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  1. It works like the auto load on the browning a5. When the bolt locks to the rear on an empty gun, you can still load the tube and it automatically chambers the round
  2. That's awesome. How do you like it so far? Any difference in loading normally?
  3. 1.68 with Benelli M2 at 10yds from low ready. A friend with a faster trigger finger than mine ran a 1.57 from Port arms.
  4. Keep us updated when it arrives
  5. I haven't seen anything yet on a date or price. I'm hoping someone on here will know something more.
  6. I believe you are correct, I haven't seen anything else on Kennys lifter besides the youtube video. With MOA you have to send them the trigger assembly.
  7. New here so if this isn't the appropriate page please let me know. Does anyone have any firsthand experience with the MOA Precision AutoLoad lifter or any new info on the J Kenny Co lifter coming out soon? Thanks
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