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  1. An update today! Problem die is on the way back today with tracking info. This could of happened quicker for sure but overall I still will recommend Dillon to prospective newbies.
  2. Thanks EUXX Followed your suggestion on using the merge function.It could not have been easier and worked perfect.
  3. Thanks for the link. I'll give that a try.
  4. Thanks! I have started a new topic there as suggested.
  5. Our club started shooting a USPSA match that was setup with 4 stages and 3 squads shooting. Then added a 5th stage during the match. So to save time I ran to each squad and added it to the individual scoring tablets (Fire 8th gen). Later synced to the master and it showed what I believe to be the correct overall scores. However the master tablet shows (3) stage 5's with each squad having a separate score for stage 5 Check it out here Hernando Jan match How do I combine all the stage 5 results? Or is that even possible? This is the first time I have run i
  6. I have done this 4 times. I did get 1 call back and explained the no response situation from my emails and was given an unlisted number. Called that number and left 3 voice mails to her and to this point have not gotten a response. This was over a 6 day period as I recall. Again just discouraged after all the excellent support that I have received over the decades of dealing with this company.
  7. You guys have had better luck than me. I have an issue with a broken sizing die (the carbide insert pulled out) Emailing began Oct 6th,still waiting on a word. Been buying their product since 1991 I have to tell you it's really discouraging. If it is ever resolved I'll let you know.
  8. Thanks again for getting that changed so quickly. Also I tried changing the format on both a Droid and iOS device and was not able to do so.
  9. Thanks euxx I sent the file as requested Appreciate your help Just to be clear on this subject. Practiscore does not allow regular users to change scoring formats once the match has been shot and scored is this correct?
  10. Thanks Chucks Yes, Our club normally runs the time plus option. I was filling in for the match director and mistakenly picked the time plus points option. It really doesn't change the overall positions for the match as far as I can see.(yes all the stages had the same point value) Once I posted to Practiscore I had multiple shooters asking what was up with the different format in scoring. And I could not really explain the difference.
  11. I setup an outlaw PCC match in Practiscore. I chose time plus (points) accidentally. I actually wanted Time plus. Is it possible to change the scoring type after the match has been shot? I tried editing on an iPad and on a Droid and have not been able to change it. Help from anyone would be appreciated.
  12. That worked ! Seemed stupid simple when I followed the steps you laid out. Thanks to both of you for the help
  13. My thoughts also. However I have been unsuccessful in doing that. If you can walk me through the steps I will try again.
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