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  1. Beat them in silence. Always does the trick. Just shoot them a wink after you kill a stage.
  2. If you are running Glock mags..... check out Hammer Armament!!! They make a great product. I give their mag pouches a 10/10. Priced very well too!
  3. Can’t say one bad thing about my JP’s. One of the best out there. Buy once cry once! personally I’d stick with what’s known to work. I started off with a cheaper PCC and ran into nothing but issues. Sent that PCC back in to the manufacturer and they gave me a full refund no questions asked. I purchased a lightly used JP for around $1200 and haven’t looked back. I’ve since then bought 2 more. They’ve all ran flawless. I’ve heard great things about MBX PCC’s as well.
  4. I ran Autocomp with 115’s for a while. They shot super soft but figured out i was loading too light causing malfunctions. Loaded heavier and didn’t like the way the recoil felt(seemed too snappy) so i switched to Titegroup. I’ve noticed my gun runs cleaner and my dot returns to zero in a quicker/smoother fashion. 4.2-4.3 TG with a 115 makes PF!
  5. Mine finally gave out on me. I’m a little north of 5,000 rounds. I got lazy and didn’t clean my JP for about 4-5 matches. It still ran absolutely flawless. Decided it was wayyyy over due for a cleaning and separated the upper and lower to find pieces of O-Rings everywhere. All of my O-Rings in my buffer were split torn disintegrated. She still ran though! 12$ O-Ring set from JP and i have enough to replace them 3-4 more times.
  6. My local range just purchased a Redstitch. I give it a 9.5/10. They had to do some grinding to get the plates to fit right into the grooves but man.... that thing is sweet and convenient with the magnets! Super smooth.
  7. I think i projected that comment the wrong way. I’m all about using the forum to ask questions/ share my little knowledge. It’s a huge help as I’ve learned load data, found brass, learned about what to expect at my first USPSA match over a year ago. I enjoy interacting with people sharing the same interests. Just trying to understand the requirements to post my handgun in the classifieds section.
  8. Armzenarms usually has a few. They’re close to JP HQ and typically get quite a few in stock
  9. So time plus scoring means any 2 hits on paper correct? Alphas Charlie’s and deltas are irrelevant?
  10. Start at 12oclock and work your way around as it comes to you. I move my dot in the opposite direction of the star and squeeze as the dot/Target meet
  11. Anyone know of any indoor leagues in south Louisiana?
  12. Ccampo1129


    I’ve made it to Master in a little over a year of shooting USPSA. I’ve never taken any classes, although i think i could really benefit from one!
  13. My first classification was a C Class in Limited. I started out with my CZ 75B Omega and saw some guys shooting PCC and figured I’d give it a shot. I just recently moved up to master class in PCC after about a year of competition shooting. Moving to open here soon! I rarely have time to train/dry fire.
  14. I carry a CZ P10S my competition guns are currently a JP GMR 15 and soon to be my new Tanfoglio Gold Team Eric.
  15. I feel like that’d be one less finger aiding your grip. Grip is your control. Idk just my thoughts
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