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  1. What kind of ads would you not want to see? I'm perfectly fine with strange banner ads if it means this platform keeps going.
  2. I know too many local open shooters who keep breaking mini dots to go to anything else. I tried a Romeo 1 for a week and couldn't get used to the lower height or the smaller window (I know, crappy dot to try out). FWIW I believe Shannon Smith has gone back to his old CMores because everything else keeps breaking.
  3. Squadded with a guy who had one earlier this month. His was in .45, it seemed to work pretty well. The trigger felt like it needed some work but nothing a local smith cant clean up.
  4. They just sponsored a Level 2 match down here (BUL Open at OK Corral) and raffled off a Limited and Open gun. I've only seen one gun in action at a match and it seemed to work.
  5. This makes me wonder if I should just take the leap on the CZC extension. Would filing the inside of the mag help?
  6. Hello I've been running a Scorpion EVO SBR in PCC and having a blast! Now looking at mag extensions. I recall reading that the CZC +20 mag extensions had reliability issues early on. Anyone have experience with these? Positive or negative? I would be putting one on a 30 round mag to make it a 50. Anyone have experience with the CZC compensator? Does it help at all? I know the CZC trigger pack is a must. Thanks in advance.
  7. Just looked at that...wow...that might be my choice!
  8. If you don't mind me asking, what ammo do you use? I mostly shoot Wolf steel primarily due to limited monthly budget (I buy brass for 1 match where the club says no steel case on their steel targets). From what I have read, the Russian berdan primers are harder than commercial domestic primers. I would just hate to buy the trigger and have reliability issues. Thanks
  9. Sounds good. I think I might go with that kit. General consensus seems to be to use the OEM TRS. Hopefully I don't have light strikes with Wolf ammo. If I do, then I will go for the Lightning Strike Titanium striker. Do you have experience with the TTI guide rod? I'm looking at getting his with the ISMI 13 lb recoil spring.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new around here. I got into competitive shooting a few months ago and it has been an absolute blast! 3 gun is definitely my favorite game. Anyhow, I am looking to replace the mil-spec trigger in my AR. So far all I have looked at was a Timney Competition trigger, since a friend of mine has this trigger, I tried it, felt pretty awesome. I noticed on their website that the trigger is available in 3, 4, and 4.5 pound pull weights, all for same price. I am curious, why would somebody not prefer the 3 lb pull weight over the 4? Are light strikes a possible issue with the 3lb? Also, I am all ears to better trigger suggestions. I have looked into the JP Enterprises reduced power spring kit, but from what I can gather, light strikes are an issue. And since I only shoot Wolf steel ammo (college student, so budget is limited) with berdan primers, I am sure I will have that issue as well. Thanks in advance
  11. Whew, Lots of information. Have not decided on anything yet. Shot a 3 gun match today and was talking to a much more skilled/experienced shooter than I, who used to shoot a Glock. He personally recommended I go the route of the Taran Tactical Grand Master 3.25 lb trigger kit (includes striker spring, connector, safety plunger spring, reset spring), and that if I encounter light strikes, to pick up a lightweight striker. Anyone here have experience with the Taran kit? How does it compare to using the Wolff springs? I'll look into the Lightning Strike striker. Thanks guys
  12. So I should ditch the 6# reset spring for the OEM? I guess I'm clueless, but how does that spring assist with the strike? Thanks
  13. You think I'll have light strike issues with this setup shooting wolf? Is there a 4.5# striker spring you can recommend? Is there a recoil spring you would recommend? And yes, I started dry practicing a month ago and I've noticed a lot of improvement Thanks in advance guys!
  14. Hello all Got into competitive shooting this year. I like 3 gun the most but do shoot USPSA sometimes. I shoot a Glock 17 Gen 4. I bought it used and it's got a ZEV V4 connector and 6# reset spring. After doing some research, it looks like there's some other stuff that'll help the trigger out. I was looking at getting these parts from ZEV: Lightweight striker 2# striker spring Lightweight firing pin safety & spring 2 questions 1. Are these worth buying to improve the trigger? 2. Am I gonna have reliability issues? I only shoot Wolf steel ammo. From what I can gather, the extended lightweight striker should alleviate this issue. Thanks for any and all advice!
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