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  1. If you are concerned with "accidentally" taking your gun out of your holster when you're not supposed to, you should do everyone a favor and stay far away from an action pistol match.
  2. here is the link for the Rockcastle match. Anyone else's match doing this today? https://practiscore.com/results.php?uuid=A978BD86-C87A-4E16-AD78-D1DD2B31B98F
  3. Carry as many as possible. Be prepared for any situation.
  4. That must have been rough to see an 87 go to a 60!
  5. If you get in a defensive shooting with a stock Glock trigger, they aren't allowed to prosecute you.
  6. Going fast and getting 2 hits C or better is the most important practical shooting skill. The targets we shoot are huge.
  7. That is not a drill. That's just him showing that he's good at something.
  8. All, Effective immediately, North Tenn Practical Shooters is suspending all matches at the Dickson, TN property. Please see the statement on our website at www.NTPS.org. - Peter Sturdivant, NTPS El Presidente
  9. Yeah, make sure you put your ear protection on so you don't hear your neighbors asking what you're doing before they call the cops. You don't want anything to distract you from shooting alphas.
  10. Are you asking us which pistol you like more? That's kind of hard for us to answer.
  11. NTPS is hosting our annual classifier match on March 14 and 15. Six classifiers. We'll post the ones we chose after setup this Saturday. Registration starts at 8am both days Shooting at 9 both days We shoot two sessions, so come get classified in two divisions if you want. Or don't. Match fee is $25 for non members. Range address is 990 Coon Creek Rd in Dickson, TN. Email NTPS.Club@gmail.com for info. www.facebook.com/ntpsclub
  12. Oh man. you're in Collierville. Would you mind PM'ing me any details on the doc you used? I've heard PRP was good, but the doc that talked to me about it was very new to it.
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