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  1. Take a look at the Agency Arms AOS system if you want a universal low footprint optic system. I’ve never had a MOS, always had my slides milled, 5 RMRs and a DPP. But the AOS or even the Unity ATOM system look like better universal systems than the MOS in my opinion.
  2. Helios

    Favorite Trigger

    Another vote for Johnny Glock. My only caveat is that I’m limited to Federal primers even using the 4.5# striker spring, but I have Feds on hand so no big deal.
  3. Agency Arms does it but not sure if they’ll do it as a stand alone option.
  4. I bought one of 34 Dragonfly slides Midway was blowing out a little while back. I got the RMR variant for carry optics. I don’t have much time on it to have a strong opinion but my observations are that it is indeed very light, I want to say with the RMR amounted it’s still almost 3oz lighter than stock? I could be mistaken, just off the top of my head. The striker channel liner was a little loose, I replaced it straight away. I built it out with OEM components and didn’t find any compatibility issues. It may feel a little snappier than my OEM slides but I haven’t messed with recoil spring weights to try and tune. So far I would buy again.
  5. I have a Johnny Glock trigger in my CO match gun and it is absolutely awesome. I get light strikes with CCI, Win, and Rem primers when using the 4.5# striker spring. Feds are 100% though. I also have guns with the OEM “-“, Zev v4, and Lone Wolf 3.5# connectors and I like them all but none compare to the Johnny Glock. I’ve tried the Zev Pro and TTI connectors and didn’t care for them. In all the guns I use a reduced plunger spring and do the $0.25 trigger job.
  6. The barrel doesn’t allow for anything longer than 1.10” with this bullet.
  7. I need to load Blue Bullets 147gr RN to 1.10” to plunk and spin in an Apex SDI barrel for M&P. I currently use N320 for my 9mm loads and haven’t worked up the load yet but based on my Glock load for for the same bullet and powder I anticipate I’ll be at 3.3 - 3.5gr to make PF. This is well under the max charge for any 147gr listed on VV’s website but 1.10” seems way shorter than the 1.142” they’ve listed. Am I looking for trouble with that much bullet in the case? Do I need to consider another powder like Titegroup with an even lighter charge? Or do I need a new projectile all together?
  8. Helios

    Glock MOS sights

    Not a .150” but the Proctor Y notch rear sight is I believe .170” at the top of the Y. It is MOS compatible.
  9. Anyone running a Zev slide with KKM barrel and can comment on the fit? I’m building out a new Zev 34 gen 4 slide and need a barrel; I dropped in an OEM 34 barrel from one of my other guns and the fit/lock up is definitely tighter in the Zev slide. I’m wondering if the tighter slide and match barrel will be too tight/incompatible? A related question for anyone with a KKM barrel - how short is the chamber? I’m running a Blue Bullets 147gr RN at 1.14” which shoots very well from my stock barrels. Likely to chamber in a KKM chamber? I did a search but couldn’t find any recent discussion. TIA
  10. My Wolff 4.5# striker springs across multiple guns had light strikes with CCI, Remington, and Winchester primers. CCIs in my reloads, Rem and Win in factory ammo. The only thing my 4.5# springs will set off reliably are Feds.
  11. I use the Pearce plug and file/sand it to a nice ramp profile at the rear, just break the hard edge. It makes for a nice little magwell effect.
  12. I used T1 135gr SNS coated before I started loading my own ammo. It’s not cheap but I had nothing but great experiences with it. https://t1ammo.com/product-category/competition-ammunition/
  13. TBB 147RN (149gr) 3.2gr VV N320 Federal once fired brass CCI SPP 1.148” OAL Glock 34 gen 4 factory barrel
  14. Ok I think I should be ok with my 131 PF load then. My average velocity was 879fps with SD = 7 so unless I’m misunderstanding I’ve got a good margin of safety. ETA: bullets are TBB 147gr which average 149.2gr.
  15. Curious what PF you aim to make for USPSA minor. Apologies if this has been answered but I wasn’t able to find a lot. I did some chrono testing with my CED Pro Digital chrono and found the following based on 10 shot groups from my match gun: PF 131.2 ES 21 SD 7 PF 134.5 ES 34 SD 11 PF 138.6 ES 16 SD 4 138 seems way too high so the debate is 131 vs 134. My loads were using VV N320 which is allegedly pretty temperature stable. In general, what PF are you comfortable with?
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