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  1. Actually, minor pf, with polished rails in the frame and slide, you can go down lower. 6 or 7 # may yield a flatter recoil arc. Film a bill drill of the gun from the side with a background that shows the relative gun motion with each spring.
  2. @MemphisMechanic is correct. There are some minor differences, but the tension screws on the holster should accommodate them. Heck, i have to adjust screws on different year large frame stock 2s!
  3. Few here use anything but a single spring. sorry.
  4. The competition guns (square trigger guard) have the good pin and keeper pin. The round trigger guard guns have the PITA pound in roll pin. As MemphisMechanic stated, the conversion is possible, but will require specific machining skills. You can buy the two pins from EAA and visit a good full service gunsmith to get it done.I doubt it will be cheap.
  5. You need the disconnector and it's pin.
  6. Watch the videos from memphismechanic on YouTube. Remove the sear pack and hammer. Take pictures of them and the trigger.
  7. EAA has (or had?) a serial number lookup.
  8. What you are showing is what everyone had told you. At 22 or 23, the follower gets below the interface. Smooth the interface and the follower won't tip.
  9. Depending on what they did, it could be as simple as adding the dissconnector. Or full replacement of hammer, trigger, dissconnector.
  10. I run taylor freelance and get 23 rounds reliably. Initially,similar result... but slight chamfering the extension interface fixed it.
  11. I saw a while ago a person on EBAY selling a 3D printed copy of the wood grips and they were cheap. You could get a set and mold, file/grind to your preference sizrite and shape then coat with carbide grit. Most grips will be thinner than the wood factory grips and if you want thick, that may be your best path.
  12. Given the gun seems ok and most fails are in SA, the failure "signature" seems to be ammo related. i would measure the primer depth on every round of a box of ammo. My guess is that some will be high to flush. Tanfo's like them 0.005 to 0.008" below flush. Mark all cases high, flush or near flush. Then fire them ALL in DA, that will show the highest possibility of failure.
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