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  1. If you have an ammotbot then you must be familiar with ImmortoArms. They sell the TNT plates and recommend them. Personally I have the FFB and did not know about the TNT ones. I haven't broken a Dillon one yet, but probably will as I process brass on the new CP 2000. I will replace them with a TNT one next.
  2. I am new to USPSA and the Production division. I have an SP01 Tactical but the Suppressor ready model. I sent to cajun so it has a nice trigger. However I do not like the suppressor sites. I would like to buy a seperate top end to compete with. Would this still allow me to compete in production. I think it would if the top end is from an already Production legal gun???
  3. This makes sense. I bought a DAA but would have rather a RHT
  4. oh that I know. I curious about a response if RHT makes a holster for an Open gun.
  5. also curious of RHT response.
  6. It’s for those who want to convert. 40-9 in the TSO is good to go. Just need barrel and mags. also would love to know if the barrel can handle 9major.
  7. Wow I should get referral or some s#!t, but glad I could help l. It’s good stuff and Karl’s a good guy.
  8. If you want a good alternative to the MBF then go onto Facebook and look of Karl Bibb Reloading stuff for sale. He makes his own 3d printed MBF and it works very well. There are many happy customers in his group, that he does not pay to hang out in there.
  9. How oh how does it lock up on stepped brass? That would be inside the case, and not near the primer pocket. If you want to check for checked brass you would nee to get something like the Judge die.
  10. Buying a trimmer setup and would like to know the differences between the Carbide 223 and the steel dies. Is the upgrade in $$$ worth it performance wise?
  11. Appreciate the responses. Hopefully will see you out there.
  12. Im in Raleigh, where you doing 3 Gun? Looking to get into it this summer.
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