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  1. 12Bravo

    Offset irons with high scope mount

    Thanks for the feedback. I didn't realize the pros were that much taller.
  2. I have the American Defense Recon-H scope mount for my Razor 1-6 and use a Tacmod stock with cheek riser for a more upright shooting position. Has anybody tried mounting offset irons with a small riser to accommodate a similar setup, or am I resigned to just adjusting magnification?
  3. 12Bravo

    PCC: Bought vs Built

    That's pretty much the setup I have and I haven't had any issues with it... Granted pretty low mileage, only about 5000 rounds or so, but zero hiccups
  4. 12Bravo

    ELS kit issues

    What pistol mag pouches are you using?
  5. 12Bravo

    A5 recoil spring tube

    FYI to anyone with an A5... Take apart the recoil spring tube, clean it out and treat the spring, plunger, and tube with a dry lube. I know that maybe to some this is common sense, but I have never had to do this to any other shotgun I have owned. The end result is an A5 that reliably fires 1145 AA's and 7/8 slugs.
  6. 12Bravo

    Travel with PCC

    To be honest you're better off shipping ammo to the range of you have enough time.
  7. 12Bravo

    Travel with PCC

    My experiences have mirrored JAFO's. Only time the hair raised on the back of my neck was at Minneapolis/St Paul the TSA guy doing the inspection was insistent that I give him my key so that he could so his inspection in any area I wasnt allowed in. I was still able to see him but far enough away I couldn't see what his hands were doing, that was a little upsetting.
  8. 12Bravo

    gmr-15 dual charging

    It worked fine on my qc10 side charger with last round bolt hold open
  9. 12Bravo

    gmr-15 dual charging

    Phase 5 EBRv2-SC is made for side chargers
  10. 12Bravo

    Travel with PCC

    TSA locks are able to be opened by just about anybody, they are not appropriate for firearms. The only key that should be able to open locks for firearms should be the one in the owners possession.
  11. That's to bad, i heard it was a very well done match.
  12. 12Bravo

    M3000 life expectancy

    Inertia spring, not recoil.
  13. https://sill.armymwr.com/programs/multi-gun
  14. 12Bravo

    Cover for Vortex Spitfire

    For a magnifier probably the right size. http://shop.scopecoat.com/EOTech-G33-Magnifier-Vortex-MVT-3T-12HE38.htm
  15. 12Bravo

    Benelli M2 Field vs 3 Gun model

    The thing is when you buy the 3g edition you are paying for the name. ~$2300 you get an opened loading port, extended charging handle, extended bolt release, and a Hi Viz sight. You still have to add a mag extension. Buyiing an M2 and having RCI work on it you can get pretty much everything he offers (look at his M2 pdf order form, it's pretty extensive) for ~$2400. Plus the port is done by the same guy that does the factory custom guns...