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  1. For those interested, C-More can also replace with an aluminum body. Not 100% positive, but I would say its around $115-$120ish.
  2. Staff, I noticed that my older scale is bouncing way more than before. It annoys the crap out of me, as such it needs to go. I see you are from Jax. How are the USPSA clubs doing over there? SEPSA, SAPSA, Ancient City?
  3. Yondering, I believe I bough my scale back in 2001. My concern is that from the photos, the new one looks cheap and not as well made as the earlier versions.
  4. Thinking of upgrading my old D-Terminator scale for the new one. Is it worth the money? Any other recommendations on what to get or what to stay away from?
  5. Any updates on where to get 3N38 in 4-lbs kegs?
  6. Sarge, I'm referring to the two screws that attach the cmore to the mount.
  7. Is there a trick to remove the front and back screws on a plastic Cmore? I'm being cautious, as I don't want to damage the sight.
  8. I shot on Saturday and some of the banners were already removed. From watching Sunday videos, some additional banners were removed. I'm not claiming that it hurt me, as I'm not at the top of the game. I'm just asking if there is a rule that covers such instances. You indicated that you can't engage targets thru the walls, but you can't argue the fact that you'll get a faster acquisition if you can see the targets before hand.
  9. Last weekend at the Area 6 match, some of the see-thru walls were covered with large banners that completely obscured the targets behind them (both at short and long distances). As the match progressed, some of these banners were eliminated because of weather (i.e. high winds) or they simply fell off. Once the banners were removed, it allowed the shooters a clear view of the targets that were otherwise obscured to those who shot the match during the first 2-3 days. I believe this translates into shooter inequality. Is there a ruling that covers these instances?
  10. Anyone knows what is the deal with 3N38 in 4-lb containers? I've been looking for 3-4 weeks and no one seems to have any. MEF
  11. Shmella,


    Any chance you take $230 for the click switch one?


    Mario Farrulla.

    1. Shmella


      Click switch one is sold. Only have the brand new 8moa standard switch left. which I would take 230 for

    2. Big Guy

      Big Guy

      No problem.


      I have two with the std switch and was trying to "upgrade" one of them to the click switch.


      Good luck.



    3. Big Guy

      Big Guy

      Put me in line if for any reason the click switch deal doesn't pan out.

  12. Big Guy

    Next Level GM

    I understand and agree with the concept of tracking progress. My point is not to eliminate the classification process, but to eliminate the various classes within the classification system. Any shooter can track whether they improve or not based on a general calcification percentage (say whether 40 or 75% of the associated hit factor). There is no real need to give a shooter an award for A, B, C, or whatever in order to make them feel good a night because they won their class. We all know that whoever wins a class in a major match definitively shoots well above his classification. As for the $1.50, that will still be charged for shooting the classifiers.
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