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  1. We had a local match and description says shooter must shoot t1 to t4 behind the shooting area, then the rest on area A and area B
  2. Still can not get me 115g bullet molds? Is there someone make it? Preferebly with no groves
  3. i use to shoot one but accuracy suffered. took it off to get more alpha points. Simple...if it gets better in shooting or points then it goes in my gun.
  4. Got mine today...must say it tamed the gun good. better balance on the gun and offcourse mag changes are faster! is it worth the $175? I would say yes if you have the $$ I mean you already have a 4k opengun. No excuses here. bought the brass magwell on my plastic sti grip. did dryfire and Im over swinging a bit but after awhile i got used to it.
  5. If you have 170 you can just use those. I use 4x170mm mags for now.
  6. Jhp splatter when you shoot steel. I switched to RN black bullet. Lead do not splatter and I can run 1550pgs whith no leading. Just dip my cell mp in hope9 every 1500 rds for 4 days and scrape comp like mud. Cheap bullets plenty accurate plus you shoot more!
  7. There's Soo many slow powder on 9 major like aa7, Major powder that can make it feel like 38sc. Lots of gas to work the comp. You just have to find your load to make gun run at 100percent from 165pf.
  8. For me my gun likes .356 in 9 major. Here's my list Black bullet .356 free ship Acme .355 charges ship and tax I'm in CA Blue bullets .355 free ship I chose Black bullets ships fast too. Priority mail gets to me in 2 days
  9. I have used black bullet in open going n at 1550 fps! Off 115g. No crimp AOL. 1.145 Just ordered 2 case. Blue bullet and acme does not have .356 so I'm stuck ng on bbi. .356 is a little more accurate on my gun.
  10. I have those as spare..I may put them on. Thanks!
  11. I have egw stainless hammer bow and mainspring cap. Just wanna know what you guys are running or difference vs stainless. If my memory serves me right is because titanium wears out and gives you gun problem.
  12. I play with recoil till my double are closer better group.
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