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  1. Buying a trimmer setup and would like to know the differences between the Carbide 223 and the steel dies. Is the upgrade in $$$ worth it performance wise?
  2. Laxman2809

    New member from NC

    Appreciate the responses. Hopefully will see you out there.
  3. Laxman2809

    New member from NC

    Im in Raleigh, where you doing 3 Gun? Looking to get into it this summer.
  4. Lol I hope the wait isnt that long.
  5. Why do you recommend that? They are going to do what any other smith will do, which is to fit the barrel to the gun.
  6. So no barrel bushings what you’re saying.
  7. Just traded for this gun locally and want to source a barrel in a different caliber. Gun is currently in 38super. What would be required? Barrel And then to smith for fitting? or Do I need another bushing which would need to be fit to the slide and subsequent new barrel?
  8. Laxman2809

    1911 38super or 9mm

    I know i can buy it new, and I plan to for my match ammo. However I would love a cheap/free source of once fired brass to train with.
  9. Laxman2809

    1911 38super or 9mm

    How are you guys getting so much brass, just picking it up after matches? I am new to 38 Super, so looking for all the information and cheap brass I can get my hands on.
  10. Laxman2809

    1911 38super or 9mm

    What makes you say this? Brass is hard to come by, as well just not as plentiful as 9mm.
  11. Which rolling bag I want to make a purchase one and cry once. One doesn’t matter looking for all suggestions.
  12. I have my eye on the DAA Rangepack pro plus cart. As well as some of the GPS and G Sport options. Was wondering if anyone could share what they run?
  13. That is good to know. Thanks for the tip.
  14. They also sell some premade ones if you wanted to go that route. https://www.ammobrass.com/product-page/ammobrass-swage-setter
  15. I am welll process my brass, Doing this in 2 steps helps to smooth the loading operation.