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  1. johnbu

    Hollow firing pin?

    I went from a G2 (maybe?) and bought these hollow light ones when they first came out. guess i was off a gen! i have 4 of them, in a box.
  2. johnbu

    IFG Lim Pro came in today

    The Titan is better and will give a crisper SA and a little more "thump" in DA. The newest factory is decent. I think the Unica Hammer and sear are better than Titan, but have seen reports of the sear being "soft" and wearing out after a season. I tried the Unica and went back to the Titan. Just my preference.
  3. johnbu

    Hollow firing pin?

    Gen 4, If memory serves
  4. johnbu

    IFG Lim Pro came in today

    The trigger bar and lifter (especially the lifter) need polishing to reduce the pull force. Then the disco. follow MemphisMechanic videos and the trigger will be much better.
  5. johnbu

    IFG Lim Pro came in today

    The INTERNAL DIMENSION of the grip are different. That moves the screw back on the LF. the SF has more undercut under the beaver tail (reportedly). Other details too.
  6. johnbu

    Tanfoglio Stock II Upgrade

    Not correct. The sear geometry affects the FPB ability to be activated. IPSC legal, get the UNICA sear and solid hammer, extreme plunger assembly (trigger bar lifter). use the extreme light or medium hammer spring (or wolff 14 or 15 or PD 14 or 15.5). If at all possible, use the PD firing pin, trigger return and sear springs.
  7. johnbu

    Extractor tension

    I made a tool to measure. an old case, drilled across the width, insert paper clip. Bend a loop on one side. Use trigger pull guage to determine force.
  8. johnbu

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    I believe it was Derek Guthrie of Practically Perfect Performance that did Mr. Stoeger's guns. Not sure. I do my own, but Joe at PD would be my choice . however... unlike a few years ago, there are now a number of excellent tanfo knowledgeable gunsmiths.
  9. johnbu

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    Hard chrome plate .... Yeah, i know, but its all i got. i started with a tanfo, still using it.
  10. johnbu

    IFG sneak peek

    Might be both. The lim pro is both, so...
  11. johnbu

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    Stop ! You're giving me tan-gasms! Ok, $820 for a small frame with 2 mags..... what a deal!
  12. johnbu

    IFG sneak peek

    It is (will be) as large frame stuff swaps around with ease.
  13. johnbu

    IFG sneak peek

    Actually, those that change divisions frequently might be able to swap da/sa production, change trigger to SA only for limited w a thumb rest and even add an optic on the frame for open.
  14. Front sight fiber can be confusing when you see 2 dots. Thats why i removed it from mine.
  15. If that IFG sneak peek with bull barrel, under lug, slide cuts is SA and made in hard chrome.... that would be sick!