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  1. I only have 2 of the ETS mags and neither have malfunctioned but they seem slightly oversized compared to my OEM and Pmags and are much more likely to get hung up/not drop free. YMMV.
  2. Never heard of them. But here’s my anecdote. My cousin used a local shop to have his slide milled for an optic a while back. The optic cut was ~ok, the optic fit in the pocket and all that. But fit and finish was nowhere near the level of my Primary Machine jobs. They also removed the striker channel liner, I guess before Cerakote, and forgot to reinstall it before reassembling the slide and delivering it back to him. It was a M&P slide for which parts are not nearly as readily available as Glocks to it was just an annoying headache to sort out. My point is I would stick with reputable outfits (I specially recommend Primary Machine based on my experiences) for this kind of work. If your slide gets boogered up in a way that isn’t fixable by simply replacing parts it could end up being an extremely expensive job.
  3. The SRO looks like it will combine the best of the RMR and DPP.
  4. By “oversized Jager” I assume you mean the heavy .270” diameter version which is only compatibly with Wolff springs. In my experience a 12# Wolff spring is lighter than a 11# ISMI spring, so that may be part of the equation as well. When I was using that guide rod I couldn’t find a Wolff 13# spring (only 12 or 14) so I used the 12# and didn’t have any issues in my gen 4 gun. Just thought I’d point out that the Wolff and ISMI springs don’t seem to be exactly the same.
  5. I’ve been shooting USPSA for 2 full years. Originally classified as a B March of last year, moved to A in January this year, currently at 77%. I’ve been shooting one match a month since mid 2017 but bounced around divisions for a while hence not getting classified for a year. I’ve been able to train with live ammo maybe a half dozen times outside of matches; I dryfire on average 30-60mins 5x/week.
  6. This. The only disadvantage to the Pmags for CO is they’re very light so sometimes they may not drop as quickly as I’d like. Other disadvantage is that the 17 round pmags only have one witness hole at 17 rounds so that’s annoying for production shooters. All of my pmags in the various variety have been 100% reliable.
  7. I use a Hundo (Shockbottle) and find that the vast majority of my rejects still plunk in and out of my Glock barrels no problem. However, I have found in my experience that sorting brass by headstamp eliminates virtually all rejects. YMMV
  8. I should have been clear in my previous post that my guns are gen 4, not 5. Interesting that the gen 5s have so many dynamics that are different than previous generations. It seems like they’ve perhaps tried to tighten the guns up a bit. I have a couple Zev slides which are tighter than factory slides and do better with a slightly heavier spring (13# ISMI instead of the 12# Wolff).
  9. Started in CO with a 17 before I started loading my own ammo and was buying some “competition” ammo that was rated for certain PF from a 5” gun and I was afraid it wouldn’t make PF with the 4.5” 17. Instead of loading my own ammo I bought a 34 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and sold the 17 slide. Then I bought a couple more 34s, now I load my own ammo so the PF consideration is no more and I just bought another 17 slide to play with. Of course part of my rationale for the 34 was also looking at the big name Glock shooters and of course they’re shooting 34s even in CO so I assumed there was something to it. Ive been shooting a dot pretty much exclusively for long enough now that any discussion of sight radius is moot to me. There are differences in the feel, particularly in transitions and when coming out of the holster depending on how your holster is cut.
  10. I’ve been using the Jager stainless steel guide rods for my Glocks and have been happy. As stated above 13# is very common for spring weight. I’ve also used a Wolff 12# on the Jager heavy .270” guide rod and may actually prefer it to the 13# ISMI. I know I’m somewhat unique in this, but in my experience a 4.5# striker spring is only 100% with Federal primers. **I’m using the 4.5# Wolff spring with a Johnny Glocks trigger kit** Most report success with the 4.5# spring and other primers but not here. Big “personal preference” disclaimer here: As far as mags, in my mind 1 TTI is all that’s necessary, then as many pmags as you see fit. I load my reload mag with TTI basepad to 22 for ease of seating (they’re reloadable with 23 but you have to be SUPER deliberate to ensure seating). You can buy ~3 complete 21 round pmags for the price of 1 extension.
  11. Helios

    Schuemann Hybrid Barrel

    Following - this is quite interesting, though can someone explain the benefit of the island on a gun with an optic?
  12. I’ve not seen any 43s milled for anything but the Shield sight.
  13. Interesting. I might try that.
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