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  1. Is the Eagle 9 still for sale? If so how much for just the gun w the 2 mags shipped to dallas tx ?? my thanks

    1. Muldune21


      Sorry it is sold


  2. Hey 59nolimit,

    I am going to hold out on trades as of now, looking for money for my next firearm purchase.  Thanks for your interest.


  3. Depends what you are use to. Do you normally drink energy drinks? I would keep the same routine as usual. I wake up and exercise early and then drink a energy drink on the way in to work. I find that doing that before matches keeps everything the same and nothing new. If you are not use to energy drinks i would avoid them before a match.
  4. I love it, just like turning left at a light when you are having a conversation and not even thinking about turning left. I have experienced it on some occasions at the range and i have felt it, to do it all the time is the challenge. It is the perfect "in the zone" shooting, totally letting your mind do it. It reminds me of a wingshooter telling me, your eyes are way smarter than your brain will ever be.
  5. Learn how to get a good sight picture and shoot bullseyes and then work on speed. Develop good sight picture, front sight focus on far targets and on close targets point and shoot as fast as you can.
  6. I have shot both in limited, i have to say and hate to say that i do prefer polymer. Steel look great and felt great, but when it came down to shooting the polymer, i shot better. I think it is personal preference really, do what you are comfortable with, 50/50 will like steel and the other will prefer polymer.
  7. Nothing to feel bad about, we need more people like you to step and be a dad. That is respectable in my book any day.
  8. A lot of good info here, I try to shake the jitters by shaking my arms out before starting beep, and deep breaths.
  9. I get them every match, learned the hard way energy drink doesn't help.
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