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  1. Working staff at matches with super squads, I have seen them working hard to keep their ammo warm throughout the match.
  2. MBX has new mags available. I am using them with my .325 stroked Gold Team and they work. 1.165 oal jhp. They are not consistent when using my old ammo at 1.135 Oal. Pretty soon none of this will matter if we don’t get some primers.
  3. MBX Extreme here in the states has them now! 3 different lengths. I do not know if he will ship to you. Email from the website to find out. The Caspian / Tanfo mags are the same. Let me say, the MBX ones fit both.
  4. Fwiw I did some testing with 141 155 and 171 gen 2s before they went up on the web site. Using my stroked gold team, multiple bullet hp profiles at 1.165 oal ran 100%. When I put multiple brass buffers in to “de-stroke” the gun, and ran 1.135 oal ammo (like I had to with stock mags) I got nose dives. I am so happy to get away from those k9s and load a length that will hold a gassy powder. Thanks MBX!
  5. What polymer said. And, load the new mags up full and let them set for a few days.
  6. Good discussion. Thanks. I have never tried it, but will soon. But, I can't see anyway.
  7. I put a IPSC Alex mount on my Gold Team. Vortex Razor/RTS2/etc fit. Nice set back, low to slide, and very light. Be aware ejection pattern must be low, and clearance so slide does not rub during cycle.
  8. Canbuster I would try your idea of brass shock buffer. I got some and they reduce the stroke about .105 (because you also add the thickness of the shoulder on the guide rod). Shoot a few rounds then pull the slide and look at the buffer. You can see where it is striking the frame/tunnel and file/relieve if necessary. I bet that will insure cycle and prevent possible damage somewhere.
  9. I saw another thread you may be sporting a new Domina. Get a good gassy load up to 170+ pf and that gun may shoot flatter than minor.
  10. Wow. That slide is stroked. Really I don’t have that model, only a old small frame 9mm and a Gold Team 9mm. My GT slide is stroked .350 and it does NOT go back that far.
  11. gnappi I have a GT 9mm. Using the Tanfo and K9 mags (with spacers) my max oal is 1.140. I got a 38s mag to try so I could load out to 1.165 for powder flexibility. I never did get the 38 mag to run/feed properly and gave up. I don't know why. Now that I have stroked the GT I may give it another shot.
  12. A little late to chime in. I did the same stroke as you did (done by Patriot Defense). Had the same improvements as you did, plus no nose dives (don't ask me how that works). Note; I clipped a spring during testing and it locked up between the guide rod and the plug! Get the Patriot Defense spring assortment and you will have no bind (at least I didn't with the 8lb.). The ejection direction improved and I was able to put my ipsc Alex mount back on with no more brass strikes. Runs major and minor with no changes.
  13. I especially like the idea of pulling out my v12 and putting in a solid barrel with a better steel comp.
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