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  1. zero 147 gr JHP oal 1.130 all day long without an issue mine runs like a champ!
  2. Bayou bullets. Just gotta deal with a bit of smoke and a dirty comp
  3. 38 super comp is best cost is way more than 9mm though lost brass hurts more too if your looking for the absolute best reliability super comp all day!!
  4. if shooting major loads especially out of an open gun you gotta check your accuracy with plated bullets the coating can melt of quickly when velocities are fast causing bad accuracy minor loads might be ok ya gotta check!
  5. speed

    Best Powder

    imr 7625 (not made anymore) or auto comp
  6. speed

    P320 X5

    bayou bullett keep in mind a coated bullet usually smokes a bit more than jacketed and some smoke more than others also they also might dirty up a compensator if you have one faster than jacketed just my experience! on flip side coated bullets usually fly faster than jacketed ..less friction so this means you might just be able to use a bit less powder to get same velocity as jacketed i stay with jacketed ..zero bullets all the way!!
  7. gotta make sure the ammo is not too long so its not into the lands n grooves. if your ejecting rounds and pulling the bullet out of the case ammo is likely too long its getting stuck in the lands n grooves . shorten it up a little at a time until your good drop a round in chamber if it comes out with gravity you should be ok but again you gotta def test fire to be 100%
  8. speed


    talon grip tape works nicely!
  9. Gonna try 1.140 soon results to follow
  10. mpx 16' 1.100 - w/ 135 gr bayou you def gotta do your testing with a specific bullet
  11. speed


    i have already so far i'm liking the mpx lancer hand guard makes it even lighter its a pleasure to shoot
  12. speed


    i just saw this one. looks good !
  13. speed


    any suggestions for a extended mag release for a sig MPX?
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