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  1. anybody got a bluebullets or DGbullet code to share?
  2. I did not know of these rules, but appreciate you sharing them with us. I will keep that in mind when I go to a sanctioned match.
  3. If there is a squib how are you going to zip tie the slide back? I can see using it as a make shift chamber flag. However I am failing to see how you could use to to lock the slide like at the gun show. In the scenario above, the squib round would be stuck in the barrel.
  4. Ran in my 9mm tavor no issues. But I bought 115grn during Black Friday
  5. Are these available free on the internet or do I have to pay for his program?
  6. Just started competitive shooting and its an absolute blast. Slowly making my way up in this local match start 50/55 no placing around sub-20/55.
  7. Think blue is going to be your cheapest.
  8. Going to plug blue bullets for being cheap
  9. curious where you sent your TS for work?
  10. Appreciate this response for thanks for offering it to the hive mind.
  11. Interesting why do you think that most people are shoot prod and limited minor? PCC I can understand
  12. Can you shine a light down there?
  13. Ah, that makes sense. I am sorry you must spend time in a state with those restrictions.
  14. Never thought of CFE pistol as a powder choice. I will check it out.
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