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  1. Only want the front rail block. Care nothing about red dots , fancy cuts or gold barrels.
  2. It is steep, I like his idea of a new front rail block fit to the slide and a barrel fit to the new rail block but I will not be paying those prices. If he starts selling the front rails separate I would probably try building my own.
  3. Only seen the website for the Ed Brown ones. I have a few MPs but mine are 5 inch 40s.
  4. https://www.edbrown.com/product-category/handguns/fueled-mp/
  5. Have not looked around for a 2.0 spring yet. I am pretty much back to shooting 1911s and have not put many rounds through the MPs lately.
  6. 5 inch 2.0 is a different set up from the first gen, the first gen used the same set up in the 4.25 and 5 inch but the 2.0 is longer. I have not purchased a 2.0 in anything but 5 inch so I do not know how the 4.25 compares in the new models.
  7. P Taylor


    I have had no issues with holsters from the original to the 2.0 pistols.
  8. Have the flat trigger kit in a 2.0 and one of the original design MP. Then tried one of the duty cary kits in another of my 2.0s and shoot it better. ...and agree on the dry firing and grip.
  9. I have a Trojan in .40 and a Dan Wesson Heritage in .45 acp. The biggest difference to me is the shape of the frontstrap. The STI is more like some of the older Springfield 1911s , the Dan Wesson is more like a Colt 1911.
  10. AIM Surplus sometimes has LE trade in mags. They have .40 mags now for I think 12 dollars each.
  11. I have a Springfield from the custom shop that came with Nowlin barrel but that was built long ago. Shoots as well as anything I have ever owned.
  12. I have a STI Trojan in .40 and I use my 8rd 45 mags. They hold 9 rounds of .40 and work just as well as the .40 mags I have tried.
  13. is s&w willing to sell their 5" slides? i used to keep trying to contact them for the 5" slides but they said they wouldnt sell me just the slide...finally found a complete Long slide assemblt for 375....(i live in CA so thats actually a good price) I think you are correct on Smith not selling direct. There are some places out there that can get Smith parts and they have said they get them from time to time but I have yet to catch any in stock. I like the 5 inch slide on a 4.25 thumb safety lower. I would buy a few 5 inch slides but do not really have any need for a 6 inch.
  14. I would buy a few 5 inch slides if available but S&W is always out of stock. Not so sure about a 6 inch.
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