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  1. thehudge

    P320 RX

    What's SiliCarb?
  2. thehudge

    P320 RX

    You raise a valid point jcc. While I have handled the x5 I have never shot one and currently use the large module on the 320. I fined the 320 grip to be awkward and I have to put more of the meat of my hand on the backstrap so I can get proper finger position on the trigger. Hmmm.
  3. thehudge

    P320 RX

    I am currently shooting a 320 RX in carry optics division and was wondering; I want to change the frame to an X5 and the curved trigger to a flat one, all would still be OEM. Would these changes be legal to shoot in CO Division? I have read the new rules but am still not sure.
  4. You are correct. After loading a thousand rounds with mixed brass, FC is the most consistent brass out of the bunch. I started separating based on head stamp..........That did not go well. So I guess Ill deal with it for now and if I ever make it to an Area Match I will use all FC head stamped brass for greater constancy. Thanks to all.
  5. Truncated cone, round nose, round nose flat point, the ogive is different even on different round nose designs. We have settled on Xtreme 165gr (9mm) round nose plated. Loaded to the same oal as Blue Bullet 147gr Round nose (1.150) the 165gr will plunk in both the Gen5 oem and the KMM barrel but the 147's will not plunk in the Gen5 oem barrel. The same load in my 4.7 inch Sig p320 barrel vs the 5 inch KKM barrel in the G34 gen5; the KKM barrel runs 50fps faster. We have not determined which barrel is more accurate.
  6. Dang, OK thanks.
  7. I have a Sig-320rx with a romeo 1 sight. Will a Romeo 3 fit on it as is?
  8. I guess its just messing with my mind. They run but I like to be more precise. And yes, brass does make a big difference. Thanks
  9. Hello all, I have a Dillon square deal B and am trying to load xtreme 165gr round nose bullets. The problem is, I am getting crazy swings in my seating depths. I have it set for a 1.150 oal and am getting that if I load one at a time but once I get all four stages going it starts seating from 1.145 to 1.160. I have been reloading with this reloader for years and many thousands of rounds. I really want this bullet to work but am stumped. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I called them and spoke to a very helpful individual.
  11. Loading 147gr FMJ over 3.3gr of Tightgroup at 1.140 oal for an average velocity of 864fps and a 127pf. This is out of my sig P320rx. The kkm barrel has shipped for the G34 gen5 and should be here next week.
  12. KKM barrel is on its way. Thanks a lot, again.
  13. I'm using 147 FMJ Truncated Cone. The ogive is what is contacting the rifling.
  14. It does not pass the plunk test, even with the one loaded to 1.100 but my 115 round nose with an OAL of 1.135 plunk fine. I guess bullet design has something to do with it as well. So I guess its ether a new barrel or different bullets.
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