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  1. I am not sure. I currently only have a SP-01 tactical to compare, but from what I have seen the checkering looks less aggressive on the SP-01 Shadow. For my Shadow 2, prefer a bit of grip tape on the front of the grip as opposed to the checkering that is present. May be worth thinking about trying?
  2. Yep, there aren't any technical features that the Shadow 2 has over the SP-01 Shadow. More checkering on the grip I suppose, but if I were to try and explain further: -The Shadow 2 is more dustcover heavy and heavier in general -The Shadow 2 has a longer barrel and slide, therefore a longer sight radius -The Shadow 2 has a different grip geometry
  3. Perfect. May seem silly, but I am finding I like the feel/ergo of the SP-01 compared to my Shadow 2s. Thanks.
  4. Anyone know if the SP-01 Shadow has been discontinued? Seeing that Shadow Target made by CZC is listed as discontinued on CZ's site but wondering about the standard Shadow.
  5. @Janskis Yep, as long as I minimized tension in my strong-hand outside of that thumb pressure, it didn't really mess with my shots.
  6. I actually ended saying "screw it" and ordered another barrel for my TS and then went to town with my vice, caliper and files. I don't intend on running the TS with a buffer so this barrel is effectively useless to me as is. I just took my time, made marks on the barrel and constantly measured. Slide locks up normally now and I ended up only needing to take off .030" total. I'll be interested to see if I would have to do the same for the new barrel after fitment.
  7. I've fit several barrels for Tanfos and CZs, but the amount of material that needs to be removed sounds like a pain with just ceramic files.
  8. @CZ85Combat Yep, after seeing your first post that is what I did to confirm that is what is happening. I have a few tools (ceramic files, regular files, dremmel etc) What did you use to remove that material?
  9. As far as I know, it's originally a 40. The barrel, slide and frame are stamped with the same serial number, so I would think it is more than likely its stock config is 40.
  10. @CZ85Combat Gotcha. Yeah, removing some material off of the front face of the lug was what I was going to try next since Eric's first suggestion did not appear to fix the issue. What sort of tools or method did you use to remove material off of your barrel?
  11. Yeah, that's what I figured, but this is my only single-action CZ, so I wasn't too sure. I am guessing (since I am not the original owner) that it was always run with a buffer so this never came up? Doesn't appear to be a wear issue as I am not finding any strange wear markings on the frame, barrel or slide, but while handy with tools, I am not an experienced gunsmith. Don't know of any local gunsmiths that are experienced with CZs either. Haven't come across any mention of brass or aluminum buffers used with TSs in my searching either.
  12. Almost, but not quite I think? So, the rod is not actually making contact with the frame soon enough and the buffer lets the rod make contact with the frame sooner. Definitely does chew the s#!t out of the buffer either way though.
  13. Yep, I didn't think this was normal since I hear many people running without the buffer. The steel guide rod seems fine and the barrel is the matching/original one; same serial as the frame and slide. I could try sourcing the original plastic or polymer guide rod to see if that changes things. I was able to email Eric from CZC about this. He said that they had run into this when they were mounting TS slides on 75 frames. The solution they had was to take off material on the front face of the kidney lug, but he suggested removing the locater nub off the rear of the guide rod first. I did try the latter, but no change to the back and forth.
  14. @Midwest3Gunner I have yet to fire it without the buffer so I am sorry to say that I can't confirm whether or not I will see the same peening as you. I'll of course let you know. I don't think it's technically coming out of battery since the barrel itself moves with the slide. Here's what I am seeing:
  15. @muncie21 No problem. Seems like an issue, but I wanted to make sure that this wasn't normal. Doesn't seem like I can do anything about it besides run it with the buffer. I was hoping to get rid of it since it seems like the TS goes through them pretty quick.
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