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  1. Yes, it passed plunk test. What worked for me was putting in CZC plus 15% springs, (takes more effort to load magazine) and loading to an oal of 1.062. I also filed very lightly and grease the connection between my slide and slide release so I get a consistent auto-forward during IDPA slide lock reloads.
  2. Darn. I loaded 147gr RN Blue bullets to 1.118 and still have the jam 20% of the time with IDPA slide lock reloads. The guys at CGW said to load shorter and Rob at CZC said not to over-insert. I am using mecgar mags which are flawless ... except from slide lock. I am wondering if i should slow down my reloading and use the slide lock lever instead of counting on the auto-forward. (I did file down the back of my slide lock so it will auto-forward easier).
  3. I am having this exact same problem on my CTS. Did you ever find a solution?
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