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  1. Terry44

    Advice for a newbie

    What's the case volume like with Sport Pistol? For those that have used it, is it closer to VV320/ WSF or low like Titegroup?
  2. Terry44

    Routine Maintenance M&P 2.0

    I just carry a back up M&P. They are not that much and if my regular M&P went down, I would not want to take the time during a match to start knocking out pins to replace a trigger spring or something. I'd rather fix it at home when I can take my time and not cause any more damage or loose some tiny part in the gravel or hotel room carpet. As far as routine maintenance, I replaced all the springs and the striker at about 10K rounds. No, problems before or since. Probably do it again at 20K since the amount of crud around the sear housing after 10K was a little disturbing.
  3. Terry44

    M2.0 5" vs. 5" Pro

    Same here..
  4. Terry44

    Empty or loaded mags during dryfire?

    I use a weighted blue training magazine. Feel and weight are the same and no need to worry about dummy rounds. https://www.amazon.com/Rings-Blue-Training-Weighted-Magazine/dp/B007RJSYPA I also have an unweighted one to represent a empty mag. This also allows me to use a chamber block so I know it is unloaded and there is no way to chamber a round. Dummy or loaded.
  5. Has anyone seen a round count for this match? Just wondering how much ammo to bring.
  6. Terry44

    Invictus Caddies on QLS?

    I'd like to get some feedback on this if you get it together. Seems like the right idea.
  7. Terry44

    should I replace my M&P with a M&P 2.0 ?

    Are you saying 2 more years before we can get a black 5" 2.0?
  8. Terry44

    Beretta 1301 Comp

    Redesigned how?
  9. Terry44

    Which 13.5 inch barrel?

    Which handguard did you use with the JP 2 piece block and did you have to remove any material to make it fit? We are talking about the JPGS-9D correct?
  10. Terry44

    Armalite 13.5

    The metal in the center of those pucks is really soft. Any home depot drill bit and a cordless drill will work. Stick a piece of wooden dowel in the comp as a stop for the drill bit. I ordered extra pucks too but did not need them. I keep them in my range bag in case one ever falls out at a match, but that has not been an issue so far. Probably 1500 rounds in.
  11. Terry44

    Which 13.5 inch barrel?

    If you are using an adjustable gas block, does it matter if it is a mid or carbine length gas system?
  12. Terry44

    JP 2 piece gas block for 14.5 pin and weld

    That's reassuring. Thanks.
  13. Terry44

    JP 2 piece gas block for 14.5 pin and weld

    Pretty much decided or the Armalite break. I'm running one now and like it, so unless someone here says to stay away from this JP 2 piece gas block, I'll probably go with it again and the Armalite 13.5 barrel. My second choice is the Faxon 14.5 with the slim break.
  14. Single or progressive? Progressive definitely. Don't believe all the old Internet gab about starting with a single stage and moving to a progressive. Reading a couple reloading manuals and paying close attention is critical, but starting on a single stage is a waste of time and a decision you will regret. And any favorite 147s? Xtreme plated 147s will be easy to learn on. I started with a square deal B and 4 years later I wish I had a 650.
  15. Anyone have any experience with the JPGS-9D adjustable gas block? Or any other 2 piece gas block. I'm looking to build a 14.5 pin and weld and I'm look for options for a removable gas block. https://www.jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPGS-9D