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  1. johnbu

    Barrel locking lugs bad

    When you say "fitted", what do you mean? If you sent them the gun and it's eating the barrel ... send it back. Not casting aspersions. But even stellar smiths are human. Mistakes happen or other factors come into play that were unexpected. Canyon Creek has a great rep and I'm sure they would want it back to make it right.
  2. johnbu

    Barrel locking lugs bad

    It looks like a timing issue or a barrel fitment issue.
  3. johnbu

    Trigger sticking at beginning of DA pull

    One other thing... Check the hammer strut. i had one that had a burr and it rubbed. There could be a burr in the hammer spring hole or rough machining. the hammer spring could also be bent and binding. The strut could also be too large diameter for the spring, or the spring too small. I'd turn it upside down after polishing the spring. the strut should easily slide in and out. i reduce their diameter and mirror polish.
  4. johnbu

    Trigger sticking at beginning of DA pull

    I would take it back apart and look for a pin not full seated. They should be flush or slightly low. (trigger, hammer) Inspect each piece for wear marks, burr or similar. No magic, just close inspection
  5. johnbu

    Finally a better comp! Pics!

    Modify it until it fails ! Lol. you'd better just run it or Thomas and i will hunt you down.
  6. I don't shoot ipsc... but i believe so. It is a factory part. But, you would need to verify that
  7. It's a "Stock", not a stock 1. Yeah, totally confusing! Grips that fit a "Match" will fit that gun. https://shop.coppergungrips.com/EAA-Witness-Grips-large-frame-Lava-Rock-Texture-WitnessL.htm Those are the most common. All of the fancy go fast parts for the competition guns will fit that one too. Hammer, sear, firing pins, springs, etc
  8. Well, both were installed in a buddies new stock 2. With the factory hammer, sear and hammer spring it was 9 1/2# DA and 3 3/4#SA. Adding the Unica hammer, sear, clipped PD 15.5 spring and 2-wing disco, it dropped to 6# 7oz DA and 2#3oz SA. But in this gun it was FAR from drop in. Adding just the hammer, DA stayed the same and SA dropped 1/2 pound. But, the hammer on a slow pull SA would sometimes drop to DA. Putting the disco that came with the gun (unica hammer comes with a disco) it wouldn't consistently drop in SA. This is a timing issue with the sear lift being out of sync with the trigger bar /disco wing clearing each other. putting the unica sear in didn't change things. I dug up some old 2-wing discos and fiddled with them. Adjusting the wing to get it to clear the trigger bar. Naturally, the discos i chose were thru hard and a bear to work on. Took a while, but it got done. My opinion is the Unica hammer is right up to the edge of maximum geometry and any slight variation in parts can tip it over the edge to not working. Or maybe my buddy's gun is out of tolerance? Not sure, but fitting this was a PITA! But once fit, i think it will give the lightest trigger with the hardest strike force to the primer. The need to remove one coil from the 15.5 spring for clearance should be kept in mind. Interesting, no fitting of the sear was needed. AND the firing pin block works without going to the extended on.
  9. The Tanfo Match Extreme in 9mm. 6" barrel, no ports, but lightened slide and single action only. https://benstoegerproshop.com/eaa-tanfoglio-witness-match-xtreme-9mm/
  10. johnbu

    Change red dot AFTER cutting slide

    The DPP is one of the better ones. But... I have it on good authority that they break too. And they have about the same inspect, evaluate, repair/replace, return time cycle as Sig. (about 2 months). The DPP is also wider than the slide and the heaviest and that will limit options to meet the 45oz max weight. My opinion is that the customer service aspect of the dot is as important as the glass size, brightness, etc. I say that as it seems all CO slide ride dots that are seriously shot will fail. When they fail, getting them back and running fast is important! I liked the SIG R1 6moa brightness. Impossible to wash out even with low sun on the glass. That's really nice! but at high bright levels, it really blossoms from 6 moa to 12 or more. So far, the 6moa VENOM has been nice. The dot is distinct and while not as bright as the R1, it's plenty bright and I haven't lost it in the sun. It also is made in the Philippines and the VIPER is made in China. Is that a thing ? I don't know ! But hopefully it is better quality.
  11. Yes, I did see that too. Pulling through the trigger without any pause or prep, gives the lowest and smoothest feel . I got 7#4oz to 7#8oz pulling through without pause. Pulling slower and pausing, the trigger pull is just under 8#. Those numbers are with the EG Extreme Medium trigger spring. With the PD 15.5 with one coil cut off, it was right at 1# to 1#2oz SA and 5 #4oz DA. For me, the SA like that is too "twitchy" . I would bet that on an IPSC gun, out of the box with no prep or polish, it would be awesome.
  12. Bought a Unica Hammer and sear from the good folks @PatriotDefense . The hammer is solid steel, no holes, no lightening. It also has a silver coating on it that is slippery. It also has different geometry from the Titan hammer. Lot's different. First off, it has a longer "throw" or swing arc. That puts the spring further down into the hole and a short stubby strut is included (along with a factory disconnector) as the normal strut won't work. The longer stroke causes some issues. First off, the PD 15.5 spring won't work (in my gun). It reaches coil bind and the slide can't get past the hammer with out hard rubbing. That was cured by snipping off 1 turn of the spring end. All the other PD springs do work, but I wouldn't use anything lighter than 15.5 because the SA is light. (In fact, i went to the EG "Medium" spring .} That brings up the Single Action. Yikes ! it's light. They reduced the SA hooks on the hammer and probably the angle of the hooks too. With the EG MEDIUM spring, the SA breaks at 1# 4oz. Yes, 1# 4oz. Sharp crisp and light. Very Very light. For reference, With the Titan hammer and PD 15.5 springs the gun was 2# 4oz in SA. How does it work? The hammer hits harder than the titan at least from the famous pencil test. The DA and SA pencil launch are essentially equal. My gun is pretty slicked up and well used. With dry fire there has been "a lot" of trigger pulls, so it's pretty light. If you want a harder hitting hammer with a lighter SA break, this is a good choice. Of note, the fitting needed to get the safety to work with the titan is also needed with the Unica hammer. I had undercut the sear leg and it worked without touching anything. I'm unsure about keeping it in the gun or returning to the Titan hammer. I like the harder impact, but really feel the SA trigger pull is too low. The Unica sear... ahhh, that's a different story. In my gun with unica hammer and factory disconnector, it doesn't drop the hammer. With Titan hammer and BOLO, it also won't drop the hammer. The leg of the sear that is pushed by the trigger bar sits too low. The trigger bar then doesn't push it and the sear doesn't move. Bummer. I haven't put in the time to fit it and get it to work. I suspect it would work with "fresh" parts like sear cage, trigger bar. Looking at it, the leg rotates too far forward. Probably they made it for a newer version of the sear cage... but that's unverified. I have a friend with a new Stock 2 and will probably stick the sear in his gun at some point to see if it works in a new one. Of note (and an important note), the UNICA sear is PRE-MADE with the correct undercut to be used with the Titan hammer or Unica hammer. So if you had previously fit your titan hammer to the sear by adjusting the SAFETY LEVER... i strongly suspect the safety won't work. Just something to keep in mind.
  13. johnbu

    Change red dot AFTER cutting slide

    Thanks. I did that yesterday at practice. Ran several hundred rounds of 9mm in the 40 side (with 40 extactor) and it never missed a beat. I, however, did miss a few. But that's a different story.
  14. johnbu

    Change red dot AFTER cutting slide

    Sigh.... Long story, but I initially went 6moa vortex viper. Decently large glass with a bright dot and the shortest body under the dot. Mounted in a cut slide brought the dot to just above the index point for iron sights. Totally awesome. But i break them. about every 6-10,000 rounds (except for the one i dropped). but vortex has stood behind them 100%. After the last dot switch failed, they asked if i would want to swap for new Venom 6moa. Their next model up and the newest version. same mounting pattern. "deal" But... the body of the dots are offset. And just cutting the area bigger would impact the firing pin keeper. so... weld up and machine again. FYI - i also sent my back up slide off to be cut for the "better quality" Sig Romeo1. it died after 1500 rounds. Between shots it dropped 10 ". It is on the way back to sig with a 5-6week time before they begin to evaluate it after it gets in que. Sigh... I'm cursed. Right now im running a dove tail mount on a 40sw slide. Yeah... 40sw for CO, not optimum, but better that not being able to see the iron sights (im a geezer). oh, using the vortex venom 6moa which has been flawless.
  15. johnbu

    My IFG Stock 1 CO is finished

    My understanding is "politics". Only EAA can import models they have been importing, currenly or historically. IFG got around that monopoly by choosing s model variation EAA had never imported. But, that's only my understanding of the situation and not from any insider info