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  1. Here's my understanding... There is a "leg" on the sear that is moved by the trigger bar. To get more lift, it needs to make contact sooner and move further. Several avenues available, the most common is to swap in different combinations of parts. Trigger, trigger bar, sear, sear cage to find the "magic" combination. The more deterministic method is to tig weld more material, shape it to give desired result then harden the metal (without disturbing dimensions). Yeah.... i swap parts around too!
  2. bad news ... I think with the slide cuts, it will balance awesome! break it to your wallet gently
  3. They ARE NOT the same. Competition frame (square trigger guard) is different than standard frame (round trigger guard) even though all may be "large frame". Gaps will exist if wrong grip is used
  4. They won't fit right. Ebay had some thin "lava" grips cheap. Also i think Henning usec to make some for the standard frame.
  5. i dont know, but assume large frame
  6. Everything Patriot Defense does is top notch!
  7. I haven't heard price... i do think it will be normal.
  8. Rumor has it Patriot Defense knows about a batch of new tight tolerance barrels.
  9. DG Bullets has a discount code that i know. Actually 2 codes "TS15". And "AP15". Good for 15% off. .356 diameter bullets w thick coat
  10. I agree. The very top shooters that are national and world champions are better than the rest of us both by training and by genetics. But we can be pretty dang good up to and including GM. But it's a bit optimistic to think anyone can be champion. Maybe we think that way because we are old? lol
  11. Yes. Sadly. it's one of the few "weak" areas of the design. The cone fit guide rod corrects that weakness.
  12. johnbu


    Classes from quality instructors are expensive, then you need to tack on more cost for 1000-1500 rounds of ammo! But not taking a class from a quality instructor is (long term) even more expensive. A lot more time and ammo will be spent to get to the equivalent skill level through solo trial and error. And that's if the equivalent skill is EVER reached, which is not guaranteed. I prefer to do things well and take pride in doing so. For me, getting there sooner and to a more proficient level is worth it. And oddly enough, it seems the more I learn the less I actually knew. Just my opinion.
  13. Buy a "cone fit" guide rod. Henning, Patriot Defense or extreme versions all work.
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