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  1. Aiden

    Which trigger is best?

    I just stole my friends 30lpi file and I've got a 20lpi and I'm not going to lie ... I had a real itch to try an SV trigger again... I guess the upside is I'll only ruin the insert, not the entire trigger.
  2. Aiden

    Which trigger is best?

    I'm still very partial to the STI polymer long curve trigger. Most of my STI gunsmith blanks end up strongly resembling the length, curve, and texture. I prefer some texture on my trigger face, so the SV smooth trigger shoe isn't my favorite thing in the world.
  3. I would say start with a 100% lower if you're looking to build for the first time. It's more or less good to go and wouldn't require you buying a jig or milling anything. They aren't significantly less expensive, unless you have access to tools/fixtures already.
  4. How high are your standards? Do you just want a gun that runs? Will it be a backup gun? Do you want fancy slide cuts or classic serrations? Are you patient?
  5. Aiden

    Limcat Metal Grip

    Grip worked out pretty well. I put it on a (new to me) gun that I haven't shot much so I'm still working out the timing. Grip is about as aggressive as I like em. Shooting factory AE 40S&W 180gr.
  6. Aiden

    Buying a used STI?

    A used factory STI is still an STI under warranty. I don't think you'll go wrong. If you have a buddy with some know how, you could have them look to see if it has been modified or "customized" in any way that could be an issue. Or post pictures here and people could weigh in on possible issues. I recommend reviewing how to properly check the safety function of a 2011, and maybe a firing pin function test. I've never been in a gun shop that wouldn't let me at least do safety function check and a bore light/pencil test on used guns when I asked.
  7. Aiden

    Limcat Metal Grip

    I just picked up the new Limcat steel grip. I've been wanting one ever since I decided the Cheely E2 profile and weight wasn't my cup of tea. Grip is lighter and less aggressive than the Cheely E2. I would say it's comparable to a DVC grip, or slightly more aggressive than a factory STI grip. Overall, installation required a fair amount of fitting. My Brazos magwell needed a minor amount removed from the rear sides in order to slide into the grip fully. I had to profile the top and bottom of my STI magazine release in order to fit and move freely. Basically just lengthened the flats on both sides.The two other STI mag catches I had were a little closer to fit but would've needed work as well. I also had to blend the forward edges to the curve of the grip. The grip and frame took a lot more than my Cheely. I had to carefully remove material from the grip or the frame, like a raised edge or burr that didn't interfere with plastic grips, from about 6 different points of contact as the fit got closer and closer. Cerakote on the frame was rubbed raw in some places. Like the Cheely, installing the trigger guard sleeve/barrel thing took a little work. Outer diameter and inner diameter were exactly the same. A little bit of #4 needle filing and sandpaper smoothed it all out. Sleeve is snug fit and both recess into the trigger guard like they should. It's exactly 6oz heavier than my STI plastic grips (give or take a few tenths for reduction). 8.5oz by itself. As others have said, it's slim. The rear comes in around 1.18inches and the front is right at 1.2. it's wedge or teardrop shaped, tapers towards the back. It immediately reminded me of a single stack with thin grips from the back. The front profile is rounded and wider relative to the rear, and happens to match my "best fit" STI grip profile. I've found this design works great for my hand and grip. My 6 inch guns are 38 and 38.1oz (unloaded and no mag) respectively with polymer grips, so 44oz feels like a great middleweight for me. Weighed this before I finished fitting/installing the trigger guard sleeve but it's close enough. Live fire testing will occur in an hour or two.
  8. Aiden

    2011 heavy magwell

    I might be buying another V2 here shortly. I just grabbed the new Limcat steel grip, and with a Brazos magwell and plastic msh it's exactly 44oz on my 6" gun (unloaded no mag). Gotta figure if I want to add to the weight since 48oz felt so sluggish to me when I was experimenting with the Cheely/V2.
  9. Aiden

    Rear sight profile opinions

    The infinity notched rear sight is my favorite. Most of my guns, 5 and 6 inch, get set up with 0.75 front sights and 0.125 (or .135) rear. I usually go a little deeper on the notch as well. Rear sight picture with 75 front
  10. You've got two very similarly set up 2011s. It would be relatively inexpensive to get them to match reasonably well (magwells, undercut, and trigger). Unless you have a reason to keep the TSO, you're basically set for an ideal primary and backup Limited gun.
  11. Aiden

    2011 heavy magwell

    I don't really see modifying Dawsons as viable, but mine are currently on loan (and being used with a V1 incidentally). Removing any material at all from the Dawson seems like it's going to compromise the design. Might be a better move to sell and swap. I suppose we need a guy with a silver sharpie and some 140mms to shove them into his V2 and see what happens. For science.
  12. Why not lighten a 6" slide so it has the same weight as the 5" slide? Like the fat free Benny Hills? Then you get sight radius, you can fit the barrel to the slide without getting weird, and you can always swap back to your 5" top end with no issues.
  13. Aiden

    Grip Safety Differences??

    I have a couple pinned safeties and it's just simple with the CK plug. Really like it. If I ever want to swap it back to functional, I just do. Don't need to worry if I go to a steel MSH or different MSH that needs a new pin.
  14. Aiden

    Grip Safety Differences??

    I prefer the feel of a grip safety without the memory groove. I also prefer pinned, but I shoot USPSA only and don't have any reason for a functioning grip safety. My favorite grip safety at the moment is the CK beavertail grip plug. Minimal blending to most of my frames, rock solid fit, and doesn't even pretend to be a safety. If I were to go for an Ed Brown I'd go for the machined version at an equivalent price. I've finally started to appreciate good quality machining.
  15. Aiden

    1911 Slide Fitment Sheet

    It's definitely a better approach than mine. I've been scribbling numbers onto painters tape stuck to cardboard boxes on my bench. So either I'm a legit gunsmith or I'm the living proof a man with a dremel should never attempt to build anything.