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  1. Wait...they're still fixing these guns? I just cracked a Trubor slide today.
  2. What kind of ads would you not want to see? I'm perfectly fine with strange banner ads if it means this platform keeps going.
  3. I know too many local open shooters who keep breaking mini dots to go to anything else. I tried a Romeo 1 for a week and couldn't get used to the lower height or the smaller window (I know, crappy dot to try out). FWIW I believe Shannon Smith has gone back to his old CMores because everything else keeps breaking.
  4. Squadded with a guy who had one earlier this month. His was in .45, it seemed to work pretty well. The trigger felt like it needed some work but nothing a local smith cant clean up.
  5. They just sponsored a Level 2 match down here (BUL Open at OK Corral) and raffled off a Limited and Open gun. I've only seen one gun in action at a match and it seemed to work.
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