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  1. I have had the 9/38 140mm, new style STI mags for a couple weeks now. They are awesome. You need to contact STI to get them. The 170mm mags have not arrived yet. They run in my 9 major and super comp flawless. I did put grams springs and followers in them and TTI base pads.
  2. May I ask how recent that Bedell build is? It looks like a newer comp design than the one I have. The gun was built last June. Yes it's a new comp, he has been using them for a year now
  3. No matter what button you put in it it will need to be blended a bit, the cyclone button should drop the mag no problem
  4. You in a hurry for a shovel to move all that sand around? Right on !
  5. When will prizes be mailed out ? I have a email from you 8 days ago saying you would mail prized out, in my eyes the match is not over until that is done. Other than that, the match was great, the staff was great too. And thank you Memphis for stepping up in a time of need to help a club in need out.
  6. Bedell Custom, built on PT frame, grip, and ambi saftey
  7. Iam driving through the night to mississippi to put the app in your mailbox
  8. Boy looky hear ..... what I found at the Indiana match this past weekend, Phoenix Trinity was there and on there table along with there grips was some bags of there new 17-4 stainless steel, grip bushings and torx screws that they made, the front screw takes a No. 8 torx and the big one is a No. 20 torx
  9. OG 10-4 on the cost, I was just thinking about how the joe blocks can give you a precision angle, have you looked at walking the angle up using a 1/2 EM with a .060 lead
  10. The answer to your question really relies in your choice , there is so many combinations you could go with, but I will tell you this what ever PT parts you use , you will be more than satisfied with them, on a side note talk to some other open shooters ask them about there guns, see if they would have done anything different when there's we're built and look at what you think is important in a gun. All of my guns were purpose built, I had my smith put every cut , blend, radius and so on where I wanted, I look at it as my guns are tools to use not for looking at. So put some thought into it, you will make good decisions and you will have a great gun when your done, good luck and post pics when it's done
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