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  1. I knew you had some invetion with the spring but what did you do with the barrel link?
  2. @RustedFrog Is it finished now? Would be cool to see some photos of the finished gun.
  3. Looks good. Just a standard SP01 barrel with threads? Is the lockup between the slide and comp cone thight?
  4. Welcome! Been think about shooting Wasa match in 2019 or 2020, are you going to shoot it?
  5. 10,7gr N105 with 121 bullet @1.24
  6. @Chris Keen Can you post some pictures?
  7. @yigal Looks nice, seems like the slide is thicker than CZ TS. Cast frame or forged/machined for block? Never seen any of these before. Do you get complete guns in your country or just parts?
  8. Frame and slide is still CZ or does he makes his own parts?
  9. So you think it could be friction/weight that causes this? I dont see any difference in a quick trigger pull vs a slow one.
  10. It happens when i press the trigger. Tried to adjust the overtravel screw all the way out without any effect.
  11. After replacing the trigger on my SASII .40 the hammer falls to half cock about 30-40% of the time while dry firing. Grip safety is deactivated. I replaced the stock trigger with a Geppert Vario trigger When switching back to the stock trigger the problem is gone. Any tips on what could cause this?
  12. Can a gunsmith order and replace the barrel for you?
  13. How is the compensator attached? Like a trubor or threaded on cone comp like the czechmate?
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