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  1. It sounds like you are well versed in evaluating this. I will say that your photo does not indicate anything with the feed lips. The last time I faced this (although 9mm which is tapered) was trying to load ammo longer, and the mags didn't like it. Time before nd was due to weak springs, which were barely used.
  2. Thanks. I assume that radius to be the same as the original tunnel.
  3. Thanks. Was yours a GT? And I like your signature!
  4. Fwiw, I use a Safariland for 2 1911 frames, and like it very much. After initial set up to my preferences, it has been solid for a few years. I do use it for sc open. Also, I have a AA Racemaster for my Tanfo GT. It took some "opening up" to get it to secure the pistol without "catching" on the draw. Although I like it and it is cool, it does not hold set up as well as the Safariland. AA requires some re-tightening after a time.
  5. Well. What I got from one experienced, the answer is yes. Amount varies from .250 to .350 removed (stroke length added).Then determine recoil spring weight and length to achieve flatness with no coil bind.
  6. I have read all on here and other places about the +/- of stroking. So I like to tinker, and as a guy on here known as Apolo has suggested, it might be fun. Question; it appears due to the design of the Tanfo, all that needs to be done is remove a set amount (still undecided) from the rear of the quide rod tunnel rear (where it stops on the frame during recoil). Does anyone know anything else that has to change, other than recoil spring length? Thanks.
  7. You might want to generate some attention by adding info like; caliber, ammo major or minor, recoil spring, etc. I have the same issue on my GT which is more of a problem with a scope mount. You can probably work through it with ejector profile angle. I have not cured it yet on my 9mm; tried different length ejectors, ejector profiles, different extractor springs, and recoil springs.
  8. OK thanks. fwiw my current load gets 172 pf. I have to load short 1.145 because the k9 mags won't work consistently with longer. I use RMR 124 hp (round nose) so I don't have to seat so deep. Autocomp 7.6 gr no spillage or compression.
  9. Thanks for the report. Slide/comp contact is normal, but not if it is leaving marks you can feel. I posted pics of mine doing that at a couple hundred rounds. Having other open guns with steel comps, I knew that it was not desireable on aluminum. So, I “broke” the sharp edge on the front top of the slide, and polished out the “chatter” on the comp. That cured it.
  10. Just read this to get hs6 info to try loads for a Tanfo V12. On one of your issues, I don’t think anyone mentioned set back, which can dramatically affect your results. Shoot a few, eject one. Repeat a few times and measure for oal changes. I’m interested in your current results.
  11. If you are wishing to compete and progress, eyes to the target, muscle memory/practice will put the dot in the picture without focusing on it. BUT, if you are looking for the shot to hit, get over it. The object is to "call your shot" when you break it.
  12. Thanks. I will be doing some trials soon, applying some of these.
  13. jpl, I should show you this. Didn't work any better. But it should have if all other related parts are doing what they should. fwiw I'm beginning to believe the extractor/fired case relationship is somehow not right. Working on it.
  14. Yea, I’m creeping up on that possibility. Will have to get a blast shield too.
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