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  1. George Jones

    Council after the COF

    You misunderstand. The subject was about talking to a shooter about how close he/she came to a violation when the call was not made by the RO. You do not ignore violations at any match level. The difference with local matches is that you commonly have new shooters who need guidance. The RO has the option of Warnings (Muzzle or Finger - see Rules 8.6.1 and 8.6.2) that can be used during the course of fire. Once the COF is finished and no violation has occurred, the RO should talk to new shooters to assure they know how close they came. Those warnings and discussion have no place at higher level matches where new shooters are usually not found. Either the violation occurred and was called or it didn't.
  2. George Jones

    Council after the COF

    I agree completely.
  3. George Jones

    Perforation Scoring

    "Break" is incorrect. "Touch" is correct. Importantly, it's not the "grease ring" that needs to touch, it's the overlay which is the correct diameter. The "grease ring" is not due to cardboard stretching/shrinking when hit.
  4. Great post by our favorite deviate. I would add one item to the pre-match approach. The toughest challenge is on staff shoot day where the problems/weaknesses first get identified. The issues can be minimized/avoided by having the entire stage staff shoot together and be on the squad which shoots their stage first. That gives them ownership right away and makes it more likely that any problems will be identified on the first go round, not later in the day when it adds additional problems (reshoots, etc).. For example: 10 stages and 5 squads (adjust as necessary) - The staffs for Stage 1 and 2 shoot on the same squad and start on Stage 1. The staffs for Stage 3 and 4 shoot together and start on Stage 3. Etc, etc. I have used this approach for years and found this to be effective. The only complaint you might get is that working staff may not be able to shoot with their friends. Might make for better focus, however. Just my .02
  5. On the other hand..... Politely and calmly asking for the rule which supports the (alleged) incorrect call is not being a dick. The less than knowledgeable RO will never learn otherwise and continue making the same error. Part of being a certified RO is to pass on the knowledge.
  6. All of this falls under the responsibilities of the individual acting as the Range Master - at all levels. That, IMO, is where the solutions begin.
  7. George Jones

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    It's called a "timer", not a "shot counter". Last shot is the most important. Best effort should be made to get all shots in case of a violation/malfunction/squib situation. Split times may be useful in subtracting an invalid recording of an ejected brass (poor RO technique involved here) because it is still a time value. Basic split time values (based on my personal experience): FAST double tap - between 0.10 to 0.12 Gun that doubles - 0.05 to 0.07 Echo - 0.01 to 0.02 depending on conditions Shot count is irrelevant.
  8. George Jones

    Can NROI amend a rule?

    There is a process. Rulings are reviewed by the BOD. They may void it or approve it. If they take no action after five days (IIRC) it is automatically approved. The 2019 version of the rulebook will be evergreen, meaning that any future rulings or interpretations will be included in the on-line (downloadable) rulebook.
  9. George Jones

    Miss or equipment failure

    Maybe..... From the draft 2019 rulebook: 9.1.7 Target sticks are neither Hard Cover nor Soft Cover. Shots which have passed wholly or partially through target sticks and or barrier supports, and which hit a paper or metal target will count for score or penalty, as the case may be.
  10. George Jones

    angled shots

    This person may be a dinosaur. ? Many (18-20?) years ago there was a rule that a hole twice the diameter of the overlay caliber would not count. Those overlays had a secondary concentric partial arc indicating twice the diameter at each caliber. I believe (although I'm not certain) that it was mostly intended for turning targets. That rule was changed many years ago when it was decided that an angled shot was no less accurate/effective than a straight on shot.
  11. George Jones

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    If this was indeed a Section match, it could not be run under Level I rules (see App A1). Even Level I rules do not allow for such a restriction. Was there an assigned Range Master whose job it is to run the match in accordance with the rules?
  12. George Jones

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    It's called a timer, not a shot counter. The only one that matters is the last one. However, we don't know when the last shot might happen, so it's important to try to get them all. Experienced ROs adjust the timer position to account for those situations which might result in a missed shot.
  13. George Jones

    Pregame squib

    It's not against the rules. The potential for a safety violation during that entertaining process possibly increases a bit. I do have to wonder if all that pre-planning energy might not be better directed elsewhere.
  14. George Jones

    Pregame squib

    No per 5.7.4 and 5.7.6
  15. George Jones

    Re-Holstering during a Stage.

    If it has a hammer and it is cocked, you MUST have the safety ON, otherwise: DQ! If it's hammer down, no safety is required. Decocking is certainly acceptable if the gun is capable.