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  1. Ok thanks. That’s how I think i think I am going to approach it.
  2. I purchased a set of replica USPSA targets. Was wondering if anyone here uses them and how. I am leaning towards taping them up in my back yard and making a makeshift stage so I can move and work on acquiring an accurate and quick sight picture. TIA for your input.
  3. Thank you! any recommendations for a button with a drilled and tapped hole?
  4. I got one of them for my daughter’s 2011 since she has a hard time rewatching the stock mag release button. Upon receiving it I am realizing I may have to drill and tap the button to instill it? Does that sound right? TIA.
  5. Hi. My friend has this gun in 9mm. Would be considered production minor class? Thanks.
  6. I added Arredondo Accessories extended base pads and want to run them with a magwel. Does anyone by chance run them with a magwel that allows for easy insertion? TIA
  7. I want to add mag extensions or extended base pads on my G35 magazine to make reloading a bit easier. I run a Bkacklist magwell on my Glock frame. I am considering basepads from hemming group and Arredondo accessories. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. @muncie21 was super helpful in getting my questions answered about my fiber sight issues. But he didn’t stop there and went out of his way to send me a set of fiber strands that made it easy for me to figure out sizing and how to get my sights fixed! He embodies what I come to this forum for. Thank you Gary!
  9. I will also be shooting it using my P80 G35 due to technical difficulties with my 40sw STI. Any tips or things to keep in mind for shooting steel? I assume it will be various steel plates, Texas stars, etc…. going to be a fun time I am sure.
  10. Man that is great info. Gotta process and digest it but that the info is super helpful. Thanks again.
  11. ok. i have to man up and take the slide apart. It will my first time so working up courage to do it.
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