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  1. I'm thinking about putting a second optic on my rifle using an offset mount. I have read that some of them do not align with the barrel. Is that true? Would that be much of a problem when trying to sight the optic in? Which one do you recommend? Thanks.
  2. jualdeaux

    Ruger PCC - any add-ons needed?

    What is that with the tag? A new Taccom upgrade?
  3. jualdeaux

    Footwear options for 2018

    I'm getting back into shooting after quite a layoff and I'm in the market for some new shoes. I was looking at the Boombah Hellcats. I had Salomon 3s and I had to go up 1-1.5 sizes due to their not being wide enough. Will I have to go up that far in size if I get the Hellcats? Thanks.
  4. jualdeaux

    TACCOM 2-Stage Buffer Setups?

    I wish they had released this a couple days ago. I just ordered a regular cushion.
  5. jualdeaux

    TACCOM 2-Stage Buffer Setups?

    Ok. I have read most of the thread and i still have a question. I have an original CK PCC, which I believe came with the original 2 stage Taccom system. Can I just get the $15 Cushion and throw it on to get the 3rd stage? if not, what else do I need to do? Thanks!
  6. jualdeaux

    Lucas Oil PCC Championship

    Just think of the learning opportunities though!
  7. jualdeaux

    Defensive ammo?

    This might be an unusual question, but does anyone here use their PCC as a home defence gun as well as a game gun? If so, what ammo would you recommend? BTW, I have a CK Arms PCC and it states not to use +p ammo in it.
  8. jualdeaux

    TTI +10 magazine extensions for Glock mags

    I got mine a few days ago and the new 33 round Glock mag got here yesterday and I am having the same problem as everyone else it seems. I just tried to bevel the follower to try to get it to drop down into the extension and that did work either. I get 35 and it just stops. Not sure what I'm going to next. EDIT: Before I finished this post I got a reply back from TTI. They gave me the suggestion Patrick Scott gave. Smack it in your palm or on the floor. Hmm. EDIT 2: Huh, That seemed to work. After cycling past that round 35 a few times, it seemed to figure out how it is supposed to work properly. Go figure.
  9. jualdeaux

    TTI +10 magazine extensions for Glock mags

    You got a link to that?
  10. jualdeaux

    TTI +10 magazine extensions for Glock mags

    I got mine yesterday and have the same problem.
  11. jualdeaux

    My MPX build.

    I don't have an MPX but I just installed a 50/90 safety on my AR9 with a Hiperfire and it sounds very similar to this. It is very tight and kind of gritty. I haven't had a chance to fire it yet, but it seems to be working properly otherwise.
  12. jualdeaux

    What springs do you use for +10 extensions

    Thanks. I think they have been adding more information since they originally put it on the website. I don't remember seeing that there earlier.
  13. I ordered a TTI +10 extension for Glock mags and I'm assuming I am going to have to get a new spring when I put it on a Glock 33 round magazine. What springs are you all using on +10 extensions? I did get some Wolff extra power springs when I put the +5/6 TTI extensions on a couple of magazines. Would those springs work in the +10s too?