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  1. Don't think so. As I explained, I can resize a case, gauge it and it will fit. Then load the same case and it won't fit.
  2. Loading 9 mm 125 g RN SNS to 1.11 for CO. The unloded resized case will fit the gauge (left side), but the loaded round won't (right side). Can anyone explain why? It's not a variation on the case, as I have tried sizing and loading the same case with the same results.
  3. Todd, Any chance you have any 9mm currently in stock and ready to ship? Looking for the "cleaned and polished option. Mario F.
  4. Which should I use to secure the plate mount screws on a X-5 Legion, red or blue loctite?
  5. OK. I was definitively confused, as I didn't noticed threads within the front pair of holes.
  6. Correct. According to the packaging, its a "SP0202 - X-FIVE LEGION ROMEO3 MAX MOUNT".
  7. I'm a little confused. The hole pattern that doesn't match is the one on the rear, which attaches the plate to the slide.
  8. sdnok, I just received the SP R3Max plate for the X-Five Legion (SP-0202). During the installation, I noticed the hole patter in the back, does not fit the hole patter in the slide. Did I get an out of spec plate or did you have to "fit" the plate to match the holes??
  9. xdnok, That's the combo I'm looking at, R3 Max and SP plate. I was just wondering between the R3 Max and SRO.
  10. I know this has been beaten to death, but, since the Romeo1 Pros are nowhere to be found, which is the better option, a Romeo3 Max or the Trijicon SRO? A buddy that has done all the research indicated I can't go wrong with either. What is the consensus?
  11. Z, When in FL call me. We need to go do some shooting. Also, why are you replacing the barrel? Is it because of the chamber indicator slot? I was thinking on the Romeo 3, but still not sure.
  12. zhunter, I've been contemplating the idea of shooting the X5L next year. Let me know which setup you have in mind. Which red dot?
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