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  1. I have the J kenny which had nothing but problems to begin with. After ordering and installing the extra power springs it appears to be working but i am only a few hundred rounds into it so time will tell. A few buddies that I shoot with locally have the MOA and I have never seen a malfunction.
  2. For what its worth, I tried the Girsan 312 route and could never get it to run reliably. Ran a M3K for a while with no issues, and am now running an M2 and absolutely love it.
  3. I got a reply from MOA that the lightning lifter will work in the A&S trigger guard.
  4. Id bet one of the Nordic barrel nuts would fit, just a matter of finding out which one.
  5. Nordic makes extensions in all sizes from +1 all the way to +9. Once you have the Nordic barrel nut you can add any size extension that works for you.
  6. Hiperfire 24c. It has ran flawlessly for 10's of thousands or rounds.
  7. No crystal clear ruleset, more USPSAish with certain parts of other rulesets. I was thinking 2 FTE's as well. Question i still have is if swingers are not visible before being activated and technically the activators were not engaged, wouldn't the swingers be FTE's as well. No right or wrong answers, just having a fun debate with a buddy and wanted to see how others would score this situation.
  8. Local outlaw match, pistol is loaded and holstered on safe, shotgun loaded to division capacity on safe at low ready. All knockdown steel is to be engaged with birdshot, all paper and poppers to be engaged with pistol.Two poppers activate two swingers. After shooting all knockdowns, shooter engages poppers with shotgun before ditching it, activating swingers, then engages paper with pistol finishing with the almost stopped at this point swingers. Procedural? If so how many? FTE's? For poppers or poppers and paper as well? Just curious as to how most would score this at a just for fun local.
  9. I was hitting 14" -16" high left at 50yds, took my clamp off and same hold went to around 6"high left at 50 yds.I am running a 21" barrel and a buddy with a 24" had very similar results. I also found that for me the lighter, faster slugs such as the 7/8oz 1300fps increase the issue, I am now running 1-1/8oz at 1050ish fps and have had no issues with shots out to 150yds. Hope this helps.
  10. What slugs are you running? Are you using a barrel clamp?
  11. Als worked great for years but the locking mechanism eventually wore after 1,000's of draws and could be bypassed. Now running a GLS and loving it. Added plus is plenty of pistols can be ran out of the same holster.
  12. The Beretta/Benelli mobil choke is the thread pattern. Either will work and most say Beretta/Benelli. Amazon has extended Carlson's Beretta/benelli mobil chokes for $30-$40.As far as constriction I usually switch between a diffuser/spreader( wide pattern) and a light mod( tighter pattern) depending on stage. If I only had to pick one to go with a light mod is a solid all around choice.
  13. A few local open shooters are trimming/filing down the tabs on the els forks and attaching them to mags with sheet metal brackets and duct tape. It looks a little crude but is very functional. There is enough retention where I have not seen anyone lose a mag on physical stages, yet pulls easy enough for quick reloads. Added plus is not having to rearrange els backers on the belt if pistol or rifle mags are needed instead.
  14. Thanks for the awesome info. Found a duplicate of my 870 at a pawn shop for next to nothing, had a buddy with welding skill mod the action bars, and I am finishing up the loading port.Now to shoot some heavy limited.
  15. I have the 21" with extended chokes. I bounce between diffuser and LM chokes and rarely have issues knocking down steel. I run any 1-1/8oz that is cheap for practice, usually federal bulk pack. And switch to AA's or Rem Nitro express for bigger matches.
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