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  1. I Use 4.3 Gr. of VV N350 w/9mm 147 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Flat Point, 134 PF..
  2. did you reamer the comp?
  3. Try using a different sizing die, i’m sure the shaving is cause by u-die.
  4. just watch it on youtube, theres lot of videos how to setup u die..
  5. Great brass but definitely you will pay the price for it.
  6. I like the full length Tri-Top cut, because i like the way how fast the slide cycles..
  7. with that three selections, without a doubt Atlas Gunworks.
  8. Call Dillion to send you a thicker spacer bar, it should solve the powder leakage problem on the powder bar.
  9. Thank You Everybody..
  10. Can anybody know who manufactures this 9mm brass?
  11. I use EGW U-Die and Lee Seating and Crimp dies on my RL 550C..
  12. Replace the cutter pin, i used whatever i could find, so i used paper clip..
  13. I have a m&p open gun and i run 7.8 grn silhouette 124 PD JHP and 1.16 OAL..
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