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  1. I have two Square Deals, one came used, with this empty case bin bracket on it, the other doesn’t have it. Anyone know the part name/number if it’s a Dillon original part or who makes it? The other SD doesn’t even have the hole where it mounts (easy fix with a drill).
  2. That holster is wicked. Is that a thumb rest on yours?
  3. I also milled an additional slot on the light rail to push the light back closer to my nubby fingers.
  4. No I didn't, I will eventually take some more off once my set up is complete. With the slide being so small anyway, weight isn't such a big deal for me. I just wanted something a little unique. I also thought about (in the future) going all the way through on the center ball cut and porting the barrel but, that may be a little too out the box… Sure would like a threaded barrel for this thing.
  5. Also, I may take more off as time goes on, Im about to start milling myself so I can play around with it later.
  6. That is how it is on my TS but, for my carry gun, I don't want any extra holes for things to get caught on etc. Just a little simple flare to spice it up.
  7. Got my buddy to run some ball cuts across my P01. Im going to get it back this weekend and give it a custom coat of Tungsten Cerakote Stay tuned, I will upload a photo when its all done.
  8. Im running an 11# in my shadow with CCI, Win and even some Tula, and I have a 13# HS in my P01 and it eats everything, maybe I just got lucky. Either way I agree, Polish x3!!!!
  9. I had an issue with my Shadow at first, not feeding right, and not chambering all the way. I got the chamber reamed and it has worked fine since. Not sure if that will apply to you sitch but, it may be a consideration.
  10. +1 on the Gram's spring and follower, there are a couple of more coils longer and the follower is a bit thinner and slimmer. This will help it slide in the tube a bit easier. I've been using 5 mags like that for two years in heavy competition and have had only one nose dive when I ran them hard a few matches in a row and didn't bring a tube brush. Keep em clean, and brush the tubes out regularly and there shouldn't be any problems.
  11. I carry one everyday, I went a lil' nuts with it but its a damn fine gun. Im getting some slide cuts on it now.
  12. The frame on a TS is much wider than normal CZs because it allows for the double stack of the bullets to have a higher capacity so, thin grips help
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