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  1. That holster is wicked. Is that a thumb rest on yours?
  2. I also milled an additional slot on the light rail to push the light back closer to my nubby fingers.
  3. No I didn't, I will eventually take some more off once my set up is complete. With the slide being so small anyway, weight isn't such a big deal for me. I just wanted something a little unique. I also thought about (in the future) going all the way through on the center ball cut and porting the barrel but, that may be a little too out the box… Sure would like a threaded barrel for this thing.
  4. Also, I may take more off as time goes on, Im about to start milling myself so I can play around with it later.
  5. That is how it is on my TS but, for my carry gun, I don't want any extra holes for things to get caught on etc. Just a little simple flare to spice it up.
  6. Got my buddy to run some ball cuts across my P01. Im going to get it back this weekend and give it a custom coat of Tungsten Cerakote Stay tuned, I will upload a photo when its all done.
  7. Im running an 11# in my shadow with CCI, Win and even some Tula, and I have a 13# HS in my P01 and it eats everything, maybe I just got lucky. Either way I agree, Polish x3!!!!
  8. I had an issue with my Shadow at first, not feeding right, and not chambering all the way. I got the chamber reamed and it has worked fine since. Not sure if that will apply to you sitch but, it may be a consideration.
  9. +1 on the Gram's spring and follower, there are a couple of more coils longer and the follower is a bit thinner and slimmer. This will help it slide in the tube a bit easier. I've been using 5 mags like that for two years in heavy competition and have had only one nose dive when I ran them hard a few matches in a row and didn't bring a tube brush. Keep em clean, and brush the tubes out regularly and there shouldn't be any problems.
  10. I carry one everyday, I went a lil' nuts with it but its a damn fine gun. Im getting some slide cuts on it now.
  11. The frame on a TS is much wider than normal CZs because it allows for the double stack of the bullets to have a higher capacity so, thin grips help
  12. +1 The factory sight is tha' !@#$ You can use it as a slide racker and is super useful. There is no big advantage to the adjustable rear sight, save that money for ammo.
  13. Will it work on my P01 frame? Not serious, just wondering…
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