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  1. It appears so. Don't get why the upper no longer fit the original lower
  2. It slides freely without barrel and spring
  3. A few years ago I had Triangle Shooting Sports build me a 6" .40 limited gun. Shortly after that I wanted to get into open major and had Benny build a 9mm open off the same lower. I kept the .40 top end knowing I may want to go back to it. Well earlier this week I decided to sell the 9mm open top end and go back to limited major. Well installing the .40 top, the slide does not slide go back all the way to even install the slide release. No longer leave near Corpus so hoping to find someone here in Houston to troubleshoot it for me.
  4. Just did it as well. Works great since I load 9mm major.
  5. it's the best gun that's not a 2011 for limited. The F4E TS will go toe to toe pretty much most 2011s in the 2.5 to 3k range. I have a TSO and it's a good piece. If not the F4E TS, the TSO is the next best option.
  6. agreed, I like the ingenuity but that can't compete with aftermarket AR triggers in rifles
  7. I'm located gulf coast of TX. about 2.5 hr south of Houston and 1.5 hr north of Corpus Christi
  8. Dan Bedell responded to my email inquiry. Wants me to call him during the week and discuss. I'll contact the two mention as well to see what they can do. I wish SV can do it but I really don't want to wait a year. Also I don't think they do 9mm open anymore?
  9. a couple of reasons; I like the grip/ trigger set up. No guarantee a future gun can match that. also the serial number is my initials so I'd like to keep that. I originally had SV build it for 3 gun. Now 3 gun died out in my area and I don't shoot limited minor. I want to put it to use rather than sit in safe
  10. Anyone know a good gunsmith that can convert my SVI infinity 5.4 to shoot open major? Of not convert, than build a top end.
  11. @Adamj, I'm using rubber anti scratch table leg bumpers with the appropriate size screw. can find them in various sizes, thickness and material. I got these at Walmart. Using four of them with appropriate screws size
  12. if you can do $165 its a deal

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