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  1. Been looking online for once-fired 38 super brass (old school shooter here) and found out that 1K of once-fired brass goes for around $130-$140 plus shipping (approx.. $8), while new brass goes for $145 shipping included. Guess this also applies to 38 SC. My question is, why would someone buy once-fired brass when the price is just marginally lower than buying new brass? Am I missing something???
  2. Big Guy

    Welcome to A+

    I'm one of the "old school" guys, sign me up for whatever little 38 Super you can get you hands on.
  3. With around 100 shooters, we run 8-9 stages (230-250 rnds) during our monthly match.
  4. Any specific reason why you went away from the RTS2?
  5. Which one, RTS2 or Deltapoint Pro??? Also, which mount, a one sided mount or the Double Tap?
  6. Anyone knows what size are the screws that hold the diode cover on an aluminum C-More?
  7. Big Guy


    DAA Alpha X also here.
  8. If you have a 170 and some 140's, you should be good. 155's are good to have, but they are not a "required" item such as the 170. It's more of a "I want to have the new stuff" deal. If you have the $, then get some.
  9. My 11 month Aussie, Finn McKool.
  10. Same here. Just started using 3N38 because of the cost. Definitively think N105 tracks better.
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