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  1. Are you spraying anything on the target for humidity in the summer ?
  2. Bedell Custom, built on PT frame, grip, and ambi saftey
  3. I had tennis elbow at one time for almost 2 years, so bad i could hardly hold my tooth brush, had it shot up several times too, that only lasted for 2 weeks every time, the thing that got rid of it for me was theory where it was massaged with some kind of heat viberation deal ? They told me that calcium builds up around the pulled muscle and won't let it heal, the massage broke up the calcium and it was better in about 4 weeks and I have not had it again
  4. OMG I was at another shop today, a very large one, I was at a counter and a female worker asked another worker how much to ship a gun through UPS . He replied only about $35.00 . My eyebrows purked up I looked him in the eyes and said , how do you ship a gun for $35.00 ? The last time I shipped a gun it was to Hawaii and it cost me $109.00 . His reply was, Hawaii is not in the United States . I had to go then, I was so disturbed we lost Hawaii and I didn't even know it.
  5. Went to this new sporting good store by work yesterday, they got a really good selection of hunting and shooting stuff, so I was checking out the guns in the back of the store, this young man comes in with his new Sig pistol that was jamming on him, I kinda missed some of his problem because I walked down the other direction looking at guns, but I made my way back shortly in time for this little Wyatt Eurp looking want a be to go to the reloading section and get a pair of calipers off the shelf and open them, he starts measuring his ammo OAL which he had bought from them, now as he is doing this I heard him say if you pull the slide back slow on any simi auto pistol it will jam, then jackpot !!! here is the problem your ammo is .002 to long............wow I never saw that coming !! Needless to say the young man left with his gun and not knowing no more than he did when he entered the store, the bad thing about it , the young man thanked the gun store expert for all of his help??? WTF ??!
  6. Ok , you OH guys, iam from Ky. And a few weeks ago I was in that shop that you are taking about, 3 of us went in to shoot, we had range bags and probally over $15,000 in guns with use, they treated us like we never shot a gun before standing over us like they were ready to grab the pistol out of our hands ??? I really don't see how that place stays in business treating customers like they do. And on top of it all, I asked if I can have my brass back ( 38 SC) one guy said yes. But what I didn't know was as I was shooting another guy that I couldn't see standing on the other side of the guy guarding me was sweeping it up as fast as it was coming out of our guns....WTF ?? The time we paid for to shoot and have a good time was pure torture and they distracted us too. I guess we were the stranger they don't like to see.....lol
  7. I overheard a lady wanting to buy 308 ammo for her husbands little pistol that he carries in his pocket, sad thing is the guy at the gun store went and got her a box of 308 ammo, I then had to inter rupt and say don't you mean 380 ?? Gun store guy just looked at me and I walked out .....
  8. OK B_Seehawer, I get you are used to the sideways mount.Sudden Death, how about you? Why the sideways mount?LeeIs the way to go coming from limited, I like the Quinn 3, he is the original designer of the sideways mount, if you get the Quinn mount ask for the rest that is mid mount, that's the one, they also make a thumb rest that is mounted towards the bottom, for me I did not think that would be right for me.I would also suggest having a flat top slide too, if not set your screw holes a little higher on a build, there has been report of cmore hitting slide that has not been flat topped , but I don't know how the holes were drilled and tapped ?? May have been to close to slide in the beginning ???
  9. I have had this for awhile, just have not shared pics with you. Bedell built, shorty, 38 SC
  10. Don't let your mouth write a check that you can't make good on

  11. Rise above stupidity,learn from your mistakes....

  12. Rise above stupidity....learn from your mistakes....

  13. Rise above stupidity ........learn from your mistakes.......


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