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  1. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is your pre-stage routine. Visualization will help with your "skittishness". When you are the in the hole shooter, start your stage visualization process. The more precise and vivid your images the better. Be very specific with the draw, see/feel the gun come out of the holster cleanly. Finger off the trigger, thumb on safety, safety still engaged until you are ready to place your first shot. See the first shot go exactly were you want it on the first target. If there's movement before the first shot, again be very precise in the steps before the shot. Repeat for every target and array for the entire stage. If you have already run the stage 5, 6, 10 or 15 times in your head. It will help calm the anxiety. Pick an experienced squad if you can. Have a great time returning to the sport and good luck.
  2. Big Guy, whoever mounted the scope probably used Loctite. You will need to heat the screws to get the Loctite to break loose. The two safest methods are to use a clean soldering iron placed on the bottom of the screw until the screw is hot. Or to heat an Allen key and place in the screw/bolt until it is hot. The heat will help break down the Loctite enough to get the key to break loose.
  3. I recently picked up a couple of thousand 9mm and 40SW. Mid South shooters supply had it on sale at a really reasonable price for new brass. Going to load some today and chrono. Rick
  4. Fast Grip, good enough for Grauffel. Less of the white residue than Pro Grip.
  5. Check out on-running.com, the cloudsurfer is very comfortable shoe. They also have off road/trail models, cloudventure, with a little less cushion. Second recommendation is Altra running. They offer trail running shoes with different levels of cushioning. Allowing you to pick your comfort level. Large toe box and zero drop with very good support. Have had good luck with both brands. Rick
  6. If it's the style with the inter changeable blade, then yes just unscrew the windage screw. Count the clicks to make it easier to rezero. Careful when removing the screw and blade. There is a small spring on the windage screw that is easy to misplace.
  7. I have an RMR 07 6.5 dot. Was on a 34 mos for one club match. If you are interested let me know.

    Rick VanBlaricum FY48392



  8. Rescomp tube with Dawson SNL basepad , 3.75 mm milled from the spring recess. Old style Bolen 11 coil spring with the original Bolen follower. Holds 22 rds and is reliable. Have six setup with this combo, maybe use once a match. Only worth the expense if you are shooting major matches. Not sure you can still buy the Rescomp tubes in the US.
  9. Hop, looking at the weather. You may have picked the right month to miss.
  10. Yes, four stages and classifier 99-41 up top. The shooting areas are decent, but the rest of the bays were very soft today. I would recommend boots or at least water proof shoes.
  11. Yes, we put gravel in the shooting areas this morning. Have more gravel available should we need to fix any of them.
  12. Vince posted on Global Village website 501Rds. Subject to change without prior notice.
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