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  1. For me my gun likes .356 in 9 major. Here's my list Black bullet .356 free ship Acme .355 charges ship and tax I'm in CA Blue bullets .355 free ship I chose Black bullets ships fast too. Priority mail gets to me in 2 days
  2. I have used black bullet in open going n at 1550 fps! Off 115g. No crimp AOL. 1.145 Just ordered 2 case. Blue bullet and acme does not have .356 so I'm stuck ng on bbi. .356 is a little more accurate on my gun.
  3. I have those as spare..I may put them on. Thanks!
  4. I have egw stainless hammer bow and mainspring cap. Just wanna know what you guys are running or difference vs stainless. If my memory serves me right is because titanium wears out and gives you gun problem.
  5. I play with recoil till my double are closer better group.
  6. I'm running 8lbs cut 2coil variable recoil with 17lbs main spring on 2lbs trigger. Curios what others are running? Anyone on 10+ recoil and 19lbs mainspring? What is the difference. I have a full slide 5in 3 hole lightning on front with scallop rear with racker cut. 115g hs6 load 8.4g at 1.145 aol
  7. I tried silhouette, hs6,major pistol,aa7,3n38,sp2 and autocomp at 115g I went back to hs6 coz it's most accurate and soft tracking in my gun. FYI aa7 and major pistol are same. Can not tell the difference.
  8. That is what I did and moved the one hole forward. All brass is now clear. Wish the window was bigger. It's a bit hard to clean the glass and I get a fog around the glass. I'm sure it would be worse if you have a popple hole on the barrel so just FYI.
  9. do you still have bbi 125g bullets. Im local

  10. You will like it. The 510 is a giant large window!
  11. I have had the 507c with a JVI industry rmr mount. I too put the mount forward with now 4 screws instead of 5. Brass now clearing. Love the circle and I can accuire targets faster. I do have to practice weak hand and strong hand coz of small window with a dot but switching to 32moa circle dot it was no problem seeing the reticle.
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