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  1. I agree with ditching the extra power trigger spring first, I’ve never had any luck with those. Odds are that will fix your safety reset issue.
  2. I’ve loaded lots of coated 147s from Blue Bullets and SNS over 3.2g of N320. They’ve always made 134-135PF out of my Glock 34s. I’ve never actually measured my best groups but at that PF the accuracy has been completely satisfactory. YMMV.
  3. I've been on N320 for the past couple years but just ordered some AA #2 to try. As others have said Cleanshot is supposedly old AA #2.
  4. I have an older Zev slide and the screws are #4-40 x 1/4”. I’m not positive the current ones are using the same screws, but I’d be willing to bet they are.
  5. The screws are #4-40 and I have ordered some from Fastenal in the past. They weren’t something that my local store had in stock but I was able to order and pick up in store next day. They’re hex head instead of torx but that was all I could find. I didn’t have any issues mounting a RMR or SRO on my Zev slide but wanted slightly longer screws for more thread engagement. I would go the route of sourcing new screws before modifying the bosses personally.
  6. I use Liquid Grip for the gym but prefer Pro Grip for shooting. I don’t feel like I need it so much on the hand/gun interface (my guns are all stippled) but the strong hand/support hand interface I really appreciate the extra friction. I see some build up on the frame but nothing like what can be see on Ben’s or Tyler Turner’s gun. To each his own. I apply a small drop maybe 2-3 times during an average match, not every stage unless it’s REALLY humid. If I go too heavy on the progrip I feel like it hinders nailing a perfect grip every time and the ability to shift the gun in my hand for reloads
  7. As was said above the springs work against each other so a factory striker spring and lighter recoil spring aren’t quite balanced. Going to a 4.5# striker spring will likely help the slide go into battery easier and also have the benefit of improving your trigger pull.
  8. I agree the fix is dryfire. Like anything else you're looking to ingrain the more efficient way/positioning into your subconscious.
  9. I'm also confused by S&W's delay in producing a 2.0 CORE. I think the CORE system is pretty decent as the optics still thread directly to the slide instead of threading into the plate like the MOS. I loved my 1.0 CORE once I Apex'd it
  10. Does the 150gr Syntech plunk and spin or has it just not malfunctioned yet?
  11. I have an Apex in my gen 4 34 and it behaves just like any other trigger with something stuck in the breach face.
  12. I think the main difference is going to be accommodation of the ambi slide stop on the gen 5. So a gen 5 holster is probably good to go with a gen 4 but maybe not the other way around.
  13. Helios


    I may be the only one, but I think trimming the tabs off seems to save the “lips” if you will on the bottom of the magazine. The basepads are still locked in place until you depress the little nub, but once you press it that the basepads feel to me to go on and off easier and straighter.
  14. Helios


    This. My understanding is that Glock .40 mags with TTI pads are particularly sensitive to grime.
  15. Why would your target OAL be longer than the OAL at which you plunk?
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