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  1. @guns_are_funDo you mind taking a picture for visual reference for those that may have similar issues?
  2. Try a reduce power plunger spring
  3. They ship with a lighter striker spring as I had that issue too. 6 lb striker spring in now. Haven't had fte/double feed issues yet. Check extractor
  4. That interesting, keep us informed on how it goes
  5. IMO, it's a true game changer for glocks. I actually considered dumping my glocks because I hated the trigger especially after using my 2011 and CZ/Tanfos in competition. Now I can go back to glock and it feels more natural for me. Now only if glock can introduce a grip frame similar to the SIG TXG.
  6. It didn't necessarily change the trigger pull. On a Glock and similar striker guns, the first pull is always longer and after the reset if you ride the trigger, the pull is shorter as long as you don't completely let off on the trigger. All I did was remove about 90% of the initial first pull pre travel. In a sense it now feels a lot like a well tune SAO gun Does that make sense?
  7. Yes that is correct. Still functional with a little day light between the tab and frame. Was careful not to over do and totally remove its functionality. Not advertising people should do it, it's a dang fine trigger as is. Just informing what I did to make it mo betta
  8. Ok I just took it apart to measure how much I took off the trigger tab. Approximately .085". If you choose to do the same, remember to go slow and test fit as you go. Just cause I removed that much doesn't mean you can or should. GO SLOW! I didn't even bother to remove it trigger shoe from bar to file down the tab, don't care about looks, just functionality. Also glock 1 is my carry gun as well. I can send a couple pics if anyone wants to post it here. Don't feel like trying to mess hosting as I'm using my phone to interact and it's not intuitive. Need to make a correction; Glock 1 has the Apex connector and the glock 2 carry optics has the ghost connector. So
  9. I'll try to take pics tomorrow of the modified trigger safety tab and see if I can give yall an idea Didn't get chance to go to range, maybe tomorrow as well
  10. Stock rsa on both. May try a lower weight on the carry optic one (glock 2) Both are gen 3 As far as how muchI filed off the tab. Didn't measure but it is still functional and I err more on the safe side. Prolly could take a little more off but not going risk disabling it cause can't put material back. Only used connectors I had in gun previously, so no haven't tried a glock minus connector
  11. Ok just some updates on on the trigger after spending time shooting matches. I have two Timney triggers. One is from the factory and the other was sent to Johnny Glock for his Alpha Omega service. Glock 1 has the factory Alpha and Glock 2 has the Alpha Omega Obviously the biggest draw to me is the ability to lower trigger pull weight without sacrificing reliability of igniting hard primers. With that in mind most of the shooting I used steel cased ammo unless I shot a match indoors where that ammo is prohibited. Glock 1: Glock 19 Threaded barrel Ghost connector Kagwerks extended slide release 6.5# striker spring Everything else stock Polished all contact points and used grease Current trigger pull weight after approximately 400 rounds and tons of dry firing is 2 lb 13 oz Glock 2: Brownells 19 slide w/ RMR 80% Arms GST-9 frame Threaded barrel Apex connector 4# striker spring Lightened striker TIN plunger w/ lighter plunger spring Jentra Stainless channel liner Ghost maritime turbo cups Polished all contact points and was greased when it came back from JG Current trigger pull weight after approximately 700 rounds and tons of dry firing is 2 lbs .03 oz Thoughts and takeaways from last couple of months running the two glocks: Glock 1 -Was able to remove a lot of the pre-travel by filing down the trigger safety tab and adjusting the set screw in front of the trigger. Now pre-travel feels similar to the JG Alpha Omega -Uttlerly reliable using steel cased hard primered ammo -After break in trigger pull below advertised 3 lb pull on glock 1; glock 2 is a tiny hair over 2 lb -Putting glock 1's stock slide with 6.5 lb striker spring on glock 2's frame with Alpha Omega trigger only increase pull weight by 1.5 oz for total of 2 lb 2 oz. So striker spring really does not effect pull weight like traditional glock triggers. So more than likely I'm going to change glock 2's striker spring to a 6.5 lb spring -also I don't think sending the Alpha trigger to JG is totally necessary. By filing down the trigger safety and adjusting the pre travel set screw it's close to the Alpha Omega. The Alpha Omega comes with a lightened striker with 4 and 4.5 lb striker springs but from my experience it's unnecessary. After work today I will try gun with ammo loaded with the following small rifle primers: CCI BR-4 CCI 400 CCI 450 Remington 7 1/2
  12. While I can't speak for the TS 2, on my .40 TSO all I did was fit a 9mm barrel to the .40 slide and used 9mm mags. No other changes needed. My wife has a native 9mm TSO, but also has a complete .40 slide to change swap out. I need take that .40 barrel out and see if it fits the 9mm slide or not. Not sure how much different is the extractor between the two calibers. With the P226, I plan to get the 40 to 9 conversion barrel so I can shoot 9mm when I choose. As you can see, going .40 has a lot more versatility
  13. If its factory loaded ammo, its usually loaded hotter than what we uspsa shooters load to anyways. Fire forming usually for the precision rifle guys and wildcatters. Clean, resize, load and go shoot
  14. I'd rather buy a .40 and download to shoot minor. My .40 TSO is soft shooting with minor. And just in case .40 ammo dries up, I have a 9mm barrel to swap out. My production gun is a P226 in .40. 155/165 gr loaded to minor is SOFT
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