"s and enjoy the new gun.
  12. I think they may take the place of STi for factory comp guns at a reasonable price point now that STi went tactical. Your review certainly makes it sound like a viable alternative. Thanks for the review.
  13. Thank you for the information. Looks like a winner price wise. I'll do some more investigating and if I have any questions I'll reach out. Thanks again for helping out.
  14. How long have you had it? How does is shoot? Where did you find one to buy? Sti mags fit? I'm in the market for a new carry gun and they look like a decent deal but I have never handled one. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  15. I agree with this 100%. Thank you for all the great information posted through the years. I would gladly pay a once a year fee for access to all this information.
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