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  1. the stock 2 and 3 have the same frame (aside from finish) I think the stock 3 has a longer sight radius. I switched from a CZ SP01 to a stock 2 and love it. If you can, handle both the stock 2 and 3 and see which you like better.
  2. I have it in my gun, don't know about the length of pull but I like the xtreme better than the stock.
  3. Yeah the Hammer Pin. A gunsmith called it the Boss pin so that's what I used. I never tested trigger pull with it off, it started malfunctioning (skipping cylinders) so I took the side plate off to see and found the hammer pin broken (it's just an MIM pin pressed into the frame). So, I guess the question is: would a steel pin have broken the same way with as little use?
  4. They why did the Boss pin snap after so little use? I'm not being snippy or anything, you all know more about it than I do so I figured this would be the spot to get learnerd up.
  5. the pro series uses mim parts, not sure about the PC line. I had the boss pin break in my 625 JM Pro after 4 or 5 matches and some practice (no more than 1,000 rounds). Granted Smith sent me a brand new gun, it just took 5 months. If the PC line doesn't use MIM parts I'd go that route but that's just my opinion.
  6. my bad... I'm apparently reading and comprehension impaired. I saw it just didn't dawn on me that we're talking IPSC
  7. Stock 2 xtreme is on the approved USPSA production list.
  8. Plus 1. Had the same thing done with mine (I'm not mechanically inclined so I had a gunsmith do it) and he got it down to a 6.5lbs double and a 2.25 lbs single action.
  9. what do you use to polish? stone or high grit sandpaper??
  10. I appreciate all the input. Keep the suggestions coming!
  11. Benstoegerproshop.com has them (last I looked, which admittedly was a while ago).
  12. The hammer is only surface hardened sooner or later you will have problems with it unless you get it rehardened What do you mean rehardened? like re-finished? I'm not sure what you mean by rehardened
  13. For what its worth, I purchased one from Warren at Protocall and it's been awesome. I used his recommended .100 Wide and .250 Tall. I've put several hundred rounds through it before and after Revo Nats this year and it's stayed in place. No complaints or problems what so ever.
  14. All, I just purchased a stock 2 and was looking around and saw the Tanfo extreme sear cage, sear, EGD hammer ect... anyone know how much better these parts are, is it going to make that much of a difference in performance? I'm a Tango Newb (been shooting limited primarily and just starting production) so I have no clue if these will help the trigger pull, be more durable or what... any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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