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  1. The best part about a short block kit is that the slide cuts may already be done. It keeps you from being an insomniac moron with a bunch of hand files and a "can do" attitude... Ask me how I know. But as others have said, even though the heavy lifting is done already with a kit, you still have "relatively minor" fitting and work to be done in order to get your gun running reliably. Don't buy secondhand parts. I'm confident enough in my ability to make things work but I still have about 6 different sets of everything because NOTHING WORKS WHY DID I BUY THIS WHAT MORON FIT THIS SAFETY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! If you're looking at a budget way to try out 2011s... just buy a used Edge, custom, or semicustom that pops up on the Classifieds. Some great deals out there for under 2k.
  2. I just open up my rear notch to fit my preference. 0.070 front, 0.125 rear. My go to setup for 6 inch and 5 inch guns. I think I installed a 0.130 rear at one point.
  3. New mag springs and everything is resolved nicely. Thanks for the help everyone!
  4. I have not. I will do that now. The magazine catch is for right hand.
  5. Hi everyone, I've been having a recurring issue with two of my magazines not dropping free at the local matches. Looks like rounds are walking forward. I'm running 40S&W so OAL is a little different. So far I've checked the following: Feed lip dimensions are well within spec for all the mags Rounds are loaded to factory OAL. RNFP 40S&W SNS coated bullet. Center rib is polished and a nice bevel has been made. What should I be checking next? Magazine spring? Any magazine catch things I should look for?
  6. I tried a brush on my rotary tool once. Once I destroyed it trying to speed it up, I went back to a squirt of CLP and a stiff bristle brush.
  7. I love the Manny dot and similar setups. On my 6 inch guns I run 0.070 front sight with 0.125 rear sight notch. Tons of light and love the picture. The Manny dot can easily get the larger fiber dot running it through all 4 holes like Drew said.
  8. Could send the slide to Bruce and have him do the front lightening cuts? I'm sure he can tell you how many oz can be removed that way.
  9. I'm playing around with 40S&W minor at the moment because of the opposite problem you have (lack of a press set up for 9mm). It is very pleasant to shoot in my 2011s. In my mind, you'd need to swap to loading 40, which means you're likely spending 200 dollars at least on dies, pins, and maybe a case gauge. So that also starts to get close to what you'd spend on a 9mm top end and just keep loading 9mm.
  10. Thanks everyone for the input!
  11. Aiden

    P320 X5 Trigger Return

    I just picked up a Legion X5. Return definitely feels less authoritative than most factory striker guns I've owned.
  12. Hrmm. I've never had a cracked case make it past case gauge. Wish I had found the brass. I buy processed range brass, no idea how they clean it. Occasionally I'll find weird stuff in them. I've never had issues with the process when loading major, but changed to Federal primers and loading short for minor the last 1,000 rounds or so. Wondering if it's dumb luck, or if I'm dumb.
  13. How much unburnt powder might be considered normal? Would an undercharge leave a lot of it unburnt?
  14. Hi all, Yesterday I had my first questionable round during a club practice night. Shooting the stage, hammer falls, gun goes bang but it sounds extremely quiet to me. I stopped immediately. RO did not hear anything different but most of the peanut gallery agreed it sounded like a squib. Slide was fully forward. Dropped the mag, racked the slide, and inspected the chamber. Nothing in there but some unburnt powder. RO inserted a zip tie and it cleared the barrel. Shot the stage again with the same batch of ammo with no issues. I cannot recall if it chambered the next round; I dropped the mag and racked the slide on autopilot. I was shooting a Tanfoglio Stock 2 in 40S&W with a Titan hammer and a PD 15.5lb hammer spring. I'm running Federal SPP with 165gr SNS over 4.1gr N320, loaded to 1.125. Cases are lubed with Hornady one shot, dry for 5-10 minutes, then I start loading on a Dillon 550. I visually confirm powder drop for each case, and case gauge every round in a Hundo. Should I blame powder contamination, bad batch of primers, bad primer pockets, or what?
  15. I'm right handed and weak right eye dominant. I will readily switch to my left eye if I can't pick something up with the right, which caused a lot of issues for me when starting out. I can't keep my left eye closed once the buzzer goes off, so I had to come up with a different plan. I regularly put a paster on my shooting glasses when I'm on deck, just enough to block my left eye from seeing the front sight under recoil. I can still keep both eyes open for transitions. Then I take the paster off and stick it on my earmuffs when I'm not shooting.
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