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  1. Big Guy

    How many stages is your local?

    With around 100 shooters, we run 8-9 stages (230-250 rnds) during our monthly match.
  2. Big Guy

    RTS2 or Deltapoint Pro

    Any specific reason why you went away from the RTS2?
  3. Big Guy

    RTS2 or Deltapoint Pro

    Which one, RTS2 or Deltapoint Pro??? Also, which mount, a one sided mount or the Double Tap?
  4. Big Guy

    Primers choise

  5. Anyone knows what size are the screws that hold the diode cover on an aluminum C-More?
  6. Big Guy


    DAA Alpha X also here.
  7. Big Guy

    155mm mags for 9mm/38sc

    If you have a 170 and some 140's, you should be good. 155's are good to have, but they are not a "required" item such as the 170. It's more of a "I want to have the new stuff" deal. If you have the $, then get some.
  8. Big Guy

    Post your Dogs!

    My 11 month Aussie, Finn McKool.
  9. Big Guy

    C-More: Polymer to Aluminum Body Replacement

    Call Cmore directly.
  10. Big Guy

    Which powder do you prefer for 38 super Comp

    Same here. Just started using 3N38 because of the cost. Definitively think N105 tracks better.
  11. Went overboard with the Lemi Shine in the wet tumbler and the brass turned pink. Is it safe to shoot or should I toss it away?
  12. Big Guy

    New from florida

    Welcome from West Palm. When you have a chance, come shoot with us at OK Corral. You won't be disappointed.
  13. Also north is OK Corral https://okcorralgunclub.com/events/ 3-gun: 1st Sundays USPSA: 3rd Saturdays Steel Challenge: 4th Sundays