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  1. I added a 1050 to my bench about 2 years ago. If doing again I would get 2 more 550s to put with the one I already had instead. If I knew I could get 550s I would probably sell the 1050 and do just that but with current events not sure I want to chance it.
  2. It is the striker spring holding the slide a bit, on my M&Ps if I give the slide a push forward with my thumb after resetting the sear the slide does not move when the striker falls. I am not a competitive shooter and use heavy .40s for carry. The heavier recoil spring for the 200gr 40s also helps to seat the slide so I would guess if you are using a lighter recoil spring with 9mm the problem is worse.
  3. I only have the one Kimber I bought used but it does have the W/N barrel cut. Just a barrel , magazine and spring swap for .357 like the .40
  4. Some of the 9mm 1911s use a .40/10mm breech face. I have a 2016 manufactured Kimber 9mm that has a .40 breech face, purchased a .40 barrel and can shoot both through it. I have read the Para Ord/USA 9mm models also use a .40 breech face but have never measured one to see if true.
  5. I recently purchased and installed a Floyds carry mag well on a 2.0 which looks like it is the same product as the Ed Brown product. It is made to grip the flared portion at the bottom of the front strap on the front and the rear is held with the pin that holds the grip inserts in place. The pin has a different head which keeps the length of the mag well the same as the head of the stock pin.
  6. I emailed them a while back about cutting one of my 5 inch slides with the indicator and they told me they did them. Maybe they have changed their policy on those since then.
  7. Primary Machine will cut them for a RDS
  8. Midwest gun works sometimes has them in stock.
  9. Only want the front rail block. Care nothing about red dots , fancy cuts or gold barrels.
  10. It is steep, I like his idea of a new front rail block fit to the slide and a barrel fit to the new rail block but I will not be paying those prices. If he starts selling the front rails separate I would probably try building my own.
  11. Only seen the website for the Ed Brown ones. I have a few MPs but mine are 5 inch 40s.
  12. https://www.edbrown.com/product-category/handguns/fueled-mp/
  13. Have not looked around for a 2.0 spring yet. I am pretty much back to shooting 1911s and have not put many rounds through the MPs lately.
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