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  1. Agent #1911

    Mods for g34 gen5

    Undercut trigger guard, sights and lots of ammo
  2. Agent #1911

    Sport Pistol powder

    Compare both powders at the same velocity or power factor. Comparing same charges does not mean anything as they both could be different power factor
  3. Agent #1911

    What PF do you aim to make?

    Depends on bullet weight. For lighter 115 grain, I run 132+ PF. Getting popper ef’d is bad.
  4. Agent #1911

    IDPA shooter wondering about USPSA

    Targets are called “threats” in IDPA. You gotta “neutralize the threats” LoL
  5. Agent #1911

    gen 4 vs gen 5 recoil

    I heard the Gen 6 will shoot even softer.... j/k. What you are experiencing is placebo effect. Use the same ammo and RSA and both will feel the same.
  6. Agent #1911

    Sport Pistol powder

    I use PD 115 JHP at 1.100” OAL in my Glock 34. 4.7 grains of Sport Pistol gives me around 1150 fps.
  7. Agent #1911

    The never ending talk of Glock Sights

    Frank Proctor Y sights. Its on all of my Glocks. I prefer low profile sights.
  8. Agent #1911

    Gen5 frame

    It is a low stress/wear area. Should not be a problem.
  9. Agent #1911

    Shooting a match with your EDC rig

    I mostly shoot USPSA but occasionally shoot IDPA with my carry gun/IWB holster under a t-shirt. Competition gun and stiff vest in IDPA is not my thing.
  10. Agent #1911

    Extra power mag springs for production?

    Ever tried moving your support hand slightly forward so its not putting too much pressure on the slide release? I have a high grip as well and my support hand is hitting the slide release but not enough pressure to prevent it from locking the slide. This is with a non-extended slide release.
  11. Agent #1911

    Tungsten Guide Rod Durability

  12. Agent #1911

    Tungsten Guide Rod Durability

    Anyone know how much the tungsten guide rod weigh?
  13. Agent #1911

    Sport Pistol powder

    anyone use this powder with jacketed bullets? I mainly use JHP now so cooler burning is no big deal.
  14. Agent #1911

    Tungsten Guide Rod Durability

    I believe you are referring to tungsten carbine which is different from the composition they use on guide rods. I believe the tungsten used in guide rods are alloyed with copper and nickel.