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  1. At 2500 you are so close to new 1050 territory this is just today.
  2. they really are this one was just posted and has an autodrive and LOTS of accessories
  3. Seen the for sale on reddit here decent amount on Facebook as well.
  4. Karl Bibb on facebook makes a bullet feeder just need the MRBF dropper dies to get it working.
  5. Also in Nova, let us know if you got any questions.
  6. Yes the 750 closely resembles the 550 priming system. 650 is its own thing to my knowledge.
  7. I have both a super 1050 and an RL1050 as well. The priming system is completely the same idk where this comment is coming from
  8. There is a couple guys In the ammobot facebooke group that’s have purchased AB in Poland
  9. Oh you want one of the updated primer slides with the brass knub instead of rubber?
  10. plenty for sale on the internet get in there and grab one.
  11. I own both with all the sensors you can get, even a custom M7 sensor someone put together. Use to own a Forcht Autodrive as well. They both have their pros and cons. There is no real adjusting the index speed on the Ammotbot its just FW speed and RW speed. Where you can adjust all of that on the M7. You get a lot more sensors option on the ammobot, plus the case extractor is sweet for processing. Currently I process on the AB and load on the M7. The Forcht was a dumb autodrive with no sensors, it was an older model so dont take that as a slight he has greatly improved his automation but it is not as good as AB or M7, but it was very damn smooth considering he is basically converting the S1050 to an RL1050. My AB is on an OLD RL1050 and its a great machine. I'm happy I got the RL instead of waiting for a 1100. No warranty but who cares.
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