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  1. Thanks again for getting that changed so quickly. Also I tried changing the format on both a Droid and iOS device and was not able to do so.
  2. Thanks euxx I sent the file as requested Appreciate your help Just to be clear on this subject. Practiscore does not allow regular users to change scoring formats once the match has been shot and scored is this correct?
  3. Thanks Chucks Yes, Our club normally runs the time plus option. I was filling in for the match director and mistakenly picked the time plus points option. It really doesn't change the overall positions for the match as far as I can see.(yes all the stages had the same point value) Once I posted to Practiscore I had multiple shooters asking what was up with the different format in scoring. And I could not really explain the difference.
  4. I setup an outlaw PCC match in Practiscore. I chose time plus (points) accidentally. I actually wanted Time plus. Is it possible to change the scoring type after the match has been shot? I tried editing on an iPad and on a Droid and have not been able to change it. Help from anyone would be appreciated.
  5. That worked ! Seemed stupid simple when I followed the steps you laid out. Thanks to both of you for the help
  6. My thoughts also. However I have been unsuccessful in doing that. If you can walk me through the steps I will try again.
  7. Help needed Our club just hosted a match with 54 competitors We shot 4 stages One was Smoke and Hope but the tablet had it as Showdown. This was not discovered until halfway through the match so we continued with the scoring. So my question is can the match be edited to replace Showdown with Smoke and Hope and still retain the scoring? Or would I have to delete the bogus stage entirely and then manually reenter the scores into Smoke and Hope once I get the correct stages listed?
  8. I ended up buying a carbide reamer from 1911luvr. Used it on my problem child barrel. It worked better than I thought possible on that hard metal. Very happy with the results.
  9. A long chamber is not the case in this particular barrel. Thanks
  10. Who would be the best source for a carbide throating reamer for a 9mm barrel? I have a Manson reamer now that works well for standard steels but it just won't cut the harder surface treated chrome,melonite or nitrided barrels. Looking for a solution..
  11. I have tried and exclusively use the Dillon universal de-cap die ( I own 3) and think it is the strongest one I have seen! It has a different pin from the regular Dillon dies (much beefier)and are not interchangeable. I am still able to break them but much less frequently I would suggest you buy some spare pins when you buy the die the first time. YMMV
  12. Congratulations, Take care of each other! Rich
  13. Got mine yesterday! I know where my next few scope and mount combos are coming from! Rich
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