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  1. I run the Metalform mags also with no problems in my Trojan. Cheap and they work.
  2. There is a great post filled with information regarding the 15-22 in the Steel shooting portion of this forum. I would definitely check it out. As far as the 22/45 I think there pretty much ready to go as is. I have one stock and one with VQ trigger parts. The gun with the VQ trigger does feel better but my times are pretty much identical with either. Try some different set ups the guys are using at a match and see if one makes a difference for you. Good luck.
  3. I'm not sure it's a matter of better or not. I think most that buy MBX mags want mags that are ready to run with a higher capacity and dont require tuning.
  4. I like it. Looks like a gun that goes to work. Been thinking about building a budget Open gun myself maybe this will inspire me.
  5. I recently purchased a 2011 that had a Nitro Fin on it. Figured I would sell it once I received the gun. Then when I finally held it I was surprised how comfortable it was. After shooting it I purchased another one. Defirnetly helps me with acquiring a proper grip faster from draw.
  6. gator11

    Broken parts

    Decided to try my hand at some PCC for first time yesterday. Got all my stuff together Friday night, left the house early Saturday so I wouldn't be late. Buzzer goes off and I pull the trigger.....nothing. Broken firing pin! Ahhh. What a waste.
  7. Ordering some parts tonight then. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Just picked one of these up, anxious to.give it a try. No feeding issue thus far running with the 23 rounds?
  9. I was hoping someone would post this for me, thank you.
  10. Purchased the gun used and unfortunately didn't have any paperwork or box, it was cheap though so I didn't mind. Went to my local gun dealer and he recommended the Burris Fastfire III. Didn't have any in stock but ordered me one. Anyone using that set up?
  11. Just picked up the PC ported C.O.R.E 9mm 4.25 barrel. What red dot will cowitness without any mods and what mounting plate are you using? Planning on shooting some steel with it.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
  13. That's awesome! Well done
  14. Man that thing is beautiful. I gotta get an Infinity...
  15. Welcome from central Florida.
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