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  1. Helios

    Is there an obviously “better” grip plug?

    I use the Pearce plug and file/sand it to a nice ramp profile at the rear, just break the hard edge. It makes for a nice little magwell effect.
  2. Helios

    Factory load power factor

    I used T1 135gr SNS coated before I started loading my own ammo. It’s not cheap but I had nothing but great experiences with it. https://t1ammo.com/product-category/competition-ammunition/
  3. Helios

    What PF do you aim to make?

    TBB 147RN (149gr) 3.2gr VV N320 Federal once fired brass CCI SPP 1.148” OAL Glock 34 gen 4 factory barrel
  4. Helios

    What PF do you aim to make?

    Ok I think I should be ok with my 131 PF load then. My average velocity was 879fps with SD = 7 so unless I’m misunderstanding I’ve got a good margin of safety. ETA: bullets are TBB 147gr which average 149.2gr.
  5. Curious what PF you aim to make for USPSA minor. Apologies if this has been answered but I wasn’t able to find a lot. I did some chrono testing with my CED Pro Digital chrono and found the following based on 10 shot groups from my match gun: PF 131.2 ES 21 SD 7 PF 134.5 ES 34 SD 11 PF 138.6 ES 16 SD 4 138 seems way too high so the debate is 131 vs 134. My loads were using VV N320 which is allegedly pretty temperature stable. In general, what PF are you comfortable with?
  6. Helios

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    Get a MOS to try if you’re not sure about carry optics in general or your optic in particular. If/when you settle on an optic I think you’ll want to mill. I tried CO on a M&P CORE, got hooked, switched to Glock and now I have 4 slides milled for RMRs. 2 by Jagerwerks and 2 by Primary Machine. I love my Jagerwerks slides but I think I’d recommend Primary Machine for the custom fit pocket.
  7. Helios

    Keep and use or buy new?

    Thanks for the info guys. The SDB doesn’t look to be too bad even with the recommended base and primer tubes and whatnot. I’m thinking that’ll be the route I go. Thanks again.
  8. Helios

    Keep and use or buy new?

    Thanks for the replies. I’m interested only in a single stage press. My loading needs are a couple club matches per month and I’m shooting CO/production, so perhaps 500-600 rounds of 9mm/month. I could see getting into some .40/.45 in the future, but I don’t anticipate needing to be able to crank out any real volume.
  9. I recently became interested in reloading and while preparing to buy my own RCBS Rock Chucker Master Supreme Kit a friend gave me an old Lee Challenger from the early 80s. It looks to be intact but will require a means of priming, powder measure, scale, and a couple odds and ends. Compared to buying a new kit (plus add ons) I’m not sure I’m really coming out too far ahead using the “freebie” and I gather the Challenger isn’t all that well built. So my question is should I accumulate the odds and ends to use the Lee or start fresh with the RCBS? TIA