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  1. I messaged shooters connection on FB, and they will be getting more of their slide rackers in stock within this month or next. Or you pay a little bit more to EGW to get it sooner.
  2. Man not that long unfortunately only less than a week.
  3. You are absolutely correct. I have heard though that since Lyma purchased the Mk7 they have been working on improvements to their platform that havent been released yet.
  4. Excellent advice thanks for sharing this for the new reloaders. I wish I took this advice when I made my first press purchase.
  5. That is pretty awesome service. Congrats on your 2 new toys. Cannot wait to get my bot shipped.
  6. Thanks for the response, maybe I will go with the unfinished one if it does have the setscrew. Let me ask you this, does it allow you to mount the racker to the left hand side.
  7. Thinking I'm going to do this. However I need to wait until the ShootersConnections Finished is INSTOCK again. Its my understanding that the unfinished slide racker is missing the set screws.
  8. How do I attach this thing so it will stay on, but without permanently attaching it to the gun. Is blue loctite safe to use?
  9. Same can’t wait to run it on a 1050. Should be the same experience as the 1100 right?
  10. I will now have both. Looking at the AB as more of a processing tool, but we'll see. Feel free to ask any questions. The sale is putting it at a great price.
  11. Very astute observation. You are correct nonetheless.
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