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  1. I'm in PBC, but refuse to go to indoor ranges. Been swept by idiots with guns mores time that I would like to. I believe there is one in Delray that will let you draw. As for outdoor ranges, I go to OK Corral in Okeechobee. Its a long drive for you, but once you get Comp Park certified, you'll be able to rent your own bay (I think around $35, no time limit) and setup drills for practice. Also, there will be no range Nazis watching your every move.
  2. A buddy of mine just asked, "why not team up with USPSA or have USPSA take over the BE forum?". We all know how successful the USPSA forum is.
  3. For a Romeo 3 Max, go with a Double Tap or Cheely?
  4. I guess I'll give the Outer Impact a try, as the R1 PROs are nowhere to be found.
  5. Not the best photo, but you can see the damage to the lugs.
  6. Since I'm already invested with the R3M and no R1Pro are currently available, the alternative plate is the next step. Plan B is a R1 Pro whenever they are available at a reasonable price. Optics Planet indicates 1 month to ship. Hopefully, they will forward a discount code soon.
  7. Are there any other alternatives to the Springer plate mount for the Romeo3 Max? My Springer mount for my Legion X-5 has less than 2K rounds and the mount lugs that hold the sight are almost gone. Heard EGW has a mount for the X-5, but will it fit the R3M?
  8. Don't think so. As I explained, I can resize a case, gauge it and it will fit. Then load the same case and it won't fit.
  9. Loading 9 mm 125 g RN SNS to 1.11 for CO. The unloded resized case will fit the gauge (left side), but the loaded round won't (right side). Can anyone explain why? It's not a variation on the case, as I have tried sizing and loading the same case with the same results.
  10. Which should I use to secure the plate mount screws on a X-5 Legion, red or blue loctite?
  11. OK. I was definitively confused, as I didn't noticed threads within the front pair of holes.
  12. Correct. According to the packaging, its a "SP0202 - X-FIVE LEGION ROMEO3 MAX MOUNT".
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