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  1. Purchased 2 magazines from MadMadWorld and they showed up on time and as advertised. Would do business with him again!

  2. If the WSB requires you to put the box in the port prior to engaging targets, I would think this is akin to a required reload miss and one procedural per shot. I have shot stages that specify a certain prop be in a certain location prior to the last shot... In general, I try to be as specific as possible in the WSB to declare procedural penalties involving props. Clarification from the RM/MD would be helpful.
  3. In short, it is the discretion of HQ to allow a level 2 and above match score count as a classifier. I checked the box on the form c then they review who is shooting and what divisions and decide from there. There are two paragraphs on the USPSA website for FAQs for classification if you want the details.
  4. Yep, I believe we had enough GMs in Open, Production and Limited for the match itself to count along with the actual classifier. We did break tradition this year and had the actual classified count, hasn't for several years now!
  5. Todd, thank you so much for uploading and sharing the pictures you took, we all really appreciate that!
  6. We have wood shelters on all the lower bays and across the firing line stretching the entire top bay.
  7. Same as every other match I'm guessing. Unless lightning starts just suck it up and shoot in the rain. If there is lightning then we'll probably wait it out Pretty much. Our bays drain fairly well with one bay that gets muddy and one that will have standing water, just a little, during and just after heavy down pours. Certainly better than some of the stories I have heard from other matches and better than some I have shot in.
  8. Bring your rain gear. We have shelters on the bays and can shoot until 8:30pm. If we need more than that, we can pull cars up for headlights.
  9. Hey everyone, For those who are able to help set up, we will be on the range by 8am getting to it on Thursday.
  10. Hello everyone, match book and start time info is up at http://www.uspsaohio.com/2016-ohio-ck-arms-buckeye-blast.html I will have a final squad listing to publish tonight! We will be raffle get off a Sprigfield XD this year, $5/ticket, drawing after lunch on Sunday. Thanks and see you soon.
  11. Hey everyone, Still working on the match book to post - my apologies on that. Basic upcoming information - squad 100s are Friday, 200s are Saturday and 300s are Sunday. The 01-10 two digits refer to stage number with 01-05 are in the corresponding bays. Up top in bay seven will be 06-07 and 08-10 will be in Bay 8. Staff meeting at 8am on Friday with shooters meeting a little after 9am. For Saturday and Sunday, shooters meeting will be at 8am each day. For competitors, lunch will be provided by the match and we will have water stations on every other bay. I will send out an email to all shooters as soon as i have the final schedule, squad lists and match book updated. Thanks and see you soon, Mads
  12. I was going to have that stage name but j had to many over eager ROs who wanted that stage. To be fair, I denied them all!!
  13. Good evening everyone! We have some spots left on Friday for anyone who wants to shoot. They need to contact me directly. Stages are available on the match webpage at http://www.uspsaohio.com/2016-ohio-ck-arms-buckeye-blast.html I will have a printable match book up by Friday afternoon for folks to download and print. The book will have the shooting schedule, stages, stage notes section, etc. I will update on stage book and final squad listings by Sunday evening! Take care and see you at the range, Mads
  14. Good evening and Happy Saturday to everyone!! I hope everyone had great matches today. We are just a few weeks out from the match and I wanted to give you a breakdown of registered competitors. We are up to 330 with the following breakdown: GM M A B C D U Total Carry Optics 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 3 Limited 1 5 15 34 30 9 8 102 Limited 10 0 0 0 4 7 0 1 12 Open 5 9 10 23 18 7 5 77 Production 5 7 15 37 18 3 9 94 Revolver 1 2 0 1 5 0 1 10 Single Stack 0 0 5 12 9 0 6 32 12 23 45 111 88 19 32 330 Squads are updated on the website at www.uspsaohio.com We also have another sponsor on board - UniqueTek, a reloading equipment and supply company. Go check them out online if you have a chance. Have a great day and see you at the range! Mads
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