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  1. To clarify a bit I was thinking about using it on a 45 offset mount as the second optic. Other than that, thanks for all the replies!
  2. Hey all. Does anyone run a Holosun 507c? If so, what are your impressions? Good? Bad? Also, what mount do you have it on? Thanks in advance!
  3. Volquartsen has released a full trigger assembly for the Ruger PCC. I was wondering if anyone has one or tried one yet? https://volquartsen.com/inventory_configurations/1735
  4. Just make sure they are exactly the same and just remember to only bring one out at a time. LOL
  5. I would say, if you can afford it, a backup gun would be a lot quicker and easier. If the primary stops running you could grab the backup instead of trying to figure out what’s wrong and hoping you have the right replacement part.
  6. I have the SS package with the spring. I haven't installed it yet though. Is the new version the same thing as the old but without the wave spring?
  7. What castle nut and end plate are these? Thanks.
  8. Hey all. I recently purchased a PSA GX-9 lower. Does anyone know if the Odin Works NFA extended mag release works with this? If not, is there one that does? Thanks!
  9. i’ve never heard of that place. Is it a reliable online store?
  10. To be honest, I haven't used the laser enough to find out. I'm still on the original battery.
  11. I'm thinking about putting a second optic on my rifle using an offset mount. I have read that some of them do not align with the barrel. Is that true? Would that be much of a problem when trying to sight the optic in? Which one do you recommend? Thanks.
  12. What is that with the tag? A new Taccom upgrade?
  13. I'm getting back into shooting after quite a layoff and I'm in the market for some new shoes. I was looking at the Boombah Hellcats. I had Salomon 3s and I had to go up 1-1.5 sizes due to their not being wide enough. Will I have to go up that far in size if I get the Hellcats? Thanks.
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