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  1. Electronic ear muffs that let you hear normal sounds but block loud noises. I wear them anyway on the off chance of catastrophic primer detonation.
  2. My Johnny Glock with a 4.5# striker gives me a 3# pull.
  3. Got a Johnny Glock on my 34/5 and it's great.
  4. My TT extensions came with extra power springs.
  5. You don't have to send him your gun. You can order a drop in trigger that is amazing. You can send him your gun and he will squeeze out the last .5% from it.
  6. No doubt the CoC grips are great, but they're spendy. A buddy who arm wrestles turned me on to the Iron Woody grips. https://ironwoodyfitness.com/product/the-woody-gripper/ Adjusts from 45-345# and costs 25.00 He suggested doing 15 squeeze reps, then to squeeze, hold, and bring your wrist in 90° and hold for 15 seconds,doing three sets. I've been doing it for a couple months and noticed considerable increase in grip strength.
  7. Put a Johnny Glock competition trigger in mine.
  8. quietmike

    Mods for g34 gen5

    I put a Johnny Glock competition trigger, jager guide rod and 13# spring in mine, and a Vortex Venom on it.
  9. Try pushing an acohol wipe through it with the follower rod. It will clean out any priming coumpound residue and will also hang up on any burrs that might have developed.
  10. Another possible difference is bearing surface of the bullets.
  11. He just replied on Facebook that his tooling for the case feeder stop was having problems and he had to retool. He stopped taking orders temporarily so he wouldn't cause customers to wait too long.
  12. I have heard he was retooling and upgrading some machinery. Hoping he's just taking a temporary break to get things sorted out.
  13. I was looking for snowshooze's new case feed stop and it says no longer available. All of his products appear to be no longer available and his ebay store is gone. Hoping this is just a glitch, or a problem with my browser.
  14. Crimping a coated bullet will scrape off the coating, leaving bare lead. This can cause accuracy problems and barrel leading. Pulling a bullet after loading to see if the coating is being damaged is time well spent.
  15. quietmike

    Johnny Glocks

    Averages 3# after 10 pulls on my lyman gauge.
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