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  1. Did you get an answer on their trigger bars?
  2. Helios

    Glock 34 holster

    My RHT wouldn’t allow the square nose my Zev 34 slide to seat in the holster completely. My Bladetech doesn’t haven’t have problem with it. Just something to consider if you have an aftermarket slide.
  3. Helios

    Glock +6 pads

    In my experience that 23rd round is very tight, so you could get to 22 and think you’re full but if you really compress the rounds in the mag you can squeeze the last one in. I also go with 23 for my first mag but stay with 22 for reloads.
  4. Helios

    Light strikes

    Hello all - I’m trying to work the process of elimination to figure out exactly where my light strikes are coming from but I’m having a hard time getting to the range right now so I thought I’d ask for some wild speculation here in the meantime. I have a gen 4 Glock 34 with a Johnny Glock trigger in it that is giving me light strikes. I’m using a Johnny Glock worked OEM striker with a 4.5# striker spring and it will only set off Federal primers reliably. I didn’t (don’t) really mind that except curiosity has me wondering which part of the equation is giving light strikes. This set up gives a light strike in every 20 or so rounds with all of my reloads with CCI primers as well as all factory ammo that isn’t Federal, but is 100% with my reloads using Fed primers so I’m confident is not a primer seating issue. I’ve also ensured the striker channel is clean. This set up with a OEM striker spring is 100% with all primers I’ve used. My other 34 with a just a “-“ connector and 4.5# striker spring on a OEM striker that I’ve polished but not stoned is 100% with all Fed and CCI primers. I’ve read of plenty of other people using a 4.5# spring without having to be overly picky about primers. SO - when I make it to the range I will test to figure out what works, but in theory is it more likely that the light strikes are coming from the reduction in pretravel, the stoned striker face, or a combo of both? Or something else? I love the trigger feel and this isn’t a dig at JG, I’m just curious about what’s going on.
  5. Have you seen “Tailored Reloading Press Covers” on Facebook? I have no affiliation with them but they look nice.
  6. With respect to which optic, I’ve never felt confident enough in anything but the RMR/DPP (now trying SRO) to try anything else. As as far as whether or not an optic is worth it, that’s up to the individual of course. In self defensive situations or applications I’m skeptical of tracking the front sight in recoil. And finally for gaming, I’m only A class and have only shot 1 maybe 2 M class classifiers so I guess I’m just not there yet. I’ve heard others make the same point you’re making, and so maybe I’m just so used to an optic now that I can’t wrap my head around irons being better. For self defense or gaming, I’d recommend trying it , if you don’t like it you won’t lose much money when you sell it. As always, YMMV.
  7. I’m not sure I understand the hate here. Would you make the same argument for rifle optics? Full disclosure: I am a full time CO shooter and carry a RMR’d gun. If I want/need to point shoot there’s nothing about an optic that slows me down compared to an iron sighted gun, but if I need to make a well placed shot I’m certainly better at that with an optic.
  8. The current iteration of the Frank Proctor sights are also MOS compatible (don’t hang off the back of the slide and allow you to remove the MOS plate).
  9. I would think Vickers plug would interfere with the pin on the TTIs.
  10. 127 > 125 so he’s not cheating PF. As to the original question, my 19 gen 4 with a 13# recoil spring and factory striker spring doesn’t reliably lock up, needing either a 15# recoil spring and/or lighter striker spring. ISMI guide rod and 13#/15# springs, Wolff 4.5# striker spring, Zev gen 3 to gen 4 adapter for the guide rod are all good to go IME. If the slide has been milled for the optic it’s likely the same weight or maybe even lighter with the optic than it was from the factory because the optic pocket often removes more than the weight of the optic. I’m not sure if that holds true with MOS guns though.
  11. I only have 2 of the ETS mags and neither have malfunctioned but they seem slightly oversized compared to my OEM and Pmags and are much more likely to get hung up/not drop free. YMMV.
  12. Never heard of them. But here’s my anecdote. My cousin used a local shop to have his slide milled for an optic a while back. The optic cut was ~ok, the optic fit in the pocket and all that. But fit and finish was nowhere near the level of my Primary Machine jobs. They also removed the striker channel liner, I guess before Cerakote, and forgot to reinstall it before reassembling the slide and delivering it back to him. It was a M&P slide for which parts are not nearly as readily available as Glocks to it was just an annoying headache to sort out. My point is I would stick with reputable outfits (I specially recommend Primary Machine based on my experiences) for this kind of work. If your slide gets boogered up in a way that isn’t fixable by simply replacing parts it could end up being an extremely expensive job.
  13. The SRO looks like it will combine the best of the RMR and DPP.
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