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  1. I have recently switched over to this and like it a lot.
  2. Having processed 3 drums of 223/556 over the past 3 or 4 months, you must process all of this first then load it. If you got a 650, I’d contract that out. If you got 1 1050, automated then that’s still probably 20ish hours of processing. Then loading which will be slower so another 20+ hours. Depends how tuned up your machine is. Just an FYI if you need brass processed shoot me a PM.
  3. Following and really its Joel Park's book btw.
  4. fw arms will have a lee decapping pin replacement that i am looking forward too.
  5. I have to agree, I don't know if I see the benefits in the Mighty Armory dies.
  6. Yes go to immortobot and you’ll find way more sensors
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