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  1. Hiroshi

    Atlas or Akai

    Shay Akai makes way better open guns..
  2. Hiroshi


    Has anybody here ever tried a DPM Recoil Reduction System, need to know if this product really reduces the recoil (muzzle flip).
  3. Hiroshi

    STI Open Steel

    I know the new 2018 model STI Open Steel gun has a 4.15 inch TX1 Compensated Barrel, but my question is, does anybody know if the sti steel open gun has a 5 inch recoil system?
  4. Hiroshi

    Slide Racker

    Does anybody here know if the 2011 open gun slider racker would fit in the m&p dovetail? because i dont care for the sjc slide racker.
  5. Hiroshi

    Shock buff or ney

    I Like WC Buffs..
  6. Hiroshi

    Autocomp powder

    What is TG?
  7. Hiroshi

    Best Powder

    Sorry for the noob question but what is AA7?
  8. Hiroshi

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    How was N350?, That's my next powder I want to try it out.
  9. Hiroshi

    Best Powder

    I want run major power factor on my open gun but I don't know what powder to use, I'm thinking going with these two powders. Your input much appreciated. 1. Vihtavuori N350 2. Winchester AutoComp
  10. Hiroshi

    Red Dot Optics

    I'm planning to replace my C-More Slideride on my open gun, but I can't decide which red dot to get between these two, Leupold Deltapoint Pro or C-More RTS2.
  11. Hiroshi

    Budget or Fancy?

    PT Evo Stainless Steel Grip.
  12. Hiroshi

    40sw open comp

    Bedell Comp.
  13. Hiroshi

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    Ramshot True Blue is a very clean powder and performs really good..
  14. Hiroshi


    I have a m&p open gun but I don't like the SJC slide racker that came with the Pistol, do you guys know where can I purchase the 2011 style zig racker, shown on the picture.
  15. Hiroshi

    First open gun

    Depends on your budget, I would go custom open gun. Check out Atlas Gunworks and Akai Custom Guns..