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  1. I want to add mag extensions or extended base pads on my G35 magazine to make reloading a bit easier. I run a Bkacklist magwell on my Glock frame. I am considering basepads from hemming group and Arredondo accessories. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. @muncie21 was super helpful in getting my questions answered about my fiber sight issues. But he didn’t stop there and went out of his way to send me a set of fiber strands that made it easy for me to figure out sizing and how to get my sights fixed! He embodies what I come to this forum for. Thank you Gary!
  3. I will also be shooting it using my P80 G35 due to technical difficulties with my 40sw STI. Any tips or things to keep in mind for shooting steel? I assume it will be various steel plates, Texas stars, etc…. going to be a fun time I am sure.
  4. Man that is great info. Gotta process and digest it but that the info is super helpful. Thanks again.
  5. ok. i have to man up and take the slide apart. It will my first time so working up courage to do it.
  6. I purchased a 40sw STI built by Rich Dettlehouser. Trying to get it to run with my ammo. I've been troubleshooting a couple of potential issues I ran into in my first match with the gun which were feeding and extraction issues. First issue is the OAL of my reloads. I believe mine are too short. That is somewhat an easy fix. The other potential issue is the extractor. It seems pretty tight. I did the shake the case out of the extractor test and that case just would not shake out. I guess I am going to have to disassemble the slide to figure out what sort of extractor was used by Rich a
  7. Thanks a ton for the kind offer. Message sent
  8. I bought a custom gun on the EE forum here. The gun description said that it came with a Brazos lightning sight. At a match this weekend the fiber optic rod fell out. I want to order some replacements. When I look at the brazos site (1911Store.com - Fiber Optic Sights for STI/SV) I see several varieties. I am thinking its a Lightning Sight Standard. Any way to confirm? Or would I be better off calling them tomorrow? I want to make sure I order the right sized rods. TIA! IMG_3323 (1).jfif
  9. Interesting. I’ll pass it on to see if that may work. Thanks
  10. That is what she does now. Not ideal but she’s making it work
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