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  1. Does the 150gr Syntech plunk and spin or has it just not malfunctioned yet?
  2. I have an Apex in my gen 4 34 and it behaves just like any other trigger with something stuck in the breach face.
  3. I think the main difference is going to be accommodation of the ambi slide stop on the gen 5. So a gen 5 holster is probably good to go with a gen 4 but maybe not the other way around.
  4. Helios


    I may be the only one, but I think trimming the tabs off seems to save the “lips” if you will on the bottom of the magazine. The basepads are still locked in place until you depress the little nub, but once you press it that the basepads feel to me to go on and off easier and straighter.
  5. Helios


    This. My understanding is that Glock .40 mags with TTI pads are particularly sensitive to grime.
  6. Why would your target OAL be longer than the OAL at which you plunk?
  7. Agree with the reduced safety plunger spring but would recommend the Wolff over Zev.
  8. I’ve never used it in a gen 5 but I really like the Ghost Edge Evo Elite connector in my gen 4s. Even better with a 4.5# striker spring.
  9. I also emailed DNROI about this with a picture of an Agency frame and asked “Does this constitute a thumb ledge for the purposes of 21.4 in the carry optics appendix D7 prohibition of frame modifications to create a thumb ledge?“ and received a simple “No, it doesn’t” in response. Good enough, printed the email and put it in my range bag ahead of a level 2 in anticipation of any questioning by a RO.
  10. The Tango Down/Vickers Tactical mag release is nice. It sticks out a little farther but mostly it’s a different shape that is just a little easier to reach.
  11. Helios

    Light strikes

    I’m not totally sure, It’s still a bit of a guess on my part. I never used reduced striker springs in this gun before having the slide coated and it’s possible the liner was damaged in a way other than baking. A friend had a gun coated by a reputable applicator (who I won’t name) that removed the channel liner, ostensibly for cerakoting and never replaced it. The slide was delivered back to its owner reassembled sans channel liner. Spoiler alert: the gun doesn’t function without the liner.
  12. Blue Bullets 135gr TC (.355) with 3.6gr N320 loaded to 1.148” made 136.4PF from P10F over the weekend at the Illinois section match (velocity 991, 986, 992fps, pulled bullet weighed 136.1gr).
  13. Helios

    Light strikes

    Update: shot a level 2 over the weekend and while cleaning before the match I found that the striker wasn’t moving totally freely when depressing the striker safety plunger. I replaced the striker channel liner and now the striker moves freely. I haven’t been able to test CCIs again but I’d be willing to bet this was the issue. The striker may have been dragging enough to rob just enough energy from the striker to prevent ignition of CCIs but not Feds. The slide was cerakoted previously and I’ve heard the baking of the cerakote can cause issues with the striker channel liner if not removed and replaced. Live and learn.
  14. I use the 135gr TC from Blue Bullets loaded out to 1.14” in my Apex barrel’d M&P. The TC profile seems pretty forgiving with short throats.
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