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  1. Just wondering if anyone has modified or attempted to modify GL9 21 rounders to squeeze in 22 reloadable? I’m playing around with one right now to see if I can do it. If someone has already done it I’m open to suggestions.
  2. What material are the rollers made of? Brass? Polymer?
  3. Just my opinion, but why would you ever wanna take off and on a laser or offset red dot during a match? Probably not gonna be zeroed when you put it back on. As for the bipod and light, I wouldn’t consider those significant modifications to the gun. They are accessories just like mags. You can use mags of all different sizes and with or without extensions based on what you feel is most suitable for the course of fire. Seems like lights and bipods should be the same.
  4. Could it be a burr/sharp edge on the extractor? It’s a 1911 style extractor, right? If you have some small files you can try to radius the bottom inside corner of the extractor. That may help. If it’s too sharp, sometimes this will prevent rounds from feeding properly because they can’t slide up behind it. Like TRUBL said, 1911-101. JMO.
  5. I have the tried both the Taccom plastic buffer and the SCS in the same rifle with LMOS BCG and adjustable gas. I won’t be spending the money on the SCS in the future. TACCOM buffer is just as good or better for way cheaper. My 2 cents.
  6. So did anybody get one of these yet? Impressions? Feedback? Looking at it for a new toy, thanks for any input.
  7. I have built both a 8.5" and a 16" AR40 PCC. Never shot either one over a chrono because I shoot factory ammo. If I can, I'll try and make it out to the range this week and get some chrono readings for both uppers. I'll post them here.
  8. Nitro, I would pull out your firing pin and spring and check that neither of them are broken.
  9. I have this same deformation on all my glock mags that are used in my PCC. Like others have said, I just press it back straight and keep shooting. Haven't seen it cause any significant issues.
  10. What happens on the range, stays on the range......
  11. I've tried the CMC in my JR Carbine. It was a no-go, so don't waste time or money on that one. Right now I'm using the factory trigger with some yellow JP springs installed. No issues for a couple thousand rounds probably. I did have to put in some anti-walk trigger pins within the first thousand rounds that I owned the rifle because the factory ones loosened up and kept walking out.
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