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  1. Update. I ordered a case of the 125 new profile (i pay full price with the discount code). Ordered this morning, ship notification today. Fast service. The owner said he's busy as ...well, real busy! But working long hours to keep up. Also...Just saw this update online.. SHOOTERS PSA! 2020 DG Bullets 9MM Master list. Current stock and 1k prices! Discount Codes Changing! "ap10" for 10% off Use before it expires! NEW BULLETS AVAILABLE NOT ON WEBSITE YET!!!! Indicated by ***! Call Shop or Email for off website orders and special pr
  2. Just found out this profile is not yet on the web, but you can call...
  3. I think they are just .3560. That's what my guns prefer, so i never looked or asked for any other diameter.
  4. I'm swtiching to a new bullet supplier and did the usual tests and measures to see how they stack up. I thought it might be helpful for newer reloaders to see what is involved in figuring out if a new bullet is promising or not. Not an expert, but this is how I go about it. I measured the weight of 12 randomly pulled bullets. 125.5 125.5 124.8 125.1 125.8 124.5 125.3 125.1 126.2 125.2 124.8 124.8 Average weight was 125.2 gr Same bullets , measured the diameter; Eleven were 0.3560, one was 0.
  5. Bogies. Any less would start to get slippery when sweaty
  6. This is a Steel Challenge rule question, which are different than the normal USPSA rules. I hope this is the correct place for this question. Specifically Steel Challenge rule 5.3.3 states "5.3.3 “Stand by” This command should be followed by the start signal within 1 to 4 seconds. It is recommended that the start signal be consistent for each string started for a given competitor—a cadence is desirable in Steel Challenge. The interval may change between competitors, however." In the SC endorsement it was stated that a predictable cadence was the goa
  7. I had some "issues" with posting. Only got this one to go. Its the thick version. I also have a thin set to play with. I will say, if you miss your grip on a draw, you ain't gonna just slide the gun around with these bad boys in place. These are "cost savers", because you won't ever need to buy pro-grip again! And obviously, these are "in the raw" and not anodized. The ones he will sell will be anodized.
  8. Joe from PD sent prototypes out to me for a final look. WOW. These sucker's turned the grippy knob up to eleven. The thin version INSIDE A ZIPLOCK BAG had more traction than almost any other Tanfo grip I've experienced. Here's a sneak peek comparing the PD to LOK bogies pattern. I'm going to do an evaluation over the next few days and will post up about it. Impressions, shooting, fit to the gun and weight.
  9. Joe can get slides from eaa. Downside is cost. Eaa is very proud of them. And they arent often in stock.
  10. I have a 2014-ish vintage 40sw match. It has lots of rounds thru it. No issues.
  11. The syntech 150 is a great soft shooting load...but it has a "fat shouldered ogive" profile. Joe reams to SAAMI spec, but (in my experience) the syntech 150 is still too fat. Always plunk test. And when in doubt, use as pointy a round as possible.
  12. Great input guys. While, finding out an idea is "straight up stupid" (and i do admit that) is no fun, I'd rather look stupid for an idea, than for a bad stage. So thanks! Will put that into the bin where it belongs.
  13. Ok, I'm designing a stage where the RO stands next to a barrel with the competitor's unloaded gun. The competitor is 25-30 yards away in a start box with a flag. The idea is, since it's too far for audible signals, the RO will raise an arm to "ask" if the competitor is ready. The competitor will raise the flag to say "yes, I'm ready", the RO will then wait and drop the arm and start the timer. The competitor will run to the barrel, load the gun and commence shooting. Question.... is that allowable? And acceptable in the rules? 3.2.1 seems to say yes, but ... more opi
  14. Lets see... Lighter than factory...fails factory ... passes PD heavier than factory.... hmmm? I have 25,000 on a PD firing pin with no failures. the gun sets off everything tried with the 15.5 hammer spring and pd return spring. just my experience.
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