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  1. There's a Dillon rep on Discord a lot. You can talk with him directly. https://discord.com/invite/reloading
  2. I had similar good luck with a bent indexer pin on a 1050 toolhead. I got an RMA fully willing to pay for repairs, but they came back fixed with 0 cost. Thanks Dillon.
  3. Which VR set do you have? I've been having fun with Pistol Whip.
  4. From CCI's web page: APS Pistol Primer Large Pistol Part # 84 $61.99 CCI This is replacement cost at a very, very good price.
  5. I bought a couple of 8# jugs from Brownells last week. Is the world healing?
  6. Couple of 1050's. Too lazy to change primers.
  7. FYI: Discord has notifications in their reloading section: https://discord.gg/reloading
  8. I have two 1050's and am a Dillon fan. The other press that seems to be coming on strong is the Mark7.
  9. With reloading, there are race conditions where one variable commodity can run out before the others. If you're out of powder, brass, bullets or primers, do you wait until you get more, or just change over to load something different?
  10. I mounted mine 0.68" (+/-) from the front. I set the handle down to it's furthest position and then moved the press so I could get a full down stroke and not be at the edge of the bench.
  11. These things tend to multiply by themselves if left alone in a dark room. I'd say move it to one side of the bench or the other. That's what I did. Soon I had two.
  12. Are you arguing for the 50 rounds/hour difference? That can easily be made up by a smoother press. That's less than one extra bullet made per minute within the hour.
  13. If you're going full monty, look into the Apex line also Apex Link
  14. Dillon's numbers are expected rounds per hour. 1100 - 1100 rounds per hour. So the 1100/1050 will be about twice as fast as the 650.
  15. No way possible. There's perceived value for a thing and then there's the price for that thing. Look at diamonds. When DeBeers had the market cornered and they were selling their ideal of the perfect wedding ring, the perceived value of diamonds was absolutely massive. When you look at diamonds as just a rock, the perceived value goes to near zero. There was a company that sold Anjou stereo cables for something like $1000 per cable. But these were just annealed copper speaker wire that you could buy for $25 or so. Did some suckers buy the Anjou cables? Absolutely because the perceived value was high.
  16. Absolutely. If they can sell their ammo for premier prices, why take the time to box up and market their primers.
  17. I bought some recently too. They would only sell me two boxes of 100 even though their webpage stated a ten box limit. Felt kinda silly buying 200 primers, but that's what I could by at the time.
  18. I've had Winchester's get stuck in the tube. CCI's are more more concentric.
  19. I figured that I could put in a couple of BCG's and they would clean up pretty easily. Also, I can run deprimed brass in the ultrasonic and have the brass come out pretty clean. A couple more hours in the vib tumbler and I'm ready to load.
  20. I have an RCBS unit like this one bought 2nd hand: Link So far, it's worked well but I've only used it a couple of times.
  21. Just use a Dymo LabelWriter over blue tape. https://imgur.com/a/1GmGV1X
  22. What about if you're going from large pistol to large rifle? Gotta dump the primers out some time.
  23. I just try to end up with as few primers as possible to spill all over my reloading bench.
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