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  1. I'll take the taccom mag extension

  2. It's a new division at superstition mountain 3 gun annual match and Rio Salado monthly matches, the handgun can have optics but most fit in a box with the mag inserted, the shotgun can have optics but the feeding tube can only be certain length usually allowing 10 rounds, no mag fed shotguns etc. it's a fun division!
  3. I like that. Too bad IPSC doesn't have a good Division for it. It's my 3 gun open/stealth division also good for steel matches
  4. Mine was an XN, I contacted Akdal in Turkey via email requesting to buy a new bolt or extractor. They referred me to T&N as their distributor.
  5. I have a Firebird Tac 12 the quality is superb but the weak link is that still uses a Turkish bolt and bolt carrier. After 2 years of intermittent problems I finally figured out that the malfunctions were related to a very weak extractor spring and a marred plunger. in my opinion the quality of the Turkish parts is subpar and the extractor geometry is inadequate. Once I fixed that the shotgun runs like a sewing machine even with cheap ammo. Last year at RM3g I met Jim, he is a gentleman and overall nice guy I discussed some of my shotgun issues with him, he was not only very helpful but he off
  6. I experienced a similar situation with the Benelli Hammer and the Taran Benelli spring Hammer
  7. I found that the problem of crushed cases was related to a "click" that happens when the shell holder is moving up, this tiny vibration makes the case move slightly out of position, this minuscule movement of the case is usually not a big deal if you use Dillon dies because they have a wider mouth but the problem became more pronounced when I switched to Redding competition dies. I solved the problem by installing a flat bearing under the bolt that holds the shell plate in place and tightening the bolt as much as possible but still allowing the shell holder to rotate freely.
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