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  1. ronin16

    Where to find a 17L Slide??

    Glockmeister has them in stock from time to time
  2. ronin16

    M&P mags and parts, where to buy?

    Shooters Connection has always been my go to
  3. Tombstone Close second Gran Torino
  4. ronin16

    Which Ambi Safety for STI 2011???

    Can’t go wrong with the SVI ambi’s They have several choices on how wide a safety you would like Ive also had great luck with the Wilson Combat bulletproof Ambi’s but they’re not as wide tho
  5. ronin16

    Decisions, which to keep? STI Edge or SV?

    My vote goes to selling the TSO and then upgrading your SVI grip Or just run the SVI the way it is if it works for you. SVI will always hold its value like a fine piece of art that it is
  6. GMG is the way to go, I was convinced after I used one extensively at work and I cooked Tomahawk steaks on there no problem Smoked low n slow for a half hour then put temp up to 500 seared the steaks crew was happy
  7. ronin16

    Limcat vs SV

    Not able to load from my I phone I ll be happy to email some if someone know s how to post it
  8. ronin16

    Limcat vs SV

    18 months total, but worth the wait I'm at work til Monday otherwise I would have shot it already tried loading pics from my I phone but no luck
  9. ronin16

    Limcat vs SV

    18 months , just got my pistol today
  10. ronin16

    Left handers trouble

    Grip safety ??? I disable my grip safety s and I'm left handed
  11. ronin16

    Best Conversion Barrel

    Bar Sto
  12. Has anyone had good luck taking off the factory handguard from the stock JP GMR-13? It appears there is a proprietary Barrel nut set up they use and my standard Barrel but wrench isn't working. Going with lighter BCM handguard Any help will greatly be appreciated thanks ahead of time
  13. ronin16

    looking for a PCC

    Shooters Connection is where I bought my JP GMR-13 Give them a call or order online great people to deal with , you won't be disappointed
  14. ronin16

    Best Place To Buy C-More Slide Ride?

    Shooters Connection without a doubt
  15. ronin16

    Glock 21 & 41 mag holders?

    Ready tactical with the offset