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  1. Shadow 2 SA is much better than Q5 trigger.
  2. Because stroking. Otherwise the coils will bind.
  3. 8lbs with 4 coils cut. 124gr FMJ bullet in front of 11gr N105 Why is my post hidden?
  4. Mine did the same, switch to an Aftec and adjusting the ejector solved the problem. I also had the same problem with the mag release so that had to go.
  5. Because of 8mm barrel lenght.. but Alien is good2go
  6. The US importer should be able to get it. https://www.facebook.com/sportsmans.loft/
  7. What kind of sight? Slideride?
  8. @FTP_Shooting_Sports Never seen a broken Czechmate frame, only barrels. Same spot as shadow 2 cracks in? Do you have a picture? Might been a damaged Skoda part they used on the CM frame @yigal
  9. 10,2gr with 3N38 and a 124 FMJ gave good results, could not see difference from this load and 10,4gr SP2. 11gr N105 was a tad flatter but the powder cost a lot more since it only comes in small cans.
  10. Have you consider putting the @kneelingatlas comp on it? It was a clear improvement on my czechmate and I bet its more noticeable on the tanfo with the smaller comp.
  11. Do you have a picture of the ejector after you tuned it?
  12. You are not concerned with the high pressure? Vectan SP2 is quite good, similar burnrate as 3N38 but takes less room in the case.
  13. Its quite tight, you have to shake a lot to get the round to drop.
  14. Not an option since my location is across the Atlantic, it was hard enough to get it. Any magazine. Spring is 8lbs, it does this with 7lbs too. Load should be plenty, 11gr of N105 under a 121gr bullet.
  15. New gun in .38sc, been having problems with cases ejecting into the mount and on occasion causing FTE. ( 1-3 in a hundred). Did some tuning on the ejector and it helped a bit but I can't get it to eject straight out. Any tips on how to make it eject more reliable?
  16. 8K+ USD for mine without steel grip, in EU.
  17. Stronger lockup or just better potential for accuracy? yeah, I can see barrels becoming a problem if something breaks @yigal
  18. this is a better lockup than original design?
  19. How was the trigger compared to a glock? @yigal
  20. A Glock clone? You have more pics?
  21. It does not like an island barrel. A one-pice trubor design?
  22. It does look good. Wonder what the lower front grip screw is for? How is pricing compared to the regular Bul open gun?
  23. @Ipman Why? You lose so much without a comp.
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