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  1. You will load 9 in the tube at the preload table. Then at the load and make ready command, chamber the 9th round so you start with 8 plus 1 if that makes sense. A 10 round tube will be fine. ALS holster was good choice. The nub mod is a worthwhile add on for it.
  2. You have a link to this flip tray? I did not see it on their site.
  3. This is what I was thinking but I don't have the experience to know if that was correct or if I was missing something. The reason I ask is everything I read talks about indexing based on OAL is best. But all of the higher end trimmers I see on the market now index off the shoulder, the WFT, the Henderson Precision, the Giraud, the new Lyman that is coming out. So, it has me wondering, is the general line of thinking on this is changing.
  4. For trimming 223 brass, is there any advantage or disadvantage to trimming brass with a trimmer that indexes off the neck like the Frankford Arsenal case prep over a lathe style like the Hornady cam lock trimmer that trims based on overall all length? I'm new to reloading for the rifle and I'm looking at the Frankford Arsenal for case prep. But it is a little different than most in that it indexes off the neck. Is that something that I need to stay away from?
  5. I was hoping it would come out of this years Shot show. But it does not look like that happened.
  6. One word of advise here. If you go searching for pro grip, liquid grip or what ever on Amazon, use an private browser window. Otherwise you will end up with ads for pole dancing gear on your Facebook.
  7. What's the case volume like with Sport Pistol? For those that have used it, is it closer to VV320/ WSF or low like Titegroup?
  8. I just carry a back up M&P. They are not that much and if my regular M&P went down, I would not want to take the time during a match to start knocking out pins to replace a trigger spring or something. I'd rather fix it at home when I can take my time and not cause any more damage or loose some tiny part in the gravel or hotel room carpet. As far as routine maintenance, I replaced all the springs and the striker at about 10K rounds. No, problems before or since. Probably do it again at 20K since the amount of crud around the sear housing after 10K was a little disturbing.
  9. I use a weighted blue training magazine. Feel and weight are the same and no need to worry about dummy rounds. https://www.amazon.com/Rings-Blue-Training-Weighted-Magazine/dp/B007RJSYPA I also have an unweighted one to represent a empty mag. This also allows me to use a chamber block so I know it is unloaded and there is no way to chamber a round. Dummy or loaded.
  10. Has anyone seen a round count for this match? Just wondering how much ammo to bring.
  11. I'd like to get some feedback on this if you get it together. Seems like the right idea.
  12. Are you saying 2 more years before we can get a black 5" 2.0?
  13. Which handguard did you use with the JP 2 piece block and did you have to remove any material to make it fit? We are talking about the JPGS-9D correct?
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