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  1. I especially like the idea of pulling out my v12 and putting in a solid barrel with a better steel comp.
  2. I haven’t actually done it before. With the top end aside, maybe some safety fitting IF a different ejector is required. I can’t think of anything else. Again, I have not been inside a T97 but wanted to see if we can generate some input for you.
  3. Wait. You mention wanting a limited length, then mention carry optics division, then GT frame which is ok limited but not co. What do you have up your sleeve? Yes, that is a beauty!
  4. I put one in my Gold Team. It went in raw and has been flawless. I did compare the length and verified slightly longer than stock. There is no strike drag or piercing on the primer. No need to mess it up to “improve” it.
  5. Along the way I think it was you that said using the PD hybrid springs there was no coil bind, without cipping coils. I got some and it worked. Full travel .325 more for me. I likey! Thanks.
  6. That brass...perfect. I hope it does that with major. You can use any dot mount you want!
  7. Fyi the Gold Team V12 is not “no good”. It performs well but not excellent; get your loads right. Now if you’re wanting a build project, you picked a good (challenging) one. Have fun!
  8. Woe! That’s beyond what I have seen for a comp 1911/2011. Does it actually use use it all? I only did .325 and buffer down to about .210. It feels and functions great. The brass buffer is showing obvious slide contact after about 200 rounds so I may take it out and see if the full .325 is better in some way. Guess I’ll have to respring too. Good shooting to you.
  9. I was crushed until I saw my simple mistake. Adrian is there a replacement guide rod that is just straight like a 1911...... no relieved section?
  10. It looks original, even the small radius where the vertical meets the horizontal is there. Patriot Defense did it on a mill. I will make a pic later anyway.
  11. All good suggestions above. I will make a couple more. Use a loaded bullet when shaking for extractor tension. Look at the extractor movement to make sure it has a little “overtravel”. There is a “stop foot” on the inside of the extractor to limit travel inward to grip the shell and it MAY need to have a few thousandths removed to grip all brass. Don’t do that if you have good travel. 9mm has a lot of variations. Also, polish the underside of the slide where the hammer rides, and very slightly ease the front edge of that. That area can drag the next round in the magazine too far forward and cause a road block for the fired shell extraction. Keep searching. You will get it.
  12. https://forums.brianenos.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=134324 I tried all the springs and ejector lengths. Still have some hits. So I just blame it on range brass variations. I switched to a Eaa rail mount (which is too high and I don’t like) and just used one side to mount. I think I may try a blank Slipstream mount and drii to fit. As you can see in my pic I couldn’t get the Ipsc Alex clearing.
  13. I can take a pic later, but I can tell you now the slide looks the same as stock. Shorten (remove) guide rod hood slide material where it meets the frame on recoil. That’s it. Amount removed equal to increased stroke.
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