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  1. Rondog... I use 2.7 grains of Titegroup with a 147 grain coated bullet to get a slightly higher PF as noted by Stealthy above. Loaded to 1.148 OAL, I get 980 fps with a 16" barrel. Stealthy used my "formula" as a basis for his test.
  2. Or... you could simply require that the safety be applied during the entire course of fire.
  3. SMM3G offered "Stealth Division" starting in 2016, that allows slide mounted optics on pistol and shotgun. It is effectively the Tac Ops alternative mentioned by mpeltier above. For the 2019 match, 42 competitors signed up in the Stealth division (11% of the total competitors). This compares to 84 (22%) in Open and 168 (44%) in Tactical. My analysis of the numbers for the last 3 years indicate that most of the Stealth Division competitors were pulled from the Tactical (Tac-Optics) division. Equipment rules can be found in the rules posted on the Rio Multigun website.
  4. Is your question in regard to the Stage Points element (below), or are you asking about how we score targets? 6.2.2 Stage points will be awarded to participants according to their stage time relative to the fastest time on that stage, using the equation STAGE_POINTS = ( FASTEST_TIME / PARTICIPANT_TIME ) x 100.
  5. First you have to define "Heavy - He-Man". If it's a 308 Rifle, 45 Handgun and Pump Shotgun, then the answer may be... because it's hard. (Can you hear me Kelly?) The weight and recoil of the rifle makes it a bit more of a challenge to operate, both effectively and efficiently relative to the AR-15 platform I suspect that a minority of the newer crop of 2-gun or 3-gun competitors own a 45 caliber handgun When is the last time you saw someone put 9 rounds through a pump shotgun in less than 2 seconds and actually hit something? Those who shoot Heavy Metal do it for various reasons... but most that I know are doing it because of the added challenge, not in spite of it. They like the blast and recoil of the rifle, and enjoy testing Steel Plates and target stand construction. One of my friends brought a 44 single-action revolver to a match... because he could... (well, that and the fact that there was a cowboy theme and a horse prop involved) and he was still competitive because he could hit what he was aiming at. Just sayin'
  6. What assumptions are used in your claim that "...you typically shoot half the ammo...". I shoot in the Heavy Metal/He-Man divisions several matches a year... but I don't shoot matches where HM competitors have a lower '"minimum" round count per the stage design (relative to limited, tactical or open).
  7. If your primary consideration for using a 20 gauge versus a 12, is recoil management, then I recommend that you buy a box of standard 20 gauge ammo and find someone who has a shotgun that you can borrow for a test. My experience suggests there is very little difference in recoil between the 12 and 20 options, given similar knock-down power.
  8. Other than the 3-Gun market... what is driving the development effort and demand for mag-fed shotguns? The answer to this question might help solve the "what division" issue. If the primary driver is the 3-Gun market, then Open would seem to be the appropriate division. If bird and bunny hunters are driving the market, then... I have not seen any information suggesting that law enforcement or military agencies are driving the development effort for mag-fed shotguns... but I don't read much.
  9. 5-Shot groups at 50 yards, (using my "Long Range" loads) are under 1.6".
  10. I wrap electrical tape over the portion of my Nordic tubes that extend past the muzzle. I have never had a hole "burn" thru the tape and it has stood up to high round shotgun stages at MGM Ironman and RM3G. Maybe I have some really tough tape! I re-tape about once per year, when the edges get a tad frayed, (perhaps 1,500 rounds per shotgun). When I remove the tape, I find a little adhesive residue, but it cleans up easily (easier than the lead that used to plate out there) and the finish on the tube looks like new.
  11. General consensus will not beat the rules that are applicable to a specific match. If by "muzzle up" you mean that the gun is pointed above the horizontal, then you would not necessarily be in violation of any USPSA rule that I am aware of. However, if the muzzle breaks the 180 plane while pointed up, down, left, or right, during the course of fire, then that would be a DQ according to all rule sets with which I am familiar. I have shot matches wherein some of the stages had restricted muzzle movement zones... but these were very clearly defined during the Stage Briefing.
  12. I had a similar problem (challenge) when I first went to the ELS system. I discovered that screws extended a bit further past the nut plate on the forks that were interfering/sticking, and verified that the screws were causing the interference. I went to a shorter screw to solve my problem.
  13. Last weekend's SMM3G fielded 30 competitors in the HM Division (approximately 10% of the total competitors). I understand that the 2018 Heman Nationals, held in Raton NM this May is full... I suggest that there is more than a dozen of us around the sport that enjoy the challenge of competing with a 308, 45 and pump action 12 Gauge.
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