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  1. johnbu

    Stock 2 trigger sticking

    Here is a picture of one weighted and tight sprung practice mag. it replicates the weight of and force required to seat a full up mag. I've been concentrating on doing reloads (hour a day) since early September. thousands of drops on cement . large frame mags are pretty tough! There is a spot where the trigger bow can rub on the mag. its on the "funnel" area and if it is over inserted or something, it will drag on the trigger bow. Could be the bow, the mags or the mag release button. close inspection should reveal the culprit.
  2. johnbu

    Stock 2 trigger sticking

    The mags could be over inserted or the top could be distorted (dented) and be rubbing on the trigger bar. I don't think its caused by the extension.
  3. johnbu

    My IFG Stock 1 CO is finished

    I hope you are correct. More gun is more better.
  4. Is the dpp and R1 pattern the same?
  5. ^^ You're welcome! I used to be pretty haphazard about my reloads as I was positive they were all perfect, because they passed barrel plunk. Then i bought a hundo case guage. YIKES! My ammo stunk. Fixed a lot but finally found that the "bulge Bust" trick was the last thing to really have GOOD consistent ammo. Roll sizing would also be a solution,but $$$$ ! Using the DIY lanoline lube works great when bulge busting. Needs dry tumbling to get it off, but no biggie as that's what I do anyway.
  6. johnbu

    Help with a EAA small frame

    A small soldering iron works with less chance for collateral damage. Heat it to melting solder temps, wipe clean with leather or thick moist cloth, press it on the screw for 60 seconds. loosen quickly. Works.
  7. I use the Makorov die. Processed and loaded 12000 without any sort of issue. well other than the time on s single stage press to do it!
  8. Interesting point on heavy. The Tanfo approach seems to echo that with a "mv" mass * velocity inertia bias versus "mv2" or mass*velocity squared kinetic energy bias. The newer generation heart shaped hammers weigh more than the older. Titan hammer added and moved weight up in the swing arc. The Unica is solid and weighs even more. Efficiency of energy transfer seems to be higher with higher inertia vs kinetic energy. At least in this platform! As you said, no free lunch. All the shiny go fast parts are small incremental improvements. Nothing will make a 10# hammer spring 100% reliable on hard primers. But they can get you a reliable sub-4# da on soft federal primed ammo.
  9. This ^^. X100. Very few are actually "too good" for their current gun and require a "better" gun to win. Choose the one you like the best and practice like crazy. It's not sexy or fun, but it seems to help.
  10. johnbu

    Tanfo USPSA Package

    Yes, the gen 2 firing pin is 0.020" longer than xtreme and PD gen1
  11. The "performance" hammers have shorter hooks that mate with the sear. That gives a lighter smoother SA release. They also have altered geometry to tune the swing length and force progression in DA. The unica hammer has more swing arc than any other hammer. That makes it hit harder. It also has the lightest SA release when mated with the unica sear. I think the sear/hook engagement rules there. My opinion is that a hammer change gives better trigger feel and lightness. SA can be 1 -2 pound less. Possibly better ignition reliability with Delta and Titan. Definitely better with unica solid hammer. But its only like a spring weight 1/2 to 1 pound more.
  12. johnbu

    Tanfo USPSA Package

    the titan hammer
  13. johnbu

    Tanfo USPSA Package

    The new PD pin is better. longer than the factory one now.
  14. To me, the S2 and S2 are extremely similar in feel. If one fits good, the other will too. And if one feels "goofy " the other will too. But, the tanfo wood grips are noteably wider than the shad2. those with glued grit might be to your liking.
  15. The trigger bar and lifter can be out of sync and cause a bind. But Cha-Lee is correct. at some point a trip to the tanfo doctor is required.