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  1. I have two full sets now for my M&P's, make a big difference not having to deal with that big rounded unnecessary lip protruding from the front of the base pad! For a couple bucks more Scott will engrave mag #'s and name and come in multi colors.... Basically they rock!
  2. Speed shooters specialties http://www.speedshooterspecialties.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=103_91_185&products_id=1071
  3. Just got back from range a bit ago... Stock mag... No problems SVI Mags... No problems STI Mag... Locked back with 1 round in mag Repeated each mag 3 times with 4 rounds in mag. Stock and SVI Mags... No problems STI Mag locked back with one round in mag all 3 times On STI mag prob a combo of follower and slide lock. Definitely the slide lock has room to be filed down on inside but I won't do it as I had planned on running SVI's anyway. Accuracy was acceptable, need to order a taller front sight from Dawson, which I was going to do anyway. The one that comes with looks to be a .125 a
  4. Oh two things I forgot to mention. On the trigger... I am going to have to fit the grip safety leg as the bow is obviously longer than the stock the leg of the grip safety is not dropping down behind it... easy fix. The Magwell... Not sure what the set screw in the bottom of the magwell is for as the magwell, once I got it back on, VERY TIGHT FIT, and the mainspring housing pin back in, was not going anywhere. Doug
  5. Here's what I can tell you thus far from my vast experience on this subject.... I picked up my 51947 yesterday so I have just about 24hrs. experience with this gun and it's my first RIA. From reading the other thread the OP is talking about I leaned a few things and tried a few things with spare parts I had laying around. First I disassembled the gun completely and wiped it down, these things have more oil in them than my Tundra... A SVI interchangeable trigger slipped right in, there was both vertical and horizontal play in it but this trigger has been used in a couple of other STI's so
  6. Uh I would think so, I run 147gr Bear Creeks at.... And they seat like this... Just a few spares I have floating around that were replaced with KKM's. Have you checked everything else, crimp, resize etc.... Anyway, good luck and if you need a replacement 5" pro barrel, well I know a guy;) Doug
  7. "looks great. Might have to try." I did, came out great!! To the OP, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.... Inside... Outside.. Doug
  8. 9L should work in the pro 5". I like the thumb drive for good level II retention and a simple set screw, screwed in with the thumb drive pressed in to make it a no retention holster. Just my opinion. Doug
  9. +2 on bullseye... Go get yourself an 8lb jug of it... They only sell them off the backs of unicorns at this time[emoji16][emoji22]
  10. I just got the new magnetic one about two weeks ago. Had to do a little filing as the trigger guard was tight. I think it may have had to do with my grip being painted. Love the lock and how secure it feels in holster. I like the release of the gun better during the draw on my Limcat but, I may just need to sand a little more material off on the DAA. ttolliver, good tip on the set screws, I wondered about the one and only set screw holding the holster body to the bar.
  11. If it's the one/type I remember, the set screw in front could damage checkering, just FYI
  12. 147gr. Bear Creaks with 3.0gr Bullseye at 1.160 out of my KKM 5" M&P pro knocks over full size poppers at 50yds all day long, you know, after they get there finally. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  13. Lol, Dan I found my carver comp in the bottom of my range bag last night, we could have screwed it on and tried it yesterday when you shot mine... DOH!!
  14. Sorry Ken, my sarcasm was not very clear;). The QP'ing is awesome!! Gun snaps right back down, tracks great, very quick recovery etc... Would highly recommend, just not to anyone I have to compete against is what I was saying;)
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