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  1. <sarcasm> Yeah well the penny is really what makes the whole jig. I mean without it what's the point...</sarcasm>
  2. Matt is a monster and I would give his technique a try but I would hardly call my little bar and screw an "elaborate" fixture. And my way does not need to have the whole gun together and in the vise but I also only have a little and very humble mill. Matt, on the other hand, has the best CNC money can buy. I will leave the thread to him...
  3. I made a small lock up jig out of round bar and a set screw. I fond some steel round bar about the same diameter as the spring tunnel and about 2/3 the length of the barrell, drilled and tapped a hole at one end then I bent a penny for something the screw could push on. Put the barrel in the slide put the rod in the tunnel screw at the lug end, put the penny on the barrel and tightened the screw. It applies upward pressure to seat the barrel into the lugs. Then vise, indicate and machine. I will try to take a pic of my setup. There may be a better way but that is how I do it.
  4. I will acquiesce that some molecular distortion may occur however relative to Rockwell and my first hand experience it is of no consequence as long as the surfaces are machined to tolerance. I have read your posts and dig the expertise you bring to the table. I especially learned some new tricks to cutting a slide for a hybrid from your posts. Thanks for the tips!
  5. First, toolguy has it right if the frame is defective don't risk it and the cost is sure to be a wash vs buying a new frame. Second, I have had 2 frames welded by a precision welder and I re-machined the rails with zero issue. They did not warp and the part is actually harder than the original material precisely because of the heat during the welding process. If the correct filler is used for the weld it will be as strong or stronger than before the weld. Don't believe me, google it. (Edit: The "google it" was not meant to sound confrontational) The reason I had the frames welded is during my machining learning curve I removed too much material and could fix it myself cheaper than buying a new frame. My welder only charged me $40. Gunsmiths since the dawn of the 1911 have been welding rails as a part of the accurizing process.
  6. This thread continues to be full of win and does my heart good. Congrats my friend on a wonderful acquisition it's sure to deliver hours of enjoyment and learning and I'm looking forward to your progress.
  7. On second look the tooling in the link I posted does not look like they would work for what you wan to do. The cutter is even with the shank.
  8. Looks like they do make them. http://www.carbideanddiamondtooling.com/boring.bar.carbide.mgr.full.radius.grooving.boring
  9. Week 7 and still waiting. I sure hope this holster is worth the wait. I find it very hard to understand that if their product is in such demand that they don't scale up production. But I knew it could take more than 8 weeks as written on their website... Reminds me of being a kid and ordering something from the back of a comic book. Eventually I will forget I placed the order and will be surprised when it finally hits my mailbox.
  10. Ben Avery is a much larger range. BA has a 1000yrd range, mounted shooting ring, full trap, skeet, sporting clays and 5 stand as well as many other specialty ranges. Rio is better suited to practical pistol and they do have Sporting clays and a trap/5 stand combo field. Both have a public range and are run by AZ. game and fish, the AZG&F's HQ is at ben Avery.
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