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  1. Actually... the minimum distance, specified by USPSA (refer to Rule 2.1.3), for shotgun plates or poppers is 19'. Well under the 10 yards noted above. We use the minimum distance specified by USPSA for handgun (26') as the standard for shotgun birdshot minimum distance... and this is only if we can't reach a minimum of 10 yards due to bay limitations.
  2. I knocked down 1 (of 5) poppers and 1 (of 6) plates on a plate rack with .22LR last Tuesday. Power Factor estimated at 41.
  3. If you are getting a flare at the neck "...end of the case..." after sizing, then you have a very special problem. If the case will not fit the gauge immediately after sizing, then you need to make an adjustment or get a new die.
  4. Fair question... I can confirm that it runs reliably and through approximately 2,000 rounds, has not suffered any failed or broken parts. If Daniele had indicated that she was looking for something to help her move to Master or GM Class and had $2,000 to spend on a firearm system, the basic Kel Tec PCC platform might not be optimal.
  5. A friend of mine bought one, unfolded it, sighted it in and took it to one of our annual PCC matches (over 100 competitors). It had the plastic front sight (they have upgraded to metal in the last couple of years). He won the match with his $300 PCC. You can have fun with the Kel Tec.
  6. You're a bit early mike.45, and we appreciate the enthusiasm. The Registration schedule has not been set... but will likely open in Mid-October. Details will be posted when available. The Match Dates have been reserved... Staff Match 17-18Mar2021 Main Match 19-21Mar2021
  7. Relative to the Safety Area issue discussed above, what USPSA rule was/is violated by the local policies?
  8. The criteria for Free World Irons requires that the weapon design predate "...3rd October 1990" (refer to Rule 5.3.1 below). I suggest that the M1 Garand satisfies this criteria. It would also fit into the Battle Rifle division. 5.3 Free World Irons 5.3.1 Any semi-auto rifle derived from a weapon designed in a NATO or Western Bloc nation before 3rd October 1990.
  9. Could just be the way that I am reading the situation statement, but... my take is: The competitors argument (call FTE at ULASC) is not valid 2 Mikes on a target does not equal a Failure to Engage penalty Just because the RO is watching the gun, does not mean that he/she cannot observe the competitors failure to engage a target Was the RM called to join the debate? By the way... I have had FTE's called more than once at ULASC and before scoring was started, and subsequently the RO discovered hits on the suspect target.
  10. Rondog... I use 2.7 grains of Titegroup with a 147 grain coated bullet to get a slightly higher PF as noted by Stealthy above. Loaded to 1.148 OAL, I get 980 fps with a 16" barrel. Stealthy used my "formula" as a basis for his test.
  11. Or... you could simply require that the safety be applied during the entire course of fire.
  12. SMM3G offered "Stealth Division" starting in 2016, that allows slide mounted optics on pistol and shotgun. It is effectively the Tac Ops alternative mentioned by mpeltier above. For the 2019 match, 42 competitors signed up in the Stealth division (11% of the total competitors). This compares to 84 (22%) in Open and 168 (44%) in Tactical. My analysis of the numbers for the last 3 years indicate that most of the Stealth Division competitors were pulled from the Tactical (Tac-Optics) division. Equipment rules can be found in the rules posted on the Rio Multigun website.
  13. Is your question in regard to the Stage Points element (below), or are you asking about how we score targets? 6.2.2 Stage points will be awarded to participants according to their stage time relative to the fastest time on that stage, using the equation STAGE_POINTS = ( FASTEST_TIME / PARTICIPANT_TIME ) x 100.
  14. First you have to define "Heavy - He-Man". If it's a 308 Rifle, 45 Handgun and Pump Shotgun, then the answer may be... because it's hard. (Can you hear me Kelly?) The weight and recoil of the rifle makes it a bit more of a challenge to operate, both effectively and efficiently relative to the AR-15 platform I suspect that a minority of the newer crop of 2-gun or 3-gun competitors own a 45 caliber handgun When is the last time you saw someone put 9 rounds through a pump shotgun in less than 2 seconds and actually hit something? Those who shoot Heavy Metal do it for vario
  15. What assumptions are used in your claim that "...you typically shoot half the ammo...". I shoot in the Heavy Metal/He-Man divisions several matches a year... but I don't shoot matches where HM competitors have a lower '"minimum" round count per the stage design (relative to limited, tactical or open).
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