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  1. Thanks for all replies and rebukes. I will take heed of the warnings. And yes I have loading manuals but decided to venture a bit. I have loaded 125 and 115gr to USPSA major with no issues using Winchester Auto Comp which is a bit of a venture in itself. And that's why I asked. Thanks
  2. The only powders I have in stock are TG and WAC. I used to load 9major, I wonder if that would be safer?
  3. I've been trying to reach mid 1200fps with TG and 115jhp. I did it using 5.6gr of TG and 1.125oal for a 1258fps average Glock19. While my spent primers are a little bit flat there is no other evidence of over pressure. Q: Does this sound safe to Y'all? I can't find any information that says this is a safe load. but I like it.
  4. Use sand paper and remove some plastic from the front of the mag release. The part that faces the front strap of the grip. For the Ghost that is.
  5. Got it. Thanks to all. BTW, I adjusted the overtravel screw a bit to much.
  6. Hello, I have a gen 5 34 and am shooting carry optics with it. A Vanik trigger was installed less than 5000 rounds ago and has been great. In the last two outings the trigger will not reset while shooting, about 20% of the time. Thanks.
  7. thehudge

    XTG Module

    I put Talon grips on it and it feels even better. They did not want to stick at first but after heating them up with a blow dryer they are extremely secure.
  8. thehudge

    XTG Module

    It feels better in my hand than the X5 module. Fuller.
  9. thehudge

    XTG Module

    Thanks, I got one and like.
  10. thehudge

    XTG Module

    Thanks for the feedback, I got it and installed it and will go shoot it tomorrow. I feels very good in the hand.
  11. thehudge

    XTG Module

    Already have a trigger job with a flat trigger, but what do you mean by (buy) a back up gun?
  12. thehudge

    XTG Module

    I was hoping to hear from someone who has done it. Their reactions/opinion would be very helpful. Thanks for the replies so far.
  13. thehudge

    XTG Module

    I have a P320rx with an X5 grip module and was thikng about the XTG module. I will be using it to shoot Carry Optics division in USPSA. Any reviews? I would not be able to use the extended mag well, so I would like to gather information to see if its worth it for me to try? Thank You
  14. thehudge

    P320 RX

    Could you post a pic. I am very curious about this SilCarb stuff.
  15. I'm loading my second batch of 3,000 bullets. Other than some variation in OAL they look good and function great, also I do discard the stepped brass I went with 10lb recoil springs in both the G34 gen5 and the P320rx, the combination is amazing. Thanks for all the input.
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