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  1. That malformation tells me the metal interface was too soft. Tanfo uses soft sear and adds a surface treatment to harden JUST the surface. Thats why you dont polish the sear/hammer interface. Yours looks like the surface treatment wasn't correct. (Still, it lasted a while) My primary gun has the extreme chromed sear. 8 years and 10-25k rounds a year plus daily dryfire.
  2. Without seeing and shooting it, this is just a guess... First things would be to super clean the extractor and frame slot. I mean spotless. Then install the wolff extra power extractor spring. You will struggle and cuss putting it in, but it's worth the fight! Might seem odd, but ive seen the same issues fixed this way. Then i would inspect the barrel/comp/frame to see if it's gliding into lockup effortlessly. There might be areas where the extra 180seconds tanfo factory allows to "fit" weren't enough. If its still cantankerous, you might need to be more agressive and stroke the slide 1/4-3/8" and use a shorter spring. The extra time / stroke may be needed to allow all the actions to play out in correct sequence.
  3. Does that have the short hammer spring ? If so, it has the trigger bar lifter at the front of the trigger bar. Pull that lifter out, take it all apart and polish it. EVERYWHERE. especially inside the hole and the strut rod. Chuck it in a drill and 320grit paper as it spins,then polish. Get all the machining ridges off. polish the spring too. (I cut a single coil out of the spring too, but not necessary). Polish the hole in the frame too. "Blue magic" is my polish preference. I also polish the hammer spring, strut and the hole in the frame. Polish the trigger bar outside edges where it contacts the frame and the slot where the lifter contacts. Just those things will make it MUCH smother. Pro tip, after polishing it fire several hundred rounds. Disassemble, inspect and polish areas that show signs of rubbing wear. This way you can take your time and focus on the places that need it. The patriot defense firing pin return spring should be used. It "steals" less of the impact force from the hammer and can't let the firing pin over travel. Aside from the couple $ to buy,there is zero negatives to using it. In fact, it increases primer strike force making it more reliable.
  4. I would suspect the spring is old and lost tension. For the $, why not buy one and see if it's fixed?
  5. to clarify, the stage intent (as requested by the MD) is to require holding a prop, which highly encourages one handed shooting. Unlike mandated "SHO/WHO", competitors ARE allowed to hold both prop (1" diameter round handle), firearm, steady by resting firearm on prop and / or steady by resting firearm on the arm/hand holding the prop. the requirement is to hold the prop while firing in the outside areas.
  6. They wont have to reload holding the prop. Even revo as there is only 6 shots with longest 30ft. Center area has a barrel to set the prop and they shoot it freestyle does NOT apply. 1 1.5.5 DOES apply. They are required to hold a prop. They CAN brace with the prop, back of hand or hold both prop and grip firearm. As they wish.
  7. Making a stage with 3 separate shooting areas. Left, center, right. Thoughts / suggestions on the wording around the requirement of holding the prop? Hold in strong hand on one side, weak hand for the opposite for all shots on that side. Also, is that PCC legit, forcing them to hold it and shoot?
  8. I have an early prototype. It seems to be a great hammer. The biggest plus over the tanfo hammers is the aggressive lining on top. Makes lowering the hammer more confident on hot and sweaty days. Da/sa pulls are similar to the titan but a pencil test gives higher launches. I have the "heavy" version.
  9. Yes, that was it. While it has some NICE features, not sure if its able to displace the AMG.
  10. Hi, was at a match and a guy had a new timer with bluetooth that linked to his phone. Yeah yeah, several do that...but... This one linked to the camera app and pushed the shot times into the video of him shooting. The timer had extra buttons to allow that. Has anyone heard of this? And who is making it?
  11. I had heard by jungle drums, that EAA and tanfo had a disagreement that... escalated. The result being EAA took their marbles and stomped off to cry at home. (<- some literary license there). Honestly, the tanfo basics have always been decent, but needed a bit of "love". The 4 part Memphismechanic youtube vid showed all that was needed. The folks at IFG are good, so im not worried.
  12. A friend of mine has one. A new one and he simply loves it. Great gun for production.
  13. FYI - after a half hour of dry fire the SA pull dropped a few oz to 3.00# average. I normally use a rag wheel and blue magic compound on hammers before installation. But, my system is otherwise occupied. So, I'm seeing the normal drop seen thru install and use.
  14. Just hit my mailbox! @patriot_defense new design hammer. Bunch of pictures for your enjoyment in the link to my instagram. I'm told PRE-ORDERS will open Friday after Thanksgiving. NOTE: mine is a prototype in the raw, meaning final finish and DLC coating is not applied. instagram picture link https://www.instagram.com/p/CWl2LZ3rRzx/?utm_medium=share_sheet The SA has a solid wall and crisp break. Very predictable and uniform. I've had a Titan hammer in the gun since... 2017-ish and it has held up well, even concidering Tanfo only surface hardens them. The new PD is made of a very high carbon steel and should have a couple advantages on long term reliability and (I assume) a gunsmith could tweak the hammer hooks to customize further. That wasn't possible on the tanfo surface hard only ones. The hammer hooks look to be very close to those on the Titan hammer. The pictures are side by side to a factory S2 "heart shape" hammer. You can see the PD hooks are much shorter than those. (Sorry, i didn't get a side by side to the Titan.) Pull values with a new Wolff 16# hammer spring and a new factory trigger return spring were 7# 4oz DA and 3# 2oz SA. That's slightly higher than my 4 year old Titan hammer with a gazillion dry fires and 100k live rounds. I expect the coated ones to lower the SA and further lowering with a few 1000 pulls. The serrations on top are aggressive, unlike the more smooth Titan top. I LIKE THAT, a lot. Especially lowering the hammer on hot sweaty days! The hammer is also physically taller and has more top weight. Meaning it hits harder. With sketchy primer availability, hitting harder is very welcome! How much harder? Pencil launch was a few inches higher in SA. DA looked about the same. They also changed some specs around and the "Tanfo hammer wobble" you could feel is nearly non-existent. It feels remarkably more solid. Apparently 2 versions will be made. This one is the Heavy with partially cut windows. A light version will have window cuts going completely thru. I prefer a heavy hammer for a harder strike. Full disclosure: Joe at PD sent me this at no charge, to evaluate and give my totally free honest opinion.
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