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  1. A new shooter who has invested in a Shadow 2 is most likely coming back. I would let him use my scale so he could determine his own fate.
  2. Before someone I know gets into trouble..... Key words "in component string or stage". It's a single string. Firing 7, then 9 is NOT an Extra Shot penalty. 16 shots are specified. The shooter fired 16. It would take a 17th shot to qualify for that penalty.
  3. I did not get into this to get pettifu...d er, pettifogged. I'm tied up in something else and will not go into the endless rabbit hole of multiple variations of brain damage. You big boys have fun.
  4. Now you're making my head hurt!
  5. I hate to admit it, but I agree. Of course, this is my personal opinion and has no official standing. Sometimes, it can be just as important to find a rule which avoids applying a penalty. George
  6. OK Bret, how would you score it? Rationale for any answer.
  7. Mike, You are correct. It is a common error. Anyone who has taken the RO class with me has heard this phrase: "Shots are shots. Hits are hits." Shots are procedural penalties applied after "Range Is Clear" and the time has been announced and recorded. Then, you go score targets and apply the scoring penalties (Mikes, FTSA and Extra Hits). It's a take the horse to water thing.
  8. Anything which expands on the global knowledge base is always a good idea. Unfortunately, a rule change/addition is not a quick process and we always have to beware of unintended consequences. I will pass it on for consideration. Meanwhile, I will suggest a NROI Blog topic to help spread the word. You are subscribed, right? For those who may not know, you can reach the blog, use the link available on your profile page.
  9. You do not apply multiple penalties for the same action/violation, UNLESS specific rules apply. In this case, the penalty for failing to perform a mandatory reload is specific: 10.2.4 - One per shot fired until the reload is done or the end of the stage. No limit. Rule 10.2.2 is a general rule which concerns stage procedures. To use it to apply an additional penalty when 10.2.4 is specific would be DJ. This is how it has been taught for many years. Unfortunately, bad local habits are hard to break.
  10. Based on your description: REF It should not have activated without the door being open.
  11. ZZT, The procedures you mention for USPSA are logical and are used at many clubs. The only variation I have seen is at clubs that do not have adequate side berms for uncasing the long guns. In those places, they restrict the handling to the safety area (uncasing/casing only) or at the start position. For SCSA, many clubs expect CF handguns to arrive at the box already holstered to save time. The uncasing/casing of CF handguns can be a significant time waster when the match is full and daylight is limited.
  12. That's a tough call. (IMO) It would depend on how it's being carried. If vertical, a case can be made that it complies with 5.1.3 If not vertical, then (even though flagged) then it would most likely be UGH (no different than having drawn a handgun prior to command) and/or sweeping someone if that applies. Those long guns do provide a number of different opportunities for DQs. Tread lightly.
  13. Consider a case to be the same as a holster. You do not draw (have functional access to the trigger) until you get the command. Same with a case. You cannot have access to the trigger either. Do not unzip until "Make Ready". Then, "Range is Clear" cannot be declared until the firearm is cased AND the zipper is closed. The other thing to keep in mind is the potential for sweeping during uncasing and casing. If you sweep yourself AND you are in contact with the gun, it's a DQ. If you are not in contact with the gun, it's not a DQ. I never completely unzip a case to avoid the potential for sweeping my other hand or arm.
  14. Hi Kyle, I don't have immediate access to the question bank but if you PM me with details I'll follow up.
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