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  1. Why not lighten a 6" slide so it has the same weight as the 5" slide? Like the fat free Benny Hills? Then you get sight radius, you can fit the barrel to the slide without getting weird, and you can always swap back to your 5" top end with no issues.
  2. Aiden

    Grip Safety Differences??

    I have a couple pinned safeties and it's just simple with the CK plug. Really like it. If I ever want to swap it back to functional, I just do. Don't need to worry if I go to a steel MSH or different MSH that needs a new pin.
  3. Aiden

    Grip Safety Differences??

    I prefer the feel of a grip safety without the memory groove. I also prefer pinned, but I shoot USPSA only and don't have any reason for a functioning grip safety. My favorite grip safety at the moment is the CK beavertail grip plug. Minimal blending to most of my frames, rock solid fit, and doesn't even pretend to be a safety. If I were to go for an Ed Brown I'd go for the machined version at an equivalent price. I've finally started to appreciate good quality machining.
  4. Aiden

    1911 Slide Fitment Sheet

    It's definitely a better approach than mine. I've been scribbling numbers onto painters tape stuck to cardboard boxes on my bench. So either I'm a legit gunsmith or I'm the living proof a man with a dremel should never attempt to build anything.
  5. Aiden

    1911 Slide Fitment Sheet

    Note to self... "before fitting slide and frame" ... Handy chart for sure, thanks!
  6. I'm a huge fan of the BOSS hanger for SS or Production. Pricey but the holster just feels so solid and keeps that holster exactly where you put it. I only dabbled in SS, (and I suck), so my opinion is worth very little when it comes to orientation of pouches and whatnot. But 100% recommend grabbing the hanger if it's available.
  7. Aiden

    Forward grip screw, the teeny one.

    I was thinking about doing this just the other day. Almost got the red loctite out on impulse. May as well be one piece since I've gotta punch out the barrel anyway.
  8. Aiden

    1911 Grips

    The DSPerman grips are my favorite since they'll replicate the front strap of the 2011. Along with just about every other dimension. I recently got ahold of the Hogue thick G10 grips. I did a little reshaping of the panel and it felt pretty good, and I liked how squared it made the sides and back feel. They're also very affordable. But they don't wrap around the front strap and it still feels narrower in front than the 2011 grip or the DSP grips as a result.
  9. Aiden

    Forward grip screw, the teeny one.

    My only issue was when I ran the DAA Racer, if the screws weren't tightened down a little bit they would drag on the sides of the holster. I run blue loctite, and go very carefully... Much cheaper to buy new screws than the little sleeve, so I can slot it to get it back out if needed.
  10. Aiden

    Switching from 1911 need advice

    I like the messing around with the triggers trying out different combinations and trigger feels. And I've liked most of the triggers I've settled on. I eventually found that I shot a rolling break better than trying to replicate the 1911 wall. But when shooting heavier triggers I like a nice distinct wall. I've spent far more than I would've if I just went Johnny Glock in the first place. If you know what you want... Sounds like he's the guy to go with.
  11. The CK frame I have was listed as widebody but measuring in at standard ish 0.8 something. Don't know how I keep forgetting about JEM, I should check them out. Thanks all!
  12. Hi all, My Google fu is weak and you guys would probably know. I'm looking for a 2011 frame for a build that's the same width as the slides (0.920"ish). Any options short of ordering the full STI build kit or cutting down a long dust cover? Preferably not anything I'll need to take a hacksaw to... But I'm considering it... Maybe the new Cheely frames? As far as I know anything available through my friendly neighborhood online store is standard frame (0.83?) or the full build kit. Thanks!
  13. My preferred sight setups are 0.70 to 0.75 front sights with 0.125 to 0.130 rear, deep notch. I run 0.70 with 0.125 on my 6" gun, pictured first in the attachments. They give a similar sight picture to the Sevigny with 0.150 rear notch, pictured second in the attachments, but not as tall. Third and fourth are .70 front with 0.125 rear on a 5" after I opened it up a little for a quasi U notch. Of course these are Bomar so your sight picture will vary a little.
  14. Aiden

    2011 heavy magwell

    I still haven't decided if I like the V1 more than the V2. Currently have it on a factory grip with no undercuts done. Kind of feels right with my small/medium hands. But V2 is still my vote as far as the "one to get" until I figure out some magic geometry that edges out V1.
  15. Aiden

    Glock 34 light strikes

    I ran a 4.5lb striker spring for a long time when I shot Freedom and factory 9mm, in both my G17 and G34s. I still had the occasional light strike with the factory striker. Once I went to a lightened/extended striker I had zero issues after that. 4.5lb was my "always reliable" striker weight and I never went under it.