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  1. Which is the better option? Any one has experience with either of them?
  2. Big Guy


    Have an older open gun that I would like to tighten up a bit and thinking of going the Acc-U-Rail way. Any thoughts?
  3. There is an extension available from DAA. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/alpha-x-extended-ball-joint-rod
  4. Bought a new click-switch C-more a couple of months ago and noticed the switch was hard to turn on or off. I expected this was due since the sight was new. However, after couple of months use the switch is harder to turn. Today, I had to use a set pliers to turn the sight off. Any recommendations/tricks to try before I send it back to C-More?
  5. It varied for both of my open guns. I did replace the diode (8 to 6) in both of the guns and just needed to re-zero one of them.
  6. For those interested, C-More can also replace with an aluminum body. Not 100% positive, but I would say its around $115-$120ish.
  7. Staff, I noticed that my older scale is bouncing way more than before. It annoys the crap out of me, as such it needs to go. I see you are from Jax. How are the USPSA clubs doing over there? SEPSA, SAPSA, Ancient City?
  8. Yondering, I believe I bough my scale back in 2001. My concern is that from the photos, the new one looks cheap and not as well made as the earlier versions.
  9. Thinking of upgrading my old D-Terminator scale for the new one. Is it worth the money? Any other recommendations on what to get or what to stay away from?
  10. Any updates on where to get 3N38 in 4-lbs kegs?
  11. Sarge, I'm referring to the two screws that attach the cmore to the mount.
  12. Is there a trick to remove the front and back screws on a plastic Cmore? I'm being cautious, as I don't want to damage the sight.
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