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  1. Sometimes it really is that simple - you ask a question, and an RM or MD looks up the rule, and just like that the problem goes away. Most of us show up to work matches wanting to do right by the competitors. Really not even most of us, but virtually all of us....
  2. Small Claims Court? Might be a PITA, might work...... Other than that - make future matches invitationals, as in you need an invitation to be allowed to register. Or decline to accept credit cards for registration. Cash or check only?
  3. Bigger than it is currently, no? It seemed like people spent years trying to get close to or beat Sevigny in Production....
  4. A hunk of plywood underneath the popper base, with stake holes drilled through it, can often prevent that kind of shifting....
  5. That may be true now, but if you look at the Production Division results from 2003 or so, the second place finisher came in where? Around 92% of the winner's score, IIRC. Dave Sevigny won that year with a Glock....
  6. My theory on this was always that the barrier couldn't be so tall that the shortest competitor in the match couldn't see/shoot the targets while being as close to the wall as it was possible to go in the free fire zone. Taller shooter would have the advantage here, because they could theoretically stay farther away, and still engage the targets. If a competitor can't see the targets, then either the stage needs to be modified, a safe platform needs to be provided, or the stage needs to be tossed. If the stage is modified after competitors have shot it, other rules come into play, regarding required reshoots....
  7. John would have been able to charm his way out of that......
  8. Nope - actually it isn't - that's the whole point of your question, right? There's a rule that says targets are impenetrable. One of the rounds impacting the scoring target passed through the penalty target, and can't score - due to the impenetrability rule. Essentially there's an extra hit on the scoring target that shouldn't be there. It's not obvious which one is the scoring hit, so I'd order a reshoot. [Waits patiently for an RM or RMI to point out that I've gone wrong somewhere....... ]
  9. I have - at least twice. The two I remember were losing my front sight in the middle of a stage, and then cracking a Glock 34 slide - that would have been a match ender without a backup gun..... When I was serious about competing in Production, I had a pair of identically set-up Glock 34s. Later when I replaced one, they were still identically set-up, but one was on a 3 pin frame, while the older one was on a 2 pin frame....
  10. Gary, I agree - and probably didn't communicate my thoughts as clearly as I should have...... 1. In general - good idea to stick to the range commands - and to repeat "If finished, unload and SHOW CLEAR." Emphasizing the last couple of words will usually get the message across. If that doesn't do it, either try it a third time, or add a couple of words - Please show clear, I didn't verify the chamber and magwell are empty - something like that. 2. Try to avoid using the "stop" command - range lawyers are out there, and sometimes will try to get the reshoot. The reshoot shouldn't happen - but there's a risk, if the Stop is found to be unwarranted. 3. 10.6.1 - is a stretch, if the only words the RO uttered are are the official range commands. Everyone - competitors and ROs should try to adhere to the rulebook as closely as possible. Any better? Happy New Year to you too, Gary!
  11. Good luck with that - my response would be that I wasn't finished with the course of fire. Since the phrase starts with "If finished,....." it;'s a conditional command - so I don't think you can invoke 10.6.1..... Note: If you instead say "Stop! Unload and Show Clear" the competitor must comply, but also has grounds for a reshoot, if the competitor wasn't done. Is it possible that this competitor was angling for that?
  12. The only way I could see that being called a miss, based on description, would be if the bullet first caused a full diameter hit on hardcover or no-shoot, before striking the target. As to the stage question - ~ 15 years ago my squad, and possibly one or two others ran out of daylight on a Saturday afternoon at a Major match - pretty sure it was the Mid-Atlantic Sectional. We were given the option of returning the next morning to finish the match. I didn't make it back the next day - electrical gremlins caused the engine in my 1990 Chevy Caprice ex-cop car to stop running. Oh, that had to make it 2002, because I bought the Tahoe a couple of months later. Others on my squad, managed to finish the match, while I took a towtruck home.... Anyway - if the match is still in progress and scheduled to continue the next day, then asking competitors to return the next day is legit. Ideally this eventuality is recognized early enough, that you can prioritize getting non-locals with travel concerns through the match first. But really that situation shouldn't occur....
  13. Grumpy, friend of mine, who's smarter than me, and has been a mechanic for most of his adult life, endorses the Acura MDX. AAMOF, after a loaded dump truck rear-ended his wife's MDX, they replaced it with another one. They're both solid. My guess is the LX570 is out, since it's Parttime 4WD? What about the GX? It's fulltime 4WD.....
  14. The matches that handled this best, had you start on the longer stage, and the second stage was usually an eight round speed shoot from a box. That speed shoot could be as simple as four paper, or as complicated as four pieces of steel with dual movers.....
  15. That reminds me of the 2003 Factory Gun Nationals, where a lot of people were asking WTF is Matt Mink? He was a B class shooter at the time, and finished the match in 3rd, IIRC behind Sevigny, posting a Master Level score. I believe that got him the promotion to M - but it was 15 years ago, so maybe I'm foggy on a detail or two....
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