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  1. I got a killer deal on mine a few years back. That was the main reason I got it. Thanks guys for the replies
  2. I have one in 9mm and pretty happy with it. Now that they stopped making it are you concerned about getting spare parts / getting them serviced? Also do they come up for sale for time to time? I want to get a bullet feeder to load 40sw. TIA
  3. Does anyone know if a Gen5 G19 will fit and lock up right into a kydex holster originally made to fit a Gen4 glock? TIA.
  4. Noticed and uptick in Gen4 WTS posts now that Glock announced that they are stopping production of Gen4s. I am wondering if Gen4s will be come a thing in 10 years or if guys are selling them while they can before Gen4s lose some of their value.
  5. I am looking for recommendations for a 9mm suppressor. Would be shared between a 9mm AR pistol and a G17. Ideally I think I want a dedicated 9mm not one that can be converted into various calibers. I have a dead air mask .22 can and really like it but wanted to see if I should consider other manufacturers/models. Thanks in advance.
  6. Wasn’t sure where to post this. i wish every future transaction In my life will be half as smooth as the one with @Zack15 Professional, prompt, great communication! Had that STI shipped out a few hours after getting paid! Thanks Zack!
  7. Just move to Camas and looking to hook up with a local club. TIA.
  8. Hello Forum members. Joined a few days ago in order to learn more and also to look for a new competition gun (which I did!). Started shooting USPSA last year while living in Des Moines, IA. My 17 year old daughter also started shooting which was awesome! I recently wanted to upgrade to shoot major so scored a 40sw STI on here a few days ago! Very excited to get it and take it to the range. Found a local club too so hopefully both of us can get back to shooting now that we finished our move and have settled in here in SW Washington. BTW, does it take a certain # of posts before I can
  9. Just relocated to Des Monies and in the process of setting up a reloading bench. I have a Dillon XL650. Relatively new to reloading so look forward to reading, learning and asking questions! Thanks!
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