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  1. Wasn't bad the way i did it. Gun magwell against belly, hammer against desk edge. Body push to get it aligned.
  2. Yes. Actually new ones from PD.
  3. So... maybe nobody else has noticed, but getting primers is somewhat difficult theses days. I had found a deal on Wolf russian primers years back during the last democrat troubles. Had tried some, found them hard, shelved them... until now. My guns with Patriot Defense 15.5# springs will pop normal hard primers in da like cci's with no problem. The russian one... clicky click in sa even. (6-10 / hundred fail) So... I put factory hammer springs in both guns. da went from 5.5# to 6.5# in the primary and from 6# to 7# in the secondary. Pencil launch in DA now higher than it was in SA. But Still no joy (1-2 fails / 100). So... Ordered up wolff hammer springs in 20# and 22#. Da 7# 8oz and 2#4oz in the primary with 22# spring. Da 9# 12oz and 1#15oz in the secondary with 20# spring. Pencils whack the ceiling in sa. At 65" from the table. They "only" go 56 ish inches in DA. Aside from a stout DA pull, the guns should be pretty normal at full match speed. So if you are getting light strikes you can get some extra heavy springs to fix it up. Yeah... da will suck, but sa won't be much changed. (Depending on how well you have everything tuned up)
  4. Buddy brought a brand spanking new 10mm hunter over with a bag of Patriot Defense goodies today. His hunter is blued with the cool factory slide cuts. A VERY nice looking rig. But... He wanted it to be Da/Sa and not SA only. Plus, he wanted it to have the same trigger pull as his S2 guns. He brought the full set of PD springs, titan hammer,R5 interruptor and a used curved trigger. Gun got a detailed polish (and it needed it!). Was gritty as a windy day at the desert. Everything went in easily and again the R5 continued to impress. Full functionality with no messing around. Just pop it in and .... done. After the polish, with 15.5# hammer spring it was 6# 4oz DA. And a little under 3# SA. We fired off a full mag of full power 10mm. What a fun gun to shoot! That hunter really controls the recoil.
  5. Hi, a buddy is getting a 10mm hunter. I've been reading that the factory recoil system is a bit light for full power 10mm loads. I found tromix online and they have a solution. Looking for any reviews from anyone that has used them.
  6. The $ difference is 20 bucks. The ability to control the fit for that nice positive engagement is far easier shaving the bump. Plus, the "bother" of removing, disassembly, trim, reassemble, test, repeat 5-7 times is gone. Both work, and your point is correct (on future hammer swapping). Still, preference is bump after mostly doing the sear.
  7. No, i don't think it makes any difference
  8. Hello all. A buddy came by with a fresh stock 2 and a pile of PD parts. He wanted a lesson in initial polishing and installing all the parts. From the factory the gun was 10# 15oz DA and just under 4# SA. Polished up all the normal spots with extra attentions to the trigger bar lifter. Changed all the springs to the Patriot Defense Optimized. Trigger, sear, 15.5# hammer, firing pin return. Polished the interior of the hammer spring and strut. Installed the R5 rather than the bolo as i wanted to see how "drop in" it really was. Used a brand new Titan hammer and xtreme 1 piece sear (which is supposed to be the optimum pairing for drop in success). Long story short... it dropped in and functioned flawlessly. Smooth DA pull, sharp crisp SA without much motion. Reset was a notable click. In short about perfect. About. Joe Wilson has posted how to lengthen the DA hammer stroke (look it up here) and it could use that. However, the da "pencil launch" test showed a height that should pop cci primers in da all day long. As a percentage, I'd estimate the R5 dropped in gives 90% of what a gunsmith fit bolo gives ... with an hour less time spent futzing and fitting it. For a person that wants a trigger upgrade, without the fitting bother this is it. Oh, the safety lever "bump" had to be trimmed down to allow engagement with the 1 piece sear / Titan hammer combo. The hammer pivot is changed from the heart shaped hammer which lifts the sear more. That causes the interference. After doing that the final DA was 6# 3oz SA was 3# 2oz.
  9. I was watching a vid and the competitor was given make ready. He drew, then proceeded to move the entire 12-ish ft width of the shooting area, dry firing using the pistol. Returned, then loaded and ran the stage normally. I could hear the MR command, but no request to move and dry fire the stage. (It might have been done pre-filming? Not that it matters to my question). Q: what is it proceedural for leaving the start position (assuming no permission) ? 8.7.1? PS enter as "general" ? Q: Does he also get one for 8.7.2? It's not a "walk thru"... or is it? (He totally walked thru, dry firing every target at each location with his gun, but after MR) Thanks
  10. Update. I ordered a case of the 125 new profile (i pay full price with the discount code). Ordered this morning, ship notification today. Fast service. The owner said he's busy as ...well, real busy! But working long hours to keep up. Also...Just saw this update online.. SHOOTERS PSA! 2020 DG Bullets 9MM Master list. Current stock and 1k prices! Discount Codes Changing! "ap10" for 10% off Use before it expires! NEW BULLETS AVAILABLE NOT ON WEBSITE YET!!!! Indicated by ***! Call Shop or Email for off website orders and special profiles. Many have asked! Here it is. Email: dgbullets@gmail.com Phone: 1-920-419-0661 Currently in RN BB 115 gr- 62per1k 124 gr- 68per1k 135 gr- 71per1k ***145 gr- 73per1k ***160 gr- call for pricing Alternates Profiles ***125gr. CN BB- 68per1k 147gr. FP BB- 73per1k #dgbullets
  11. Just found out this profile is not yet on the web, but you can call...
  12. I think they are just .3560. That's what my guns prefer, so i never looked or asked for any other diameter.
  13. I'm swtiching to a new bullet supplier and did the usual tests and measures to see how they stack up. I thought it might be helpful for newer reloaders to see what is involved in figuring out if a new bullet is promising or not. Not an expert, but this is how I go about it. I measured the weight of 12 randomly pulled bullets. 125.5 125.5 124.8 125.1 125.8 124.5 125.3 125.1 126.2 125.2 124.8 124.8 Average weight was 125.2 gr Same bullets , measured the diameter; Eleven were 0.3560, one was 0.3555. Average was 0.3559" I don't like coatings that color my fingers. So these were rolled back and forth in hand for 30 seconds. No green fingers. I use a bullet feeder. So just dumped in a double handful and let it run. all went in without drama or any adjustments to the system. Did "Plunk test" in a factory Tanfolio Lim Pro barrel {not reamed}. Pass plunk MAX OAL was 1.125" I would recommend a OAL target of 1.120". Ran about 50 at that OAL. Set up a target at my normal red dot zero distance of 35 yards. first 6 shots Good enough for me!
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