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  1. 5.4” Sight Tracker 9mm recoils like a .22mag
  2. MBX worth every bit , sell the STI mags
  3. If you can save for the CKYE POD then go all in if not a Harris BRM-S 6”-9” will suffice now until you get deeper into PRS game. Just go have a great time shooting that 6 Creed Spend the $ on reloading components and shoot shoot shoot
  4. I use my .22 to work on positional shooting positions Standing , kneeling , sitting etc and then do it all over again Utilizing your sling as well , box of .22 will last a long time and $20 a box of 500 is hard to beat
  5. Played with the SRO earlier today at USPSA Match I prefer a larger dot for CO but the 5MOA isn’t out yet. Field of view was pretty amazing , IMHO it was similar to a C more slide ride but with the ruggedness of RMR Dont hesitate to grab one
  6. I have a stock M&P Pro Barrel I can get rid of since I use KKM in my Pro PM me at your earliest convenience
  7. Buy once cry once went through Trijicon then Leupold then Vortex Swarovski Z6i 1-6 is what I settled with until they came out with the 1-8x Field of view is out of this world , try and check out the different glass at a match and then look through a Swaro You will not be disappointed at all
  8. Glockmeister has them in stock from time to time
  9. Shooters Connection has always been my go to
  10. Can’t go wrong with the SVI ambi’s They have several choices on how wide a safety you would like Ive also had great luck with the Wilson Combat bulletproof Ambi’s but they’re not as wide tho
  11. My vote goes to selling the TSO and then upgrading your SVI grip Or just run the SVI the way it is if it works for you. SVI will always hold its value like a fine piece of art that it is
  12. GMG is the way to go, I was convinced after I used one extensively at work and I cooked Tomahawk steaks on there no problem Smoked low n slow for a half hour then put temp up to 500 seared the steaks crew was happy
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