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  1. Reshoots on classifiers is limited to one, and you are correct that it does not count for match standing. If you go to uspsa.org in the NROI tab and click on "Practiscore Training" you'll see that the most recent video shows how to do record the reshoot correctly -
  2. I believe your thinking of rule 10.5.19: "...The berm/backstop is not required while removing/returning a properly flagged PCC from/to a vehicle providing all other safety rules are followed." I shoot at a range in New Hampshire that has a range rule prohibiting this. Since this activity happening in the general parking lot either before or after the match, I believe this is outside the scope of USPSA rules and is not a violation of those rules.
  3. The Augusta and Hampden Maine clubs have done a couple. Ranges are 90 minutes apart. On Saturday, half the squads shot in Augusta, the other half in Hampden and for Sunday, switched. Post match report is a brief summary of the match and a financial report. The financial isn't complicated, just an overview of income and expenses - mine has never been more than about a dozen lines. As for liability, no different than any other match.
  4. Schutzenmeister’s citation is the one I would use, too.
  5. You need to factor in the fact that winning a stage works like the electoral college - the shooter who wins the stage gets all the available points for that stage, and everyone else gets a fraction of those points based on where they place in relation with the stage winner. When you move from division winner (which is really what matters) to overall, Practiscore is recalculating who won the stage and then redistributes the fractional points.
  6. Sarge - I’ve never seen anything on this is USPSA - could you be thinking of Steel Challenge where there is a small amount of tolerance variation?
  7. Correct - there is no longer a default start position, so that must be spelled out in the WSB.
  8. I had an RMI relate the story of his running the timer with J.J. shooting. Due to the lighting and his angle, he saw the first bullet hit the A zone and watched the second fly to the target and enter the first hole exactly - a perfect double which he called as two alphas.
  9. That was my first reaction, too, but after talking with other RMs, the penalties would be applied.
  10. As the rule is now written, it would be scored as two mikes and a failure to shoot at.
  11. I'd cite rule 1.1.2 1.1.2 Quality – The value of a USPSA match is determined by the quality of the challenge presented in the course design. Courses of fire must be designed primarily to test a competitor’s USPSA shooting skills, not their physical abilities.
  12. Currently, USPSA has certified Federal "Action Pistol" for this program https://www.federalpremium.com/search?query=action . I expect more manufactures will be added to the program. You'll purchase the ammo yourself, directly from the vendor of your choice and bring it to the match. At the match, probably during the registration process, you'll sign a declaration form and provide an eight round sample (this is in addition to the 8 rounds that will be collected for chrono).
  13. At Maine Practical Shooters, the stages are mostly designed by the match director - with the occasional submission from a shooter.
  14. I’d cite Appendix C1.6.c “must not be touched or interferes with”. Up to the pint the hit mark has been painted, it hasn’t been interferes with. After that, it has.
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