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  1. I'm having to run RMR jhp 124s at 1.135 in a kkm 3 port in a ck, so its definitely the bullet, about anything else I can run 1.1675 or 1.175 and never have issues.
  2. Mine does also, but everyone and guns are different I guessed. My matches are just heehaw club matches and seems like once-twice a yr somewhere has a chrony way low to what everyone thinks is correct.
  3. I get it, and agree totally. I just worry about a places chrony reading low and load 172.
  4. I bought 10k before,in the middle of the obama runup, they shot great, actually surprised just how consistent they were.
  5. I used to load 380,9 and 45 with hp38,w238. Since taking some advise and trying sport pistol awhile back. I love it in 9 and 380
  6. Isnt 169 cutting it close? I usually load 172 incase my gun looks at the chrony the wrong way and reads low
  7. Except this yr we started short primer with another issue, then another when we had record new gun buyers, seems different, hope I'm wrong. I loaded up in Jan when there was free hazmat and knew the election runup was coming. Got lucky not to wait till summer... I got into a group buy off mewe for federal primers, by april I'll find out if I got ripped off.
  8. I've owned 2 EMP's in 9mm. Great carry pistol if your a 1911 guy. First one I'd shot it as a range gun and carried with thousands of rds without a hiccup. Sec one I bought used with low rds, shot it 500rds to show me it's good and carry it daily
  9. I tried the the SSI funnel, "popped" worse and had to run like 5 or 6 and pput it back in the package. I like the look of it, sounds like I need to get the polisher on the dremel on both, thanks
  10. Intel6, interested in knowing, when setup to cast your own how much time you have invested in 1000 bullets? Just starting to look into this incase lead bullets dry up in the future
  11. At 3 was that pre- processed brass maybe?
  12. Thanks, I'm having to run 4 and sometimes 5, case sticking when flaring for bulletfeeder, I'll try alittle more one shot.
  13. Running 9mm on super 1050 with mark7, what's anybody running for a clutch setting, any input appreciated
  14. Glad I read this was about to buy a MA sizing die I found for sale
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