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  1. freezins da reezin. hey you have the same name thats on my bullet box!
  2. Production. Shadow 2 or Stock 2. Have fun!
  3. Theres already a low key CO sub-forum... its under “Gear and Accessories” specifically “Which Optic is more Reliable”
  4. Loctite 620 (high temp) on the sight cut (do not use on set screw). Loctite 262 on set screw.
  5. why should they fix it? They will lose sales if people dont buy backups.
  6. Measure the wire thickness with a caliper. If you dont have a caliper, measure by feel. Install the spring and see if you can tell the weight difference from racking the slide.
  7. here is an idea..... limit CO to 10 rounds like what it should have been instead of turning it into a poor man's open division.
  8. thats awesome! thanks for sharing. why do you still have that front sight!
  9. If you can still feel it with a 14lb spring, it’s probably not a magazine issue. I’d check the breech face again and the extractor.
  10. I used to have FTF and kachunks with 8 lb wolff recoil spring but works fine with 10 lb and up. I noticed there was a “step” on the left side of the breech face from machining where the rim of a case could hang up when pushed up so I leveled it out. I also clipped the magazine springs to reduce the tension at the feed lips for easier feeding. The factory magazine springs are super strong and probably spec’d for the heavy recoil spring. that tension is not needed with light recoil springs. Lastly, I tapered the magazine lips opening so the front is wider than the rear so the rounds slips out easily with minimal push from the slide. All this modifications fixed my kachunk and FTF issues. Feeds much smoother now. I also would like to note that the lighter the recoil spring, the more important you need to have a solid grip. If you let it flip, the slide will have less force to cycle. Check the rails for burs. Hope this helps.
  11. at what point is the recoil spring too light? I read from others to use the lightest recoil spring that will cycle to gun reliably. then others say to use the highest spring rate without causing your muzzle to dip. which is correct? lets say hypothetically a 2lb spring will cycle your gun reliably. at what point is the recoil spring too light? where do you draw the line? how can you determine if a certain spring rate is perfect?
  12. what I noticed with these guns is the extractor track gets really gunk'd up really fast and hinders the movement of the extractor if neglected. I am using factory extractor spring without any ejection issues. I do use a small drop of thin oil on top, bottom and close to the extractor pin. this loosens up the gunk and kind of "self cleans". I do this every after shooting session and no ejection issues so far. this is the thin oil that I use. dont go crazy and put too much, it can end up in the firing pin channel.
  13. its called "Karma". good thing we don't have people like that at our club. we try to help each other out. I would rather beat someone on their best stage plan and execution rather than poor plan and execution. that is just low class tactics.
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