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  1. johnbu

    That Blue Tanfo...

    If you were closer.... that would be a deal!
  2. johnbu

    Stock 2 for Production

    Your way works too. I'm a gear twiddler from way back. My goal when setting up one of these is overwelming reliability. polishing is like adding 1# of hammer force. Titan hammer or unica is the same. I run the strongest PD hammer spring and actually intentionally "ruined" the bolo by adding some SA pre-travel. My gun runs 6# da 2# sa. I did experiment with the factory spring a bit too. only raised DA up to 7#
  3. johnbu

    Stock 2 for Production

    Spring reaches coil stack before the firing pin can go forward far enough to wedge in the firing pin hole in the breech face. Mis-matching extreme light return spring with medium (or heavy) hammer spring can allow that to occur. I've got a VERY heavy hammer spring in a Match and a PD return. no problem.
  4. johnbu

    Stock 2 for Production

    Ipsc production tuning needs unica and extreme parts. i would get; Unica heavy trigger extreme "medium" hammer spring ("light" if you go federal primers) PD trigger return spring (even though not "legal", it won't allow the FP to stick forward... ever) Extreme sear + firing pin block 8# recoil spring I would also "debur" the trigger bar lifter strut and hole, hammer spring hole and firing pin hole with blue magic. But wouldn't polish any exterior surfaces.
  5. johnbu

    New IFG “LimPro” update

    Will the model "Defiant" be uspsa production legal?
  6. johnbu

    Red Dot Slide Milling

    Yes. I use the plastic CZ guiderod or the cone fit depending on which grips are on it. Henning grips with the plastic guiderod and Taylor Freelance extension is 44.6oz. With the PD grips and cone fit the weight is about the same. The balance is slightly different empty, but feels the same when loaded.
  7. johnbu

    New IFG “LimPro” update

    looks small from the grip screw hole location. translation: Straight barrel, normal rifling, use any bullet you want. Some guns (glock?) with polyangle rifling say to not use lead or coated. I've shot lots (30k?) coated out of stock2 with polyangle rifling. Tanfo doesn't try to limit ammo choices.
  8. johnbu

    Why Unica Hammer

    Harder primer strike with lower trigger pull force. My buddy @Apolo installed unica heavy hammer, bolo combo and with factory hammer spring had 2.0# SA in his gold team. with Patriot Defense 14# spring he was 1 1/4#.
  9. johnbu

    Johnbu's range diary

    Long time no write. (my bad) Ups and downs have occurred. Tendonitis in the left elbow continues to limit training time to 20-30 min at max. The youth team I coach took every weekend until early June. They did great at the state match, 3 squads earned 1st place and 3 squads finished 2nd place. Shooting steel challenge. Made A class in CO. Pretty happy about that. Still need to see more while shooting as there are a few make up shots on targets I hit the first time. USPSA had 2 matches so far. First one sort of sucked. 2nd one I shot better and finished 7th overall. Had a stage win on the classifier... only to have it thrown out for being set up incorrectly. LOL, just my luck. Primary areas for improvement are still stage execution and reaching that "calm mind" state while running the stage. Too easy to get overly excited and mess up. Work on time thru all the stages has been paying dividends. 2nd match I was 2nd fastest time, only 4 seconds behind our local 19 year old GM. Considering I'm 3x his age... pretty good showing. Now to keep the speed and increase the number of A's .
  10. johnbu

    Unica Heavy hammer Pair with Bolo

    Tanfo needs to go to full hard sear and hammer not just surface hardened.
  11. johnbu

    Unica Heavy hammer Pair with Bolo

    You may need to trim a coil off. Tanfo seems like they shortened the spring pocket in the frame. Or the UNICA changes the angle so much the strut binds. you could try reducing the diameter and polish the strut up.
  12. Replace the extractor spring with a wolff xtra power spring. DON'T trim it! Inspect the extraxtor for damage. If you hand insert a round and drop the slide over it, that will damage the extractor. (In my experience) Put a spent round on the breech face held by the extractor. you should be able to bang it around and it not come off. If it's not firmly held, you can fit the extractor. There is a flat pad that controls the depth it grabs. SLOWLY remove metal from it to increase the depth.
  13. johnbu

    Treadmill Stage

    So we set up the club's "free" treadmill and several of us shot. sadly, the machine wasn't able to maintain the low speed with our larger shooters. Rats. need to scrub the idea for now.
  14. johnbu

    Help! Premature slide lock

    Take off the slide and inspect with 2 in the mag. see what the slide lock lever does as you push the one round out.
  15. johnbu

    Treadmill Stage

    Gamers! You make it difficult to have a fun stage