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  1. Try using a different sizing die, i’m sure the shaving is cause by u-die.
  2. just watch it on youtube, theres lot of videos how to setup u die..
  3. Great brass but definitely you will pay the price for it.
  4. I like the full length Tri-Top cut, because i like the way how fast the slide cycles..
  5. with that three selections, without a doubt Atlas Gunworks.
  6. Call Dillion to send you a thicker spacer bar, it should solve the powder leakage problem on the powder bar.
  7. Thank You Everybody..
  8. Can anybody know who manufactures this 9mm brass?
  9. I use EGW U-Die and Lee Seating and Crimp dies on my RL 550C..
  10. Replace the cutter pin, i used whatever i could find, so i used paper clip..
  11. I have a m&p open gun and i run 7.8 grn silhouette 124 PD JHP and 1.16 OAL..
  12. USPSA should allowed Magwell in CO, then purchase the sjc brass magwell, thats going to add few more ounces..
  13. I agree, Silhouette is slower burning than HS6..
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