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  1. i have been using a aluminum Cmore 6moa and on my new open gun decided to go with the RTS2 gen 5 6moa.
  2. just finished my first open build. Took me a while but put some rounds through it and it runs haha!
  3. are there still slots left?? wanting to sign up with one more fellow shooter just waiting on the conformation for the days off for work.
  4. 9mm I am finishing up. Still in the white.
  5. I sent payment almost three weeks ago. I was wonder if the payment was received? Thanks
  6. Like to thank every one who worked the match and helped out with it! Had a great time!! like always!
  7. How does the prize table work? is it fairly quick? only reason i ask is after the 4 stages on Sunday we will be heading back home for work on Monday. We have a 10 hour drive home Sunday :/
  8. will the match only be two day format?? or will there be some squads that can shoot the complete match in one day?? Thanks!
  9. Well finally got my blaster back from Accurate plating for a brush chrome!! i am very satisfied. here are a few pictures of it. And here are my Two Limiteds
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