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Found 5 results

  1. Walther Q5 Match SF *WITH ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER SYSTEM* - MIND BLOWN ! I just experienced something pretty unusual this past weekend at the IWA trade show in Germany. I had some lukewarm comments about this pistol when I was handling it for the first time in Las Vegas back in January at the SHOT Show. Even back in Vegas, I absolutely loved the fit and finish I was very impressed by the ergos but the trigger to me was just 'ok'. It wasn't bad but any means, and it was definitely better than most other striker fired pistols out there but it still had that dreaded "striker feel" especially on the take up, with some stacking that I was not too crazy about it when comparing to a well-tuned firearm that was hammer fired. My experience on SAT at the IWA show in Nurnberg was truly mind-boggling: I'm walking by the Walther booth and I'm thinking *maybe I should give this gun another look* as a quite a few readers were on my back after me voicing not being very impressed with the trigger back in January. I stopped by and the Walther sales rep rep. (actually happened to be a pretty cool guy - Walther USA director of marketing) was poking some fun at me for wearing Smith & Wesson cap and told me that I should be wearing a Walther hat and promptly offered me one. At that time I did not know yet that it was going to be a pretty expensive frikkin' hat. He handed me over the Q5 Match Steel Frame with their brand new adjustable trigger system installed that they did not have in Las Vegas. You know that it is often times very difficult to describe how things 'feel' but this was just something I completely did not expect. Not only is this trigger is the most incredible striker fired gun trigger I have ever experienced - it will rival ANY DAY a well-tuned hammer fired pistol trigger feel (and I have a few Pardinis, P210s, SIG X-pistols and well tuned CZs in my bunch) To be perfectly honest I am a *certified trigger prima donna*. You will be probably shocked when I tell you that this trigger felt better than any of my tuned SIG P226s or even my CZ Shadow 2 (Yes it did!!). There is absolutely zero stacking or creep and the brake was as clean as my SAO X6 Supermatch, German or US SIG P210s or Pardini GT9. There's no stacking or creep on the take up at all. The break is super clean. Over-travel is non-existent and the reset is lightning fast. If someone handed this gun over to you and you would close your eyes, you would be betting thousands that this is not a striker fired gun. Although it bumps the price by additional 250 or 300 bucks, this trigger is a game changer and I heard that you can also buy it separately in the future and put it in your polymer Q5 or any PPQ. Well, you might be thinking that it will just increase the price of your base PPQ gun by 50%, ....but let me tell you - this will be the best money you will spend and a pistol upgrade in a long long time. So now you can see how this was an expensive baseball hat that I just received I was going from "There is no way I would buy this pistol" 2 months ago to "I absolutely must have it". While I continue to prefer hammer fired pistols in general, one of the reasons that I want to buy this pistol is because I think it's revolutionary and a breakthrough in the 'striker fired pistols world'. I guarantee you have never felt anything like that and if you get an opportunity to try this pistol with this new trigger system, I think you will be just as impressed as I was. When you purchase this version of the Q5SF with this new trigger system, the gun will come with three different trigger shoes that you can swap as well as a spring kit with which you can tune the pistol further. Considering that there is no double action on the first shot it could be a nice benefit in competition circles (not sure if the trigger is approved yet, but that is for another discussion) PS: this thing was so impressive that I had to return to the Booth 4 times to play with my *future gun* LOL.! I have no idea how they pulled this off! I have seen a lot of cool things at the IWA show this year, but this was for sure one of the highlights. I am buying this gat with this trigger the day it becomes available.
  2. I have an AR-15 running the following setup: 12.5" Midlength gas Triarc TRACK barrel Silencerco Omega (dedicated suppressed) RCA low mass BCG SLR Sentry 7 adjustable gas block A5 buffer tube A5 buffer (reduced weight using KAK aluminum weights) Tubbs flatwire spring Function is consistent and 100% reliable with any one single type of ammunition, BUT I am having issues with ammo sensitivity when changing from different loads. In previous builds using similar components (but 16" mid and non-suppressed) I have had a wide band of reliabilty. Once gas is properly set the rifle runs to BHO with everything from weak steel cased 223 to full house 77gr 5.56 ammo. When gas is tuned for the 12.5" rifle listed above I get flawless performance (4 o'clock ejection and BHO) from roughly 50% of the different ammo types I shoot. The other 50% ejects at 2:00 to 2:30 and makes the gun vibrate harshly when shooting. Function is 100% consistent when running a single type of ammo. If I decrease gas by one click I lose BHO on the softer ammo, and the more violent cycling ammo will then cycle smoothly. To clarify, some low pressure 223 cycles violently and some cycles properly. (I.E.5.56 55gr XM193 cycles violently, but 5.56 77gr MK262 Mod1 cycles smooth.) What gives?! Any suggestions to remedy the problem? EDIT: OPTION #1 Would anyone recommend replacing the low mass BCG with the Bootleg adjustable BCG? https://www.weaponoutfitters.com/bootleg-adjustable-carrier.html PROS- On the fly fine tuning between gas settings. CONS- Added mass, possibly added maintenance, cost. OPTION #2 Should I skip all this head-scratching and just shoot ammo that functions properly in my rifle? Or is it wrong to run my rifle in such a narrow window of operation?
  3. Hi fellas, With a properly tuned adjustable gas block. a properly weighted captured buffer spring, a lightweight BCG, and a decent brake/comp, will I be able to tell a noticeable difference in perceived recoil between a Stretch 16 (intermediate gas) and a BA Hanson (or other similar mid-length gas) barrel? Thanks!
  4. For those who are interested, I just posted the follow up to my JP build with pics over here: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=213358 I was able to get the gas system tuned up nicely, and have the operating window functioning flawlessly with three different factory loads in 55 gr. Oddly, when I tighten the set screw to lock in the valve screw, the bolt fails to lock on an empty mag. When I back the set screw out a half turn, it goes back to perfect function. According to a phone call I made to JP during my build process, the carbon buildup locks the valve screw in place on the JP adjustable gas block, and that JP only recently added the set screw in response to the onslaught of questions they received about the design. Supposedly, they had adjustable blocks without the set screw for years that functioned well. I plan to give them a call Monday to ask about the set screw, but currently I am just curious if anyone has seen similar issues? I am perfectly content to run the rifle in its current setting and let the carbon lock the valve screw in, keeping the set screw backed off slightly, but I am definitely curious about it. Thanks, Al
  5. I have been reading quite a bit on adjustable gas systems and light weight bolts, buffers etc. The most common method of adjusting the gas block is to turn it up in small increments until the bolt holds open on the last round, then add anywhere from 1/4 to half a turn for reliability. Last night i was reading an article by a 3 gunner on the pro series and he mentioned that he would like to tune the gas system without the comp installed, then install the comp and tune it. What is the reason for this? What would you look for in tuning the gas system without the comp installed?
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